Progression era DPS guides - Berserker, others

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  1. axedat New Member

    Hey All,

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any good guides on dps for different classes close to current progression era ?

    Trying to figure out the best big burn rotation for zerker atm and sources have been hard to find.
  2. Bewts Augur

    In no particular order as your mileage on each of the below will vary:
    Get a big hammer or axe with best ratio possible; procs are generally a marginal consideration.
    Get highest +Dmg augment for your weapon.
    Get best Melee focuses available before any other items.
    Maximize worn attack.
    Maximize heroic stats: hAGI and hDEX
    Max your AA (you need both attack and survival AA).
    Demand Fero and Avatar at 100% uptime; accept nothing less.
    Build correct group around zerker with competent DPS (pre-Omens it’s just Bard, after it’s more complicated with AA / Epic 2.0)
    Press buttons in concert with your competent DPS group; this also gets more complicated in Omens but you want to plan your burn cycle with all group members around the duration of Warcy to maximize your damage potential.
    Practice with the group on the burn cycle makes perfect.
    Turn off /autoskill Frenzy and use it correctly in the burn; remember to turn it back on after.
    Oh, and Turn on attack ;)
  3. Baldur Augur

    I agree with everything Bewts said except for maxing hagi. You only need it for strikethrough if you don't stand behind the mob.

    So I would add: Stand behind the mob.

    Getting 38 hdex increases melee dps tremendously though.

    I don't play a zerker so I can't help you with what to use during big burns.
  4. Polekn Augur

    Pretty sure she asked about the order of discs/AAs in burn depending on fight length and maybe other variables, not the general advice like "get good gear and do good DPS".
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  5. Prisim Lorekeeper

  6. Boze TLP complaint factory

    Like Bewts said, as long as you're a competent player, most of maximizing DPS right now comes down to just your group/aDPS set up. Most important thing for any melee class is simply knowing your abilities well and knowing which components of your discs/AAs won't stack. I think most folks who fall short on parses are hitting too many buttons at once without regard for whether or not the most effective components of them stack. As a zerker , you've got several abilities which add flat % damage or double attack chance, and if you burn two of those at once you're typically wasting one of them. Similarly, know what burn effects are running on you (e.g., auspice type things) so that you don't burn abilities that overlap.

    I recommend doing a /testcopy and playing with the test NPCs in arena to see how to maximize your burns independent of buffs/group makeup. Self-parsing those sorts of things will really help, and give you a better understanding of the class than someone's burn-order will.

    The "get good gear and do good DPS" is still big, because maxing your hDex mod2s isn't automatic at this point in progression yet. Don't forget about tribute either. You can run things like Eyes of the Hunter (accuracy), Fury of Combat (flurry chance), and Hdex/Hstr plus simpler things like str cap.
  7. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    tldr; Pop SHM/BRD/ZERK Epic 2.0s + CleavRage+Intensity+BloodPact+UntamedRage+MGBWarcry(if you are up) ->CleavAnger + Savage Spirit(when shaman epic fades) ->Pop 2nd Round of Epics ->VengeFlurry. Spam Volley always, get a bigger endurance bar if you can't. Pop Cry Havoc immediately after CleaveAnger ends and immediately after your 2nd epic click ends, maintain when your epic isn't up.

    You didn't say which server so I'm just gonna post for Phinigel.
  8. Rogue001 Journeyman

    Just curious what the best burn rot for SoD and also UF since that's a few weeks out.

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