Producer's Letter: July Update and What's Coming Up

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  1. Smallpox Augur

    They just need to make it so IS Boxer, WinEQ 2, and any other automation/cheating programs are flat out banned on the new server (ie: look for them in memory). This coupled with the ability to only run one instance of EQ per computer would solve most of the issues people are complaining about.

    If you like to box and or use the aforementioned program(s), this would not be the server for you.
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  2. Melanippe Augur

    Segregation coming to Norrath?

    Holly says:
    Holly's equating "Bot" to "Box" in the above comment fairly screams ignorance on her part. I must admit to having been amazed, even shocked to see Daybreak sticking its nose into the raid scene on Ragefire and Lockjaw (beyond policing the use of "the program that shall not be named" ), this announcement takes the cake.
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  3. NeonTribez Journeyman

    So, can we just place the code into the TLP servers to eliminate boxes? I know there was a poll and most players wanted to box but I believe those who wanted to box, only wanted to just duo box not assemble a raid force with one man behind the wheel. Currently there are people 18-20 boxing raid content, sky-vox-naggy-inno and locking down all the mini bosses. Then decide to buff all the raid bosses which only hurts the standard raid forces that aren't mage boxing. I know you guys have big spenders (mage armies) funding the game, but in the long run this is going to kill the game for everyone else. So what is better, a quick buck or a better investment?

    Lets have a new poll, instead of re rolling new characters again, otherwise I would have just played the no box server to begin with instead of wasting time on mage simulator TLP.
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  4. Hayzeus Augur

    The bit about single client per computer is interesting. Essentially, they are allowing boxing as long as you can afford to have multiple systems set up and can run one client per pc. In other words, they will allow boxing if you can afford to pay for the hardware infrastructure. They are only excluding the poor people and perhaps the people that are not dexterous enough to use multiple keyboards and mice and displays etc...

    And restricting it to a single client per IP (NAT'ed IP) is going to completely prohibit families or couples from playing together unless they can afford multiple ISP Demarcation points. Again, with enough cash you can buy your way around this restriction, so it's only restricting the poorer demographic.

    The people that bot/box to make profits will just buy the extra infrastructure if the business case still makes it viable to do so. ROI is either profitable or not. I bet the people that do profit from this... profit substantially enough to warrant buying the extra hardware and ISP demarcs to keep on doing what they're doing.
  5. Smallpox Augur

    It is not good enough, Google this: HOWTO:Use [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software] With Multiple Computers

    They need to scan for boxing/botting programs in memory on top of limiting one instance of EQ per computer.

    Restricting it to one per IP will not work for all the previously stated reasons.
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  6. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Like the progression servers I see the no box/bot server as being great short term gain for Daybreak. But do they consider how this affects the regular servers? The raid game doesn't get as hurt too badly but the casual population takes bit hits from these new servers progression or no Bot/Box.

    With summer and the two new progression servers the casual guild population on Xegony took a major drop. There is my guild which maxes at around 60-70 toons prime time in the summer then 3 or 4 other casual guilds that max at 8-15 or so toons. We used to have a much more flourishing casual guild scene. Hopefully it bounces back some in the fall but then shortly after will be another new server to pull people away.

    And I do get that a lot of people want this new server and a lot wanted the progression servers. I just worry a little that each time the regular servers take hits from these that it shortens the overall life of EQ a bit. I am going to guess that Daybreak will be taking a look at server merges once summer is over but I wish we didn't have to go that route.

    Maybe the progression servers and the No Bot/Box servers bring in enough fresh blood or well.. old blood that has been way from the game in a long time that it is seriously increasing income levels and lengthening the life of EQ. I hope so.
  7. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    True but wait for all the people who agreed to an EULA that allows scanning our computers to start touting privacy and no way will you scan my computer! Never mind the fact that most if not all online games have such permissions in their EULAs.
  8. Smallpox Augur

  9. kythik Lorekeeper

    1box + main does not allow the 6/12/24+ boxes that has caused such an issue at this point. Perhaps I should post the definition of opinion for you?
  10. Mayfaire Augur

    Jebus Heinrich Criminey.

    I just cannot believe the lengths that some TLP players will go to to complain. It is stunning. It makes me want to go back to college and become a psych major so I can write a paper on it. :eek:

    Many of you said you hate boxers. So, the team at Everquest jumps on that like trained hound dogs on the hunt, announces that they are putting serious thought into doing so, and is this met with gratitude and thanks for their ongoing attempts to fulfill every single one of your every fantasies? God, no. Of course it isn't.

