Producer's Letter: Torment of Velious Beta [Discussion]

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  1. Dyna Elder

    I don't get to play like some people but what I always loved was when a new expansion came out I could explore! I usually died a few times doing so but that was really fun by myself I could travel each land.

    The last expansion locked from the beginning left me unable to explore or do anything. I have never seen the new lands although i bought the expansion from the first, I have never had a chance to join with anyone capable of doing the smoke trials.

    I am so hoping you do not lock the very beginning of the expansion like this last time!

    Also with the high cost of aug remover and luck we can't even equip what we get atm.
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  2. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    Well, there are the gnome pirates of Iceclad.

    One would expect an exclusive release of the Dwarf crate but I suspect they want to recycle the old Gnomish heritage crate items.

    We must wonder what the expansion bonuses are? Perhaps an Othmir or Coldain illusion?
  3. Cazmac Augur

    I most definitely want a shirt - is that a sweatshirt? I've been wanting one of those for about fifteen years!!! :D
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  4. Cazmac Augur

    Same here! I have only just bought the current expansion, as I waited to buy it at half price for my two accounts. My highest alts are two at 97 on Antonius Bayle, not even that high on the Test server!
  5. Cazmac Augur

    What max limit? Me not understand, Kimo Sabe!
  6. Dyna Elder

    I don't think People ever went for the jittery ugly robo mounts, I have noticed that the lands have become mostly ugly and dark no longer a cheerful environment. I would like to see beauty both in the lands and mounts and outfits! After all a game is an escape not a prison!
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  7. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    I doubt anyone is going to buy the Friends and Family pack just to sell the tradeables. The description so far points to the price difference not being worth it, especially if you devalue things as you are doing.
    It really isn't meant for people without means. It is meant for people with means who wish to gift an expansion to a friend and previously would have to have access to that person's account info to do it.
  8. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    The fact that you state the "price difference not being worth it" supports my point that sellers will be expecting a premium or profit. Even if they bought the bundle exclusively for tradable mounts or the heroic character with the tradable expansion being incidental or an extra (not likely), one cannot expect people to sell expansions for same amount in Kronos (especially at Daybreak prices) due to the higher bundle price point. Again, if they wanted membership or Kronos, why spend $200+ only to receive $35.98 in Kronos in return. The benefit of a tradable expansion are from buyers who won't have to drop RL cash and with a large amount of Krono (earned in game) who will pay the premium as a legitimate alternative. It is illogical otherwise - short of making a deal with friends or guild mates.

    Edit: The added value of a tradable expansion comes from the security of the trade.
  9. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    - It has been some time since I last Beta Tested EQ. I apologize if things changed in the past few years on this topic.

    - The entire process of playing EQ is to build your character. (progress,gather,earn,purchases..and so on) this all takes time. Years.
    * The ability to restore a lost character is not available anymore.

    - * Purchases in the Marketplace date back past 5 years are not tracked. You lose them. You can only see on your account a number of years (2 or 5) worth of history, while the In-Game support can also see (2-5) a number of years history.
    If you purchased a server transfer token.. and the command is not working when you go to use it.. Too bad if it has been over 5 years. Purchasing this in 2008 (and providing a GM support ticket number dated 2008 asking "I just purchased a Server Transfer Token, how does it work".. still will not result in your getting support on that item missing, inactive, not working (today).
    That is a lot of coin to buy for that item.

    I have deleted a character in the past where some (current active) GM's say, that is not a service we do, while others just did it.

    - * AFK Auto playing.
    Players are reported daily and guess what.. the next day, same group of players are playing. Proven fact. /loc, Screenshots, Video.. you want it?
    There is nothing more to say.

    - * BBB ratings are a joke.
    Other " Veteran player'' concerns in the BBB and here in the forums are not considered a "joke" (You should read them... keep in mind they only stay for the last 3 years), because if you read the complaints of the BBB from players saying, they are long time players and one day there character is missing on a patch.. etc

    Keep in mind, I started in 99. I have had several accounts. I have 15 years on one account active now, probably would be 17 on another I no longer have. I have $2200 in used game cards sitting behind me in a box. I also have purchases on several CC.
    The word Veteran is earned.

    When you realize that the game support lacks the ability to protect your character and fair gameplay it is something to mention. Now that another expansion/ whatever is coming out..
    So this is an issue.

    * What protection on our account/character do we have anymore if lost characters are not resurrected, if purchases are gone.. flags, keys, gear, purchases.. everything goes back to "Welcome to Everquest" when accidentally deleting a character or lost character and purchases not tracked.

    Note, there are some bad replies in these " joke " complaints in the BBB.

    These people are players we have grouped with you should read the complaints.

    So, in this expansion, next up coming life of EQ, are things going to change?
    If not, what guarantee do we have for our dollar spent?
    Paying / playing for years ' sorry buddy ' is not good enough.

    PS, most all my toons had a comma in the /surname. This was a normal thing on our server..
  10. Speckle Journeyman

    Are the items in game tradeable or give me the plat/krono and then I'll send you a tell with the activation code?
  11. code-zero Augur

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  12. Nniki Augur

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  13. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Give me a break.

    In order to delete a character you have to press the delete button.

    That brings up a box where you have to enter the character's name to confirm deletion.

    There is no way to do that on "accident". You either gave your account info to someone else (against the rules) who did it out of spite, did something dumb like sent your account info (again, sharing, against the rules) over a weak message forum that was then hacked, or did it yourself because you were angry or sure you wanted to quit.

    It has already been noted that if a character goes missing, they will check into it if it happened awhile ago. Many times if you're polite and provide enough info they will help, if they can. But they won't obligate themselves waste their resources making up for your bad judgement in errors.
  14. kyong Augur

    I would love for instead of the gnome heritage stuff we got to pick from stuff like the Kunark Yeti Illusion and other previous beta rewards...I'd pay for that. :)
  15. Rumplestilskin Lorekeeper


    Get over it "new member that makes a dumb name to try and give themselves credibility more than their trolling deserves".[/quote]

    Rough stuff!
  16. Xslia Elder

    There is a 2 hour window only for pre-orders, in the middle of the week and while at work (for some of us).... makes me want to cry
  17. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    This is only a good thing if the pricing is good.. in my opinion.
  18. Forcallen Augur

    Pre-orders start sometime between then, pre-orders aren't only available during that little window in time.
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  19. Derd Augur

    It makes me cry that people parse eq posts like they are trying to impeach the employees. Instead of just understanding that the way eq works is that if she said at 10, if they were not available those posters would be on the boards screaming bloody murder. Once pre orders start they dont stop till it goes live.
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    So who wants to be my friend and gift me this thing to see if it works? Commmmmee on - won't you be my neighbor?;)