Producer's Letter: Anniversary and Overseer!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. WeezFv Lorekeeper

    Id love to srsly see agents of change in live servers so we could do old progression. Currently farmers and achievement hunters make this almost impossible. Heck, if you didnt get flagged for things like PoP back in the day it makes quest like Artisans Prize a real pain in the rear because alot of the flaggin mobs are perma camped....
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  2. Demonicspawn New Member

    I went over to Test to try it out. I'm now sure what EQ2 was like but I find this claim: "This new system is designed to help players catch up to current content by giving access to rewards that are found in past content." a little misleading.
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  3. david negron Journeyman

  4. Xenich Elder

    I noticed that. Why are they farming the flagging mobs? The gear is crap due to Defiant and the like, I don't see the point of it?
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  5. Velisaris_MS Augur

    There are some players who get a thrill off of griefing other players. I saw this on full display when the Artisan's Prize was first put into the game.

    When a PoP flagging mob was up, whoever saw it would tell the server and everyone that needed the flag would drop what they were doing and run to that zone. I personally witnessed several instances of 20 or so random players assembling to kill a mob in a 2 second fight just to get a flag, only to watch some scumbag run in and kill it while everyone was on their way...thereby screwing all those people out of getting the mob/flag for at least three days in most cases.

    It sucked.
  6. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    They've been doing this in console RPGs for YEARS. Final Fantasy Tactics had one of the earliest. The Tales of.... games, for example. Some thing where you send out "explorers" and get random returns from an item list from that "area" and it runs in the background.

    The real thing seems to be to encourage people to log in more frequently, while addressing some concerns people have had about access to foraging or things like that, because while it doesn't make you play MORE necessarily, it encourages you to log in more frequently and thus more likely to sub (especially if you have to be all access to use it).

    The trend seems to be the last few years that instead of focusing on content to last a year, they focus on gimmicks to keep the "sub for 3 months then go ftp for 9 months" crowd as paying customers all year.
  7. Xenich Elder

    They should just put most of those old raid and keyed mobs on 30 min spawns.
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  8. Bobokin Augur

    1. Can someone explain how Overseer will allow characters to "catch up"?

    2. If this allows players with 12 accounts to set and forget for mats, doesn't that harm the economy for players go out and acquire items for barter or sale?

    3. What part of the community was asking for this so hard that the devs decided to put time and resources, that they state are more precious than the Ring of Power, into it rather than make changes that the community has been asking for on this board?
  9. Xenich Elder

    That is part of the problem console games being considered a good design model and it shows how most of the developers have little love or experience with original EQ design philosophy.

    The reason people logged in constantly in earlier EQ was because risk vs reward was more properly balanced and long term game play was the standard. Grinds exist in any good game, but they have to be balanced with risk or it is just pointless button smashing. They have taken all the risk and long term development out of these games, making them cheap gimmick mobile games for non-gamers.

    The TLP servers have been pretty popular, I would say because people liked what EQ used to be (ie risk vs reward, everything was a long process of time and risk to succeed), but the TLPs lack more strict rule sets.

    I would love to see a server with:

    1. Forced first person as it was on release (no more cheating with camera views).
    2. Casters look at spell book (or implement a feature where even though you can see in front of you, you, while medding, mobs would be invis to you due to your concentration.(ie you can be surprised, making spells like sentinel valuable again).
    3. Naked corpse runs. (no more easy recovery, risk vs reward returns) .
    4. No PoP books (or stones to fast travel), No SoL transport, one way up and back in a single place.
    5. Reduced run speed (they have increased default run speed over the years from release).
    6. Remove all the defiant and other overpowered cheat gear (ie no global armor drops).
    7. Heavy EXP penalty.
    8. Item revamp of all older zones to be in line with other newer zones (balancing risk vs reward for all).
    9. Decrease EXP to original release values.
    10. All mobs run faster than default player run speed, can stun runners and crit heavier on fleeing players.
    11. No box server (period).

    Now I would also put in a DRASTIC change to the game as well for this specific server. No trade, outside of no-rent items. That is, ALL items would be BoP. What this does is force EVERYONE to earn their play, to enter the dungeons, to camp the mobs to obtain their items. No buying items, no blocking camps to perm camp for gear to sell on the AH. This would kill pretty much most of plat selling business (other than camp selling drops, but that can be fixed by making the item only lootable at kill within range, etc...). Yes, still can be exploited to an extent, but not as easily done as selling items on an AH or trade market.

    I have always wanted to see something like this as I think what kills these games more than anything is players trading gear. This way, if you see someone with an item, they most likely earned it and were most certainly present when the named was killed.