    There is no way for ANY GAME that involves more than one player to stop every single instance of every single thing that you deem wrong in the world. Because this involves technology, and smart people find ways to do what they want. EQ staff's solution is to do away with most of it, which is the best they can do. Who the hell cares if a handful of people find a work around?

    #ohmahhhgahhhhhhSRSLYstoppppppitttttt LOL :confused:
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  11. Smallpox Augur

    I take it you are a boxer?
  12. Mayfaire Augur

    Yep, I am. And I don't play TLP. And if I did play TLP, I would not join a no-boxer server. And, if you guys want a no-boxer server, I support it 100%. What I don't support is seeing full-grown adults constantly throwing their virtual bodies in the floor over every little thing. TLP servers have hundreds, if not thousands of players playing on them atm. That means that there's going to be exactly that many differing opinions and desires. Just because yours (collective you) is not met to your exact specifications, then you have to learn to (gasp) compromise and move on.

    Seeing this from the outside as a Live server player, all I see is the overworked, understaffed team of Everquest bending over backwards in an unprecedented way to make all of you happy, and their efforts are met (by too many) with derision and more demands. It is starting to look like hostage negotiation over here. :p
  13. Wandidarx New Member

    can we get a pvp progression server please thanks!
  14. Vildayve New Member

    So since I haven't seen it mentioned in this thread, how about consolidating the existing servers to increase population (per server) instead of creating new servers altogether? I haven't played a whole lot since Christmas, and I don't even have an all access membership at the moment because every single time I log in to bertoxxulous its a ghost town (and I hear its even worse on other servers). If you avoid PoK and the guild lobby you can literally go weeks without encountering another individual, and the chat is always the same everytime I log in "Server pop is down", "we need a server merge" etc. Why is this not at least being considered? If this has been discussed recently, sorry for the repetitive nature of my statement, but as I said I haven't been around much lately, figured if i'm going to play alone I might as well play Skyrim.
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  15. Ironwu New Member

    I think a 3rd TLPS is not a good idea. The population of EQ won't support a 3rd one, I am thinking.

    I would suggest making the Ragefire server the fast-track, box-friendly server.
    Make Lockjaw the classic-track, no-box server.

    Better for us, better for them, better for DGC.

    In any case, even though I would like to play on a non-box server, I will NOT be starting over on a new one. Only way is if there were free transfers from Lockjaw to the new non-box server.

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  16. Kezlek Journeyman

    Sounds like a waste of resources trying to alienate something that brings in money. With limited resources, broad strokes(like being able to fend off a ddos attack) that benefit all servers should probably be the focus.
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  17. Smallpox Augur

    Boxers have how many other servers to play on? (all of them)

    How is this alienating?
  18. Kezlek Journeyman

    "Boxers have how many other servers to play on? (all of them)

    How is this alienating? "

    Simple, by directing daybreaks focus on creating this new single server and whatever tech they need to enforce their no bot rule, they are alienating(ALL of them) but not working on content they(ALL the others) could benefit from. Unless of course they're intending on doing a poor job, and merely put up a "please don't bot" sign, than have at it and work on the next expansion.
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  19. Redmace New Member

    I'm curious what you're basing this blanket statement off of. I am certainly not a mage, I absolutely do play the game and have understood it quite well for the last 16 years. Are you speaking from a soloability standpoint? DPS standpoint? Group vs raid?

    From personal experience, mages seem pretty on-par with a handful of classes, or at the very least it is no different than it has been for AGES. Necros, Shamans and Wizards can still go kite/root rot/blow the crap out of stuff. Mages have their pets tanking, sometimes with cleric mercs healing them while they solo. I've seen a handful of enchanters pull entire HAs, tank them, and kill everything. As a cleric, I can take a merc and go solo nearly any CoTF HA I wanted to, and am currently in the process of soloing mercenary for dino island for the aug (successfully I might add). Rogues are topping the DPS charts on raids, both sustained and slaughtering the numbers on burst. Monks are still tanking things.

    I'm kind of glad for the rain nerf. Mostly because I've had a handful of situations where rains have been ill-timed, or glitched out going through the wall/ceiling/floor and aggroing the entire zone...haha. Less chance of that happening with rains being lower on the priority!
  20. Shadow Magus New Member

    My sentiment entirely. Feels very draining. But if the developers put in those 'other additions', as were hinted in the original post, that make it a truly unique and different experience...