Producer's Letter: Torment of Velious Beta [Discussion]

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    I know others have clarified but I will as well. The window is when pre-orders begin, they will then be open until launch. This is not the entire window for pre-orders.
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  2. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Thank you for the correction! It's been so long, Velious. How I have missed thee.
  3. Tanacious Lorekeeper

    Well I suppose Veteran is one word for it, although the proper term I would use would be "Hoarder". You know there isn't any collectible value in those right?

    You seem to think that the amount you spent adds credibility to your complaint. 2200 is actually quite low for even a single account. As game cards were used for subscriptions in the past...over the years means you've actually only been playing active for about 10 years, and probably don't have the 14th vet reward yet or just barely got it, and that's being generous with the calculations.

    Anyway, to further diffuse your nerd rage, the reason why DBG says "sorry buddy" is because they don't physically have your data. Anything before the sale to them in 2014 from SoE is probably non existent. Which also goes hand in hand with your "I spent this much..." tantrum. No, you gave anything before 2014 to SoE, not to DBG.

    I can also confirm what others are saying about the BBB. They have degraded down to a bad imitation of a digital mafia, that will not do anything for you or the people that leave you bad complaints unless you pay them a king's ransom every year. Once my "accreditation" started to cost over 500 a year, I told them to take a hike. (In more choice words)
    There is no process, no forms, no internal review of your company, they are just out to take money to change a letter of the alphabet on a website. Then I had my lawyers send them a cease and desist letter because I was tired of their constant spam for re signing my accreditation contract, all just for money.
    Doesn't exactly sound like a place you would trust to have accurate and helpful information does it? Google reviews is more reliable then they are at this point, BBB is thing of the past because at some point they got greedy and malicious and turned into doing a whole "leverage" thing against businesses just trying to make a buck or two in most cases.
    Best of all, you can actually sue the BBB for giving you a bad letter if you aren't accredited, because technically it is them being an organizational accessory to unwarranted liable. (Or something like that, dang it Jim, I am a tech guy, not a lawyer. LOL)
    Unless they were a customer or client of your business at some point they have no business being in your business. They can not confirm what people are writing for reviews are accurate without evidence. Many companies have done so and won, which is why I don't think they give letter grades out for unaccredited entities anymore.

    Do you also really think that SoE would have given DBG all of everything they had? No... as I said in another post the other day, SoE's sale of their Digital Platform Games was more like a Yard Sale type thing rather than a Sale for Profit. Items are used - may not be complete, in other words.
    So if you are trying to bring back anything deleted before 2014, it's definitely not going to happen as they likely aren't even the same servers that SoE used, and probably only copied over server accounts and files that had been recently used in the last 10 years at the time of sale transfer. This would not include deleted or archived backup data caches, nor purchase data as SoE would have held onto the specifics of that, or destroyed it properly and legally, due to digital consumer protection law that came about circa 2007-9.

    I do agree with you that comma's in surnames were once a thing. But that ended in like 2004 with the graphical revamp due to migration of a different database layout that no longer accepted special characters such as &%,'#@ and so forth. Basically anything that you can't put into a file name in Windows when saving a file, although there were a couple of exceptions, like the hyphen, but that went away later too I believe. Commas however, were not one of them. Why you are crying about this is beyond me, because the educated human mind will automatically insert punctuation and or spaces in most things when reading something where it should have it.

    Finally, I have no idea what you mean by protecting fair game play.... Are you mad because someone can use 5 characters to your 1 simultaneously because they are better at the game than you are? I know some programs exist that make it a little easier for them to do it, but it's not like those programs are auto-scripters or anything. It just puts miniaturized views of the other screens in interactive overlays on the primary screen. It uses functions of Windows rather than alters the in game stuff, so it's NOT a violation of the EULA terms. I believe the term the "cool" kids use now a days is "Git Gud" is the answer to that problem.

    If you don't want to box, I can respect that, as I don't either, but I also know my limitations because I don't do that. But that is why I have many RL and in game friends that I play with when I need assistance with something.

    I get that you are upset over certain things, and yes in a perfect world, complaining might have an effect on those certain things.

    But in reality most of your complaints have to with things that are far in the past that DBG can't do anything about even if they were agreeable to do so.