    I could go on in extreme detail, but this server would be about game play, about the difficult journey to succeed in the game, not face rolling button smashing to get slot machine rewards.
  10. Riou EQResource

    1) Imagine the catch up is from gaining regular EXP from this + currency probably going to be for buying gear

    2) It does hurt the economy if f2p can use it because you can have infinite accounts farming relevant bazaar sellable stuff

    3) It was probably just an EQ2 feature ported to EQ1 (saves time for the most part consolidating ideas), or every other mmo has it so easy "take", it also isn't a bad idea if they do make it work for catch up, but unless the items for currency are fairly cheap it is too hard and long to actually gain currency for the stuff you can get to mostly matter for it to effectively catch up, but without the vendor in it's hard to say how much you can actually get
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  11. Miss_Jackie Augur

    Over in EQ2, it gave you recipe books, a chance to obtain overseer quests / "npc's" to send out on those quests, etc. Occasionally, it'd give you gear as well.

    Not sure how EQ1 is different. *shrug*
  12. WeezFv Lorekeeper

    I wouldnt mind 30 min respawns honestly but if they already have a systems in place to lets people get an instance or whatever for these old flagging bottle-necks in place why not bring it to live and just have it only on TLP servers?!
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  13. rawr80 New Member

    Any update ?
  14. Moege Augur

    You got the idea. Start overseer quest and your agents is unavailable till it is completes (saw 16 - 32 hours) but there is this nice button that lets you spend DB cash to complete it immediately. Now the quest is complete did your agents fail or are demoralized and captured well there is a button that will unlock them again just spend some DB cash to click it.

    Suspect that an active subscription is going to be required to use overseer, no way to confirm on test.
  15. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    I quite liked the system SWTOR had for sending your companions out on quests for tradeskill materials that seemed to be alike a more basic version of the Overseer system, hopefully it does provide a very meaningful way for returning & new players to catch up to their higher level friends & for those already high level to fill in some gaps they may have gotten if they sped their way to endgame levels later in their server's history.

    I'd like to see AoC rolled out on all servers, it's really a great little QoL thing.
  16. Xenich Elder

    Sounds like that is a variation on the concept of a "Loot Box".

    It really is sad that these companies stopped making games in order to market gimmicks.
  17. Silver-Crow Augur

    I really don't think overcrowding will be an issue. If you Look at Numiko's excellent post at the start of page 2 on this thread.

    General Servers:

    Firiona Vie - General = 1126 Traders = 505
    Bristlebane - General = 630 Traders = 287
    Xegony - General = 452 Traders = 204
    Drinal - General = 428 Traders = 151
    The Rathe - General = 400 Traders = 169
    Bertoxxulous - General = 394 Traders = 199
    Cazic Thule - General = 393 Traders = 210
    Erollisi Marr - General = 390 Traders = 200
    Tunare - General = 380 Traders = 188
    Luclin - General = 357 Traders = 172
    Povar - General = 341 Traders = 149
    Antonius Bayle - General = 329 Traders = 168
    Vox - General = 325 Traders = 54
    Trakanon - General = 140 Traders = 5
    Brekt - General = 129 Traders = 12
    Zek - General = 69 Traders = 11

    TLP and other progression servers:

    Mangler: General = 1497 Traders = 135
    Ragefire: General = 194 Traders = 36
    Selo: General = 191 Traders = 75
    Coinaiv: General = 147 Traders = 62
    Phinny: General = 104 Traders = 50
    Agnarr - General = 83 Traders = 45
    Miragul - General = 74 Traders = 8
    Lockjaw - General = 57 Traders = 4
    Fippy - General = 4 Traders = 0

    I don't see Mangler or FV complaining about overcrowded zones or mega zerg guilds.
    numbers wise, you could merge all TLP servers except Mangler into one, and still only have a Mangler sized server. I really don't think over population will ever be an arguement for not merging servers.
  18. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    And if all of the TLP besides Mangler were merged onto Phinigel & kept the free heroics of Miragul (but made optional) while removing truebox from Phinigel (it serves little purpose once SoD unlocks anyway)....pretty much a perfect latter era TLP

    All depends how DPG do it but that would free up a big bunch of servers while creating a second nice healthy TLP in the process, and grant AoC to the players on Miragul, Ragefire & Lockjaw.
  19. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    If they did this there would be uproar from those who have yet to unlcock CotF and are still progressing though lower expansions.

    Phinny to Fippy would make sense once Phinny reaches the same expansion as Fippy. Other than that I think the only other close ones are Ragefire & Lockjaw though they have 2 different rule sets. Selo & Miragul are completly different animals to every other TLP server and unlikely to merge with anyone Miragul maybe once it has been around a lot longer. Agnarr is another issue as it has always been marketed as stopping at LDoN.

    Sometime last year there was an interview with Holly (not going looking for it now, she did so many) Where she said there would be server merges but not for Xegony & Luclin so I expect she was talking about live servers when she mentioned mergers. Meging live servers would free up more space for new TLPs.

    Most are expecting a FV & Brekt merge (large to small server, same rules) I would expect FV to keep the name as it is the older of the 2, other than that is anyones guess.
  20. Froglok Augur


    I want to switch a toon from one account to another and I don't understand why DB is ignoring a source of revenue like this.

    In my case, it involves no Guild Change, no Server change. no need to pack up the houses, and in fact, the only thing I see that will change is the Vet AA qualifications and what account the character is assigned to.

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