Preview of Upcoming Changes to Combat Escape AA Abilities

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  1. Sorox New Member

    Get naked, then fade !
  2. Yinla Augur

    The power does decrease, at level 110 I am creating more agro than a level 85 player yet if it fails it will still only drop my agro by 1 million poinsts.

    Unless your telling me my level 85 spells do not create anymore agro than my level 110 spells.
  3. Renotaki Elder

    My current goal with gear is to take tank non visible slot pieces so I can be the highest AC beefcake wizard in the Magelo rankings without needing to max out my artisan's prize or swap my proc augs out for base stat augs. I plan to continue doing this until any sort of compelling reason exists to actually choose "caster non visibles" over tank ones. :p
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  4. Allayna Augur

    And this is exactly why there needs to be a clear gear path for casters, melee, hybrids, priests and tanks....not a bunch of gear that is inferior to the "highest AC gear".

    BiS recently tends to be the item with the highest AC value with 0 deficits to other classes. If the heroic wis/int or perhaps dex/sta were say 15 points lower than any "highest AC gear" then perhaps choices would change for those other classes, perhaps not....

    My point is, why develop marginally different items that generally rot while most go for 1 clear winner "choice"?
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  5. kizant Augur

    I don't know a lot about how much agro is generated from a single spell cast but you may be right. That amount probably should also depend on the level of the caster.
  6. yepmetoo Augur

    Aggro decays over time. A million aggro is more than you'll have as a dps at any point, and especially a healer.
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  7. NemesisOfSeth New Member

    • Escape abilities for Bards, Beastlords, Monks, Necromancers, Rogues, and Shadowknights will have a shorter reuse time (1s to 2.5 minutes) and a resource cost of 2% mana or endurance based on class.
    • Escape abilities for all other classes will now have a reuse time of 10 minutes and a resource cost of 8% of your maximum mana or endurance depending on class.
    I have have commonly seen Bards pull, Monks pull, Shadowknights pull, and Rangers pull. I have rarely seen Necros pull, Rogues pull but it does happen in group at times. With that said when soloing these classes pull constantly as do Rangers. I been playing since the game came out i have never seen a beast pull in group, if i have it was so rare that i have forgotten about it, yes this class solos and pulls on its own but compared to massive pulls that Rangers do... well how is that even comparable? Mass Ranger death has been down since Cover tracks came out & I for 1 would rather take my chances with a 3 min reuse at 90% than a 100% reuse at 10 min. You get 3 chances at freedom for every once granted escape every 10 min. I can snare kite mass mobs for 3 min to try to escape again at 90% but at a 10 min wait... well ill be dead and so will others in zone which got trained while trying to run away. Would someone please explain why Rangers aren't part of bard, beastlord, monk, necromancers, rouge, Shadowknight group? Is the idea to put ranger back in the 1999 group of rangers are just born to die & are fodder for the cause just like many other misconceptions about rangers.:eek: I should remake my hot key from 1999 Ranger DOWN REZ PLEASE!:oops:
  8. kizant Augur

    Note that they don't list those as "pulling" abilities. They're "escape" abilities.
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  9. Zandez Journeyman

    I disagree with this proposed change. First most classes are struggling with mana while raiding. To take 20% mana for Cover tracks (as my main is a raiding Ranger) and increase the countdown by 7 mins doesn't make any sense. If you want to help the community please focus on something more worth the effort and impacting like consider a server merge. Most servers have low populations and are struggling to fill raids. Server merge may also have a positive effect as more may come back to play!!!
  10. smash Augur

    You apparently did not see later posts, it is 8%
  11. Angahran Augur

    Please explain why we should get abilities that get steadily worse as we improve our characters ?
  12. yepmetoo Augur

    They don't get worse. They are relatively the same. No different than getting heals that do the same % of our health for more mana each level increase.
  13. yepmetoo Augur

    Yes, something people keep missing. They don't want most of these to be used for pulling at all.

    Paladins and rangers (outdoor) were pullers back in the original game due to pacify effects. But look where we are on that chart.
  14. p2aa Augur

    As a warrior I don't have aggro problem, even on high skilled raid melee DPS classes burning a raid mob right from start.
  15. MasterMagnus Augur

    They won't be adding ornamentation slots. And they have given up completely on caring about appearance items for money. It's all too much memory resources and effort dealing with the marketplace for DBG to deal with (apparently).

    Player Studio has been closed, so all you get are dev created items to go along with expansions. That's all the have art team resources for. I do believe the art team is fantastic, though.

    But we are where we are with the marketplace, and they don't seem to be changing anytime soon.

    As evidenced by the recent rounds of begging for illusions that had been gone from the marketplace, and the seeming lack of attention to the marketplace itself for years running, I don't think this is any kind of focus for them.

    It seems they have determined nobody really cares about appearance items. Judging from the discussion in this thread (where you're the only person who mentions cosmetics as a 'fun' revitalizing idea), I'd say they're about right. :(
  16. Belexes Augur

    Why are you having to kite mobs until Cover Tracks refreshes? Why are you even using Cover Tracks to pull? Why can't you pull singles, doubles, triples or anything else you want without using Cover Tracks???

    Cover Tracks has made rangers lazy and unable to learn to pull properly. There is more to pulling than snaring a mob and hoping for the best. This thread has convinced me we have as many "Cover Tracks" pullers as we have "Headshot" rangers out there.
  17. Zunar Augur

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  18. Natal Augur

    Warriors might be able to do more dps than some melee, but only because of ripostes or because melee are afk autoattacking.

    Based on raid parses non-tanking warriors are usually at the bottom end of the melee dps rankings.

    From my experience the only time anyone pulls agro on raids is right at the beginning when they pile in while the tank is still running the engage key press sequences and/or trying to position the mob. After that issues come from taunting pets ganking agro at awkward times and/or other warriors building agro while not looking at their hate position and/or some raid mechanics bosses have (blurs/hate switches/etc).
  19. Natal Augur

    The primary purpose of gear is to improve your surviveability.
  20. Angahran Augur

    They do get worse.
    You have 100 mana/end.
    Ability x costs you 2%, so it will cost you 2 mana or 2 end.

    Now, you go loot uber item that gives you 900 extra mana and end, you now have 1000 mana and 1000 end.
    That same ability now costs you 20 mana or 20 end!

    You improved your character and made your ability worse!
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