Preview of Upcoming Changes to Combat Escape AA Abilities

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  1. Warpeace Augur

    No it does not, please stop with the same basic flawed logic post over and over in multiple threads.

    It literally stays a fixed cost of your resource pool, if you want to go fight naked or have all the best in slot items, its going to cost a fixed percentage of your mana or endurance. In the same way it stays 100% escape from mobs +5 levels above you from now until EQ closes.

    By your logic you should be complaining every level you gain because of the new spell/ disc mana / endurance costs.

    Its a penalty for evading your foe or foes and getting out of jail free. If you don't like the cost you don't have to use it.
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  2. Yinla Augur

    New spells/discs cost more but do more, this ability stays the same yet costs more when I improve my mana/end. It doesn't even lose more hate if you fail as you level it stays at 1 mil.
  3. code-zero Augur

    It's a 100% escape from level +5 and one million off of your hate for things that don't fit that. It can't get any better. Anyway, if you are way down on gear and AA's it's likely you might need to escape more often and die of things that a better geared/AA'd character would have been able to escape
  4. Dorris New Member

    No 1: Please stop messing with the game. I like the way EQ plays now. All the changes like this of recent years have made me like the game less. Not once has one of these restrospective balance changes ever left EQ a game I enjoyed playing more.

    No.2: No amount of increased cost in these abilities is acceptable. No 20% not 8 % not even 2%. same goes for cool downs.

    No.3: It is reasonable to expect that if i increase my mana or endurance by working on my gear that those resources go further. Having abilities which cost a % means they dont. This is just lazy design and shows a massive lack on understanding for the way some of the exsisting content works.

    No. 4: To all those saying that they cant understand how with % abiltiies are worse with higher mana / endurance scores consider this: In combat mana and end regen is not purely bases on a % of your total per time period. Some of the regen in numercial provided by AA or equipment. Those AA and equipment bonuses recover a smaller % of your mana or endurance the larger you mana/endurance pool. This isnt a problem until you have abilities which cost a % of your mana pool. As soon as you have abilites costing a % then the larger you pool the longer it takes to regen the mana/ endurance used afterwards in combat.

    Please for once listen to your customers and abandon these changes.
  5. smash Augur

    At first I would have agreed with you,but there however some stuff that does not make it 100% correct. It stays the same in %, but there is difference in the actual numbers.
    Instead of small number of 1k, i go up to 250k mana, and 250 mana regen, and it cost 8% = 20k mana = 80 tick to regain the mana.
    Now I gain 5 levels and my max mana go from 250k to 325k, and my regen go to 300, it will cost 26k mana = 87 tick.
    So from time perspective it does take longer. HOWEVER this also from that your mana regen increase in % is lower than the increase you have for your total mana. IF your increase in regen is bigger, than it becomes faster.
  6. code-zero Augur

    Hey, you want to know something? As a bard main the farming out of fade to other classes accompanied bard fade being severely nerfed.

    I got a lot less enjoyment out of the game as a result and had to cope with a crippled version of an ability that had been in game since PoP.

    Every time I hit fade it took a flat 4k mana out and I and all other bards had to deal with that and bards are very bad on the mana regen.

    So really just knock off the whining about what it cost, that is unless you want to publicly admit that you're much worse at mana management than the typical non-melody only bard
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  7. Warpeace Augur

  8. Balthen Journeyman

    Every time you level the ability increases in power (the plus 5 level to fade) so it's cost should increase as you level. Instead of increasing ever level it increases with your gear. I actually like this idea better it creates a more incremental cost increase instead of stair stepping on every level. Move this over to other spells please.
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  9. Yinla Augur

    I wish they did that for mana regen
  10. Angahran Augur

    Please do explain how an ability that costs more and more mana or end as you increase your available pools of these resources, with no change in effectiveness, is NOT getting worse ?

    If you had $10 in your pocket and went to buy a coke and got charged $1 and then went to buy the same coke when you had $100 in your pocket and were told it would be $10 would you be happy ?
  11. Angahran Augur

    If you think about it it's not actually getting any more powerful.

    At level 1, it will work on a level 6 mob (your level +5).
    At level 10, it will work on a level 15 mob (still your level +5).
    At level 110, it will work on a level 115 mob (guess what, it's still your level +5).

    So, it always works on a target up to 5 levels higher than you.

    You really want this on other spells ?
    You want your healers to be spending more mana to heal you if they actually went out and got better gear ?
  12. Zanarnar Augur

    Exactly, it gets more powerful as you level up. Its really easy to fool a level 6 mob.

