Producer's Letter: Anniversary and Overseer!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. Thunderkiks Augur

    I hope with the server merges something is done with these AFK bot groups. Seams they are more prevalent on smaller servers and will really become an issue with merging smaller servers. Something needs to be done anyway. I'm not looking forward to mergers at all but that's just one person's opinion.
  2. Catashe Augur

    I hope someone does a small write up about this overseer system cause honestly it kinda confusing and I was just bumbling through it when I was messing around with it on test =\
  3. Xenich Elder

    Can we get a server customized for people who want the old way of EQ, not a locked progression nostalgia server, but a server that contains all the content up to current, but tweaked with older game play design concepts (ie naked corpse runs, fast travel from PoP/SoL, etc.. Removed and reworked to make travel longer and boats class spells needed again, all defiant and similar power gear removed, etc... etc... etc.. )? I could go on in detail, but suffice to say nothing that exists on the TLP servers is even close to what I am talking about. The idea would be to experience all of EQ up to current with an older mindset of play.

    There is an idea, sell a server customization package. I know my friends and I would fork over a fair amount of money to have a server configured to our liking. Lets say, 500 bucks to implement the configuration, then you host the server, to which anyone can join and put it under a required subscription to play (FTP + difficulty servers do not mix).
  4. Gio-Cefalu Augur

    I really hope the Overseer system includes a way to earn all the heroic AAs from past progression. Having the Heroic Fortitude and other AAs, like from the DoN raids, is a pain to go back and complete if you never completed progression, raided, or were gone from the game during that time. Being able to complete some other task to help "catch up" with current content would be amazing, even if it meant you still had to complete the last expansion or two of progression.
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  5. Xenich Elder

    Not sure what the appeal of that system is, from what I read it is like the game plays itself and you just get the rewards. Seems rather... silly to me. Where is the game play in that?
  6. Dahaman Augur

    It sounds like a game feature of the mobile app age.

    Selecting the rewards that you want or need...great. Sending agents out to collect with a 6 hr, 12 hr, 24hr cooldown that have zero to do with your character... Why?

    You can get the same effect by assigning a chance for your "agent" to collect the reward while your character goes out adventuring.

    - set the tradeskill drops as a percentage chance for your "agent" to collect them when your character kills a mob for XP
    - set the item gains as a percentage chance for your "agent" to collect them when your character completes any quest
    - set any XP gains as just a simple bonus to XP bonus earned on the character for X amount before it disappears
    - away for 4 days? your agent's chance allows 4 days of stuff to be collected and/or gains (it is supposed to help people catch up and not simply to fall further behind after all), up to a max of Y number of days worth

    Just brain-storming for a more EQ-like implementation rather than a mobile app methodology...
  7. Xenich Elder

    While I see no need to make the past content "easier" (EQ is nothing like it was), I do understand some of the issues with past content/raids that are not accessible (or worth while) to new or returning players. I think it would be better to design instances of some of those specific encounters/raids/zones that are reduced to a given level range to be done by a group or very skilled solo player where they can obtain those rewards.

    If I were to bet though, I would say the reason for this their design is monetizing the play. That is, the biggest obstacle in the design of the EQ2 one that I see is time, and my bet is they will have a remedy for that in the store.

    Honestly, if they are so concerned about people catching up, just sell an instant level up to before the last 2 expansion, give them all their gear (AA's, etc...) and let them go (on the veteran servers). It isn't like Pay 2 Win is an objection in this game anymore.

    Personally, I would rather they do that that ruin all of the existing content as they have with Defiant gear, massive exp, no naked corpse runs, Auto-AA's, instant cheats, etc... etc... all to try and make the player who returns speed through the old content. Just level them up already and be done with it.
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  8. Sir Beefy New Member

    This why old crotchety people procrastinate!:mad:
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  9. Laronk Augur

    Really in game, I'm a verifiable god.

    Why wouldn't I have henchmen?
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  10. Siraj Lorekeeper

    This is awesome, but when are we getting Agents of Change on all servers?
  11. Tucoh Augur

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  12. ProgressionFreak Augur

    Where's the party?
  13. Xenich Elder

    I said.. up to the current content. P99 only goes to Velious. Even if I were to use private server software, they only have the content working up to around Omens of War, so no go there.

    As I said, only way to get what I am talking about is them configuring the server as they have access to all of the content up to release.
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  14. calianeeye New Member

    Why do women seek to ruin everything men build ???
  15. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Agnarr will never be merged due to the nature of that server. I do not see the other 3 that you mentioned alongside Agnarr being merged at this time either as they are far too young to do so. I could see the other 4 TLP servers you mentioned being merged in some fashion, not sure what it would be though.
  16. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    God I hope they aren't merging most any of the servers. I'd rather not see 50-70% actual guilds die to be replaced by monster guilds. Overcrowded zones filled with people fighting over camps. There are maybe 2 or 3 extremely low pop servers that I could see as being merged, but the majority of servers (and thus the game as a whole) would be hurt more by mergers than they would be helped.

    The next point is unlikely as it is not a tech issue, but more of a lack of knowledge issue. The person who was in charge of Account to Account transfers left the company around the time that they stopped doing them. How to do them properly without losing a lot of the character data would

    Last, nothing can or ever will deal with the 3rd party software issue, because ANYTHING that they can come up with to temporarily solve the various concerns will eventually be countered by those who make the 3rd party software. It can be moderated, but never really dealt with.
  17. Herf Augur

    To expand slightly: the game has an anniversary every year. Many years in the past we got various special events. This year, after we hear that Darkpaw is being split off in some way from DB, we did news of server merges and an uninspiring description of the anniversary event. When I've worked at tech companies in the past and events are trimmed and units spun off like that, the company is usually in a sink or swim situation over the next few years. And they often sink.

    So that's what was on my mind.
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  18. Herf Augur

    No, we can't :) And while I'm a lover of old time EQ more than most (being on Agnarr), I can do without naked corpse runs. And having taken the boats a few times on Agnarr over the past couple of years, I'm (surprisingly) ok with PoP books and port gnomes.

    I do yearn for the old days in Field of Bone, with a rich population of Iksar ripping off, I mean, offering services for a fee, to smoothskins who've taken the boat over and don't have ready access to vendors or banks, but sadly those days are not reproducible :(
  19. Xenich Elder

    1. You would not be paying for it (if you were reading, you would have noticed I talked about paying 500 bucks to have the right to configure the server rule set), so you would get no say in the design, funny how that works.

    2. Nobody is forcing you to play on the server.

    3. When I say "Old Way", I am not talking about the kiddies who play "old days EQ" on the make believe classic servers, I am talking about those who actually played the original servers.

    4. Nobody cares what you like or dislike, but thanks for being narcissistic and dropping by to dictate what you think we should have and not have!
  20. Herf Augur

    LMAO :D
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