    Additionally, unless you are someone of note, and/or have spent tens of thousands of dollars since 2014 with DBG, they aren't really apt to give you the time of day, they have bigger problems to worry about than some raging nerd that's pissed his ancient data is gone, and the game doesn't play like it did and have the same stuff 15 years ago, who has spent maybe a few hundred since they have taken over.

    DBG has, and probably will continue to, ignore lots of ignorant gaming fan bois that SoE pissed off in the past.
    Now, as far as anything that's happened since 2014, okay that might be their concern, but take a number buddy, because there are lots of people unhappy about many more pressing present day issues.

    Continue reading on to my next post about the actual discussion, because you will see how irrelevant and small minded your complaints actually are. (I hope)

    P.S. I see your pittance of 2200, and raise you 19K. Granted that is for collector's/special edition/pre purchase everything for 11 years, active subscriptions, All access, when it came about, and just about everything a single account could have up until about the end of 2010ish. From 2001 to 2003 I was the #3 - #5 Rogue on the world charts, #2 for Cazic. (I still have 2 of the Firiona Vie dolls with the special PoP edition physical set, CIB Sealed, which ARE worth money, although not a lot at this point.) I was also one of the first people to successfully (and MANUALLY) hand draw and map out the plane of Hate, and I am sure that drawing is still probably floating around the internet somewhere. My guild did an entire raid just for me so I could run around and measure so that we could all have a map and quit getting turned around.

    I came back for a little while in 2012 to help out with some raids when the player base was dying off super quick.

    I came back for a year, shortly after when DBG took over stuff in late 2014, played off and on with old friends, and then eventually had to take a break again in 2015 when I started my articles of incorporation process and got super super busy. I played for a stint in 2017, but then got super busy again with corporate expansion in RL.
    Now I am back in seat again for at least another year, but overall I realize that I have spent maybe 300-500 bucks with DBG between the out of game currency, expansions, and subs, and other minor things.
    The difference is that my experience over the years playing in the highest tiers and also the "politics" and "game play" experience is what gives my feedback value to DBG, if any. I was physically there where as they were, and still are not, and therefore my feedback and 15 additional years of experience would be the only thing they MIGHT value enough to listen.
    Beyond that, I have a tech corporation at my disposal, and speak the same language as the coders and devs, and also networked with other CEO's across the world to share experiences, learn from, and/or do business with in the tech hardware and younger gaming industry. I get where they are at, mostly, although I from time to time scratch my head and wonder about certain things.
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  4. IblisTheMage Augur

    Can you make a polo-shirt option? Perhaps a hoodie?

    Me no tee...
  5. Zamiam Augur

    I hope they have a good Pre-Order bonus .. not some Ornament or house item .. hopefully an Illusion or 2 or 3.. :p Coldain , Dragon would be nice..

    Also Dev's can you please make the /claim items and or marketplace items heirloomable .. I still have 2 or 3 items on my X-main clicky teleports that i would like to hand off to my new main on same account.. and I have an illusion "Aspect of the Brood" in /claim just sitting there cause i dont want to claim it cause its not Heirloomable ..

    How about putting something in say Markeplace like an Heirloom flag to purchase on an item and a container you put said item in container with heirloom flag item and viola becomes heirloomable .. thas a win win you get some cash and I get what i want..

    P.S .. I also would love a hoodie EQ sweater pullover .. i wear a 4X i like it baggy .. :p
  6. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    ooooooooooooo k.

    You created scenarios, you gave examples that have nothing to do with anything.
    I have no idea why you come up with your conclusions on how I play, or insult me.
    OR, even conclusions on what I wrote which I did not.

    I don't care about your dealing with BBB and threatening them with lawyers.
    It has nothing to do with these forums.
    I don't care about how the BBB is. I mentioned "D-" rating and I mentioned '' read the players complaints'' as they have relevance.

    One thing I will say, GM's in the past looked at Game Card codes for account verification purposes. "Please give me a game card code you have used on the account in the past?"
    (I don't know why you don't know that).

    That is why, (you called me a "hoarder"), I simply put each used card in a 'game card box' next to my EQ expansions.
    Back in the day we didn't have the securities on credit cards so a lot of players only used Game Cards only.. (Especially when they were going out of 'style').
    I should have thrown all my expansions out, my key chains.. EQ Atlas book, poster.. It is all digital now. But I haven't. Am I a hoarder to you?
    Tread lightly on that reply there are players in here that have a grand collection that you will insult.