    Its still pretty easy to fool a level 15 mob

    Its much harder to fool a level 115 mob who has decided that your dinner.

    You have to spend more energy hiding yourself from their superior awareness and intelligence :) Or you know, something like that. I'm not big on RP :p
  13. Balthen Journeyman

    I honestly don't know how to respond to this, you completely proved my point. The spell started out working on level 6 mobs and ended up working on 115 mobs. It's increasing in power as you move along.

    Why not complain that the cleric level 1 lull at 10 mana and the 101 lull at 1250 mana is wrong? You're pacifying your level plus 1 or 2 that's the same in your comparison. Every charm and lull spell increase in cost as the level they effect increase, you could even argue this on stuns and probably many other spells.

    I said I like the idea of incremental increases in cost instead of big hard steps at each level, I'm assuming the results works out to be the same of course.
  14. ShadowMan Augur

    No the spells started off working on every mob regardless of level and didn't cost anything. Worked that way for years.
  15. code-zero Augur

    I don't recall what the Rogue escape may have cost but when fade was originally put in game for Bard's it was 900 mana every single time you hit fade so that gave most bards 5 or 6 fades before they had to med back up. Bard fade had an immediate reuse at first so you had to be careful not to spam and go OOM. The abilities they introduced in 2015 were 90% freebies with a ridiculously short reuse timers, I suppose the devs thought this was acceptable with no mana/endurance cost since they had to wait a few minutes. At that time Bard;s had their mana cost increased to 4000 per use as well as having the invis portion split from the aggro drop portion.

    So everyone else got free goodies and Bards got a nerf. When it was just as practical for me to do a snare/fade split with my boxed wizard as it was with my bard I knew that they'd made a mistake and would correct it sooner or later.
  16. Yinla Augur

    It gains 5 levels on a level expansion, but on a non level increase expansion it gets much, much worse due to the adittional mana/end costs with no extra benefits.
  17. Belexes Augur

    You're bad with analogies. :) Your example has to do with a purchasing price and that isn't a percentage based example. The Coke will always be the same price no matter what you have to spend.

    2% is 2%.

    Let's use a better analogy shall we? Think of the resource cost as a tax for using an over powered ability. For rogues it will be 8%. Other classes...a different percentage.

    Let's say your sales tax is a flat rate of 10%. You only have enough money to buy a 10$ coke, so you pay $1 dollar for sales tax. The next day you buy 10 of these Cokes for $100 dollars as your mom came downstairs and gave you your allowance and you are flush with Coke money. Do you still expect to pay $1 in taxes??? :D
  18. Belexes Augur

    Doing a percentage cost of total resources was the only way they could really scale it so the cost of using fade remained relevant. It is also a simpler formula to use.

    I know you all wanted it to be like 2% of total resources naked at level 1, but that isn't how it works. You all act like you keep fade on cool down the whole time. If you were using it as a crutch, well, the crutch works better, but now there is a cost involved that is more proportionate with this overpowered get out of jail free card.

    To avoid this so called grossly unfair tax, quit using it all the time and get better at playing your class. I really don't have any sympathy for those complaining because they really shouldn't be using it that much. If you don't like the tax, learn to work around it. That is what all those other abilities you have can do that you never use. :)
  19. Belexes Augur

    Rogue's tax is 2%. Sorry for the misinformation.
  20. Lorewood Lorekeeper

    The point to a lot of this is nothing irritates people more then having something taken away or cost more or be less useful this is just another example of a random out of the blue change that may not be game changing but is irritating as hell. It was the same back when they nerfed the fade on pallies and made it about worthless in close contact. I may not have quit the game over it but to this day I'm still pe'od about it. What is the old saying...Nothing hurts more then getting something back broken ?

    The same with the hit/miss/riposte nerf from earlier this year. 1. that changed a game mechanic that has been in play since day one with little benefit server side or otherwise. 2. it was a nerf plain and simple to all melee classes but especially tanks. Again out of the blue and aggravating as hell after 20 years having to retrain your game instincts. And what was the real point of it in the end, server lag hasn't changed a bit that I can tell ?

    So a lot of these changes the last couple of years I don't get. Who is complaining that these even get on the dev project boards when there is so much more that could be done to improve game quality and content ? Who has that in, that minor crap like this is all of a sudden a priority weeks away from a beta launch ?

    I really hope this isn't some dev's just using EQ as their programing toy and we are playing to a programmers whim or idea of what the game should be. That should be us the customer that help decide direction and yes balance between classes and content or worse busy work just to justify job existence or fill a day.

    I get enough of that mentality from android apps (devs) that feel they have a right to do whatever they want on my devices and my information.
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