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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by narksar, Mar 27, 2021.

  1. narksar Augur

    When choosing to apply a tint to your armor utilizing prismatic dye, you take all armor's tint colors and change it to whatever it you specify it is. If you wish to remove all dye and tints, however, there appears not to be an option for that, such that it appears one can never truly remove the affects of the prismatic dye and resulting tints. I thought applying white would do it, but that didn't work either. I want to remove all prismatic dye and tint effects on my character.
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  2. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    This is not a bug. It is just another twist in the game. Once you dye you cannot go back - you only "bleach" the slot so some will show close to what they should be.

    When you dye armor you are dying the slot not the armor itself. So any armor you put in will be the color you dyed the slot.

    The closest to restoring the original color, you have to manually set the values to 255, 255, 255, either using the sliders or by typing in those numbers.

    Heroic forge armor augments do not dye
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  3. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Your character is tainted forever now...

    If I knew about that "feature" of dyes, I would never have used them in the first place...:(
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  4. Jumbur Improved Familiar

  5. narksar Augur

    Exactly my point; this has got to be a bug.
  6. narksar Augur

    Such a permanent alteration, not clearly explained, seems as though it would be a bug not to explain it properly. But I still believe it was not intended to produce that unmodifiable and totally permanent result.
  7. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Just like faction in the early days, once skewered its busted. Then they came up with potions and other things to kill to repair that faction.

    So for the dye you can re dye to 255/255/255 or 254/254/254 or any other color you want. You can wear heroic slot 21 which changes the entire color and look.

    I really doubt between all those options that it is a big enough issue that it should be given any attention.

    Yes, I am a purple ranger under all this Heroic Armor and yes, I sell prismatic dye in the baz for those who need it:D
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  8. narksar Augur

    I think a simple solution would be a "Clear Dye" button or something like that that takes 7 dyes or something.
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  9. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    255/255/255 or 254/254/254
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  10. narksar Augur

    That's white, not "clear".
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  11. niente Developer

    I'm confused, I don't see a difference between dying a piece of armor 255/255/255 and it being the original color? Or are you asking for dying something 255/255/255 to effectively be on a separate button that does the same thing?
  12. Riou EQResource

    If 255/255/255 is how it internally works then a "Clear Dye" button that just does this would probably be a lot more newbie friendly then having to know those specific #/#/# pair to do it
  13. Nennius Curmudgeon

    There have been comments in the past of 255/255/255 returning something to a close approximation of the original color, but not the exact original color. Are you confirming that it does, indeed, return a piece to it's exact original color?
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  14. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Original slots (non dyed) change color based on the armor you are wearing. Kind of like a neutral tint. Not all armor will have a color to it.

    But once you dye the slots to a specific color you wash out that base neutral.

    You can dye back to the 255 but it will not be base neutral like it was originally where it allows the armor to show the color. It will be a tinted wash that alters the armor's color.

    They want a way to dye back to the original so the only tint is what the armor itself gives.

    None of this would apply to Hero's Forge since that is it's own color.

    From the past which may help explain it better:

    If you bleach your armor slot by choosing white (default white is 240, 240, 240 but a "whiter" white is 254, 254, 254) any armor you equip will be bleached (to the base color for that armor). If your current armor started with an undyed look, choosing white will appear fixed, but you will have a bleached slot, not a "never been dyed" slot, and any armor you equip in the future will not show it's proper color but always a bleached look.

    If you dye the armor slot by matching the old color of your current armor (other than 255, 255, 255) it will appear fixed. But any new armor you equip in the future will not show it's proper color and will always be tinted by the color of your current piece of armor.

    you'll never be able to get a few colors back (some of the silver white pieces).
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  15. narksar Augur

    It is different. I agree with the subsequent posts to this. Summarily, I think the real point is this; we're looking to eliminate the tint or render it transparent. Not maintain a "white" tint which is what 255/255/255 does.
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