    Must I say it again? Players need more account protection on character and purchases.
    There needs to be protection on investment.

    This needs to change.
    Players need more account protection on character and purchases.
    There needs to be protection on investment.
    Give me your email... and I'll check with you a new name to satisfy you.

    What is the future of EQ going to give players for protection of their investment on character and in-game purchases.
  7. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    Nice catch.

    I always thought the Icebreaker was a creation of the gnome pirates. However, according to that lore, there was a separate expedition by gnome marines. There is probably a tie-in to the item lore on the Flotsam and Jetsam augs from GMM. It seems those gnome pirates were shipwrecked.

    Flotsam of the Darkened Sea: Lost in a gnomish shipwreck
    Jetsam of the Darkened Sea: Jettisoned from a gnomish sailing expedition
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  8. Odiiusx Elder

    Reading some of these responses, I am trying to figure out why some of you even play the game if you are so distressed / triggered. I for one am excited with anything new. Keep up with the good work Devs and ignore all these haters/whiners/recliner lawyers.
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  9. Nniki Augur

    It seems a bit confusing/contradictory. The second article I linked says that Captain Nalot commissioned and helmed the Icebreaker and that Velious was his discovery. It also refers to him as "the captain of the Gnomish pirates that landed on Velious."
  10. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Miragul Server: A New Type of Progression!

    Ugh - so confusing. Should have named it THULE Server. After all Miragul is associated with Everfrost Peaks and LDON neither of which is related to or no where near House of Thule
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  11. Diptera Augur

    Heresy! Gnomes DISCOVERED Velious for the rest of Norrath!
  12. SubEffect An Original Lord of Fizzle and Whiff

    Are .. you.. sure? Have you played House of Thule? The plight of both Miragul and Al'Kabor (sort-of mainstays throughout much of EQ lore) is a part of the story. Perhaps you missed that there's a zone, a very interesting and unique one, called Miragul's Nightmare. HoT is one of my favorite expansions and this zone in particular is also a favorite due to that uniqueness.
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  13. Nniki Augur

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  14. Dyna Elder

    Some people have busy lives, if they try to get a group by the time they get to play it is time to go do real life stuff! This does not mean we don't want to play EQ just as much as anyone else, we are slow to progress but we plod along and get there.
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  15. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    My bad - you guys are all correct. I did miss that zone as I have not gotten up there much. And I just naturally assumed they named for the old zones. I still think something Everfrost related for the special server would have been more in line with the ice theme for the expansion. I will go sit in my corner now. :oops:
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  16. Dyna Elder

    That is why, (you called me a "hoarder"), I simply put each used card in a 'game card box' next to my EQ expansions.


    This needs to change.
    Players need more account protection on character and purchases.
    There needs to be protection on investment.

    Give me your email... and I'll check with you a new name to satisfy you.

    What is the future of EQ going to give players for protection of their investment on character and in-game purchases.

    You know how the aug removal button has a delete right by it? I have deleted augs 3 times that i spent weeks to get!
    Well they don't go to the veder recover window, is that not strange, I bought tokens the first time and found out they don't show there. You would think this is what that recovery option is for!
    The first time a GM gave me back the aug but told me they would not do it again. So I lost the next two.
    Yes I am dumb to delete the aug but why is the recovery window theye for trash only?
    Why is there a delete aug button so close to the remove.
    BTW I have all my old stuff too, all of it the maps the dolls everything from the last 15 years or so.
  17. Xslia Elder

    Thanks.. I read this either 1) before I had all my coffee or 2) after I finished my 2nd glass of wine and need to cycle back around to 1. Impacts my reading comprehension....(well that and age, but we do not discuss that).
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  18. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Polo shirt for me too. Black with gold letters if you can.
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  19. Cimbaeth Elder

    @ Tenacious ^ I essentially said most of those things to the same guy on live (he apparently has started a new toon on The Rathe).

    In regards to the main topic of the new expansion it all sounds super great (I went to the shindig earlier this year when Holly spoke about the ice shader and unveiled the artwork for the new Rallos Zek (honestly how many lives does he have?) I only have one minor critique as I actually have almost all the gnome heritage stuff- couldn't it instead let the player choose which heritage set they get the bonuses/items from?
  20. Tweini New Member

    can you plz give us or sell us more fellowship slots for small guild it would make a lot of difference
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