Preview of Upcoming Changes to Combat Escape AA Abilities

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dzarn, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. Gutzz Journeyman

    Now just need clarification on if it will work for most classes at 7% and under mana/endurance and just drain down to 0 ....or not.

    The classes that have a much faster refresh I could see needing the full percentage (bard?). The classes with 10min refresh, it's meant as an "Oh *(#%" button and should work as long as the refresh has been met....leaving them at 0 mana/endurance if they're that low.
  2. Rayvorn Elder

    I am much happier with the changes BUT...I feel like this is the time to take it 1 step further. You have an opportunity to increase the chances that people play some of the least played classes in the game by giving them something that would drastically increased their "need" in groups (NOT raids).

    This would be my first priority...I want to address this because I feel like this is more important that the the other class but they are close.

    Just a note, I don't play any of these classes. I am a Zerker/Druid by trade.

    I have always believed that Rangers need to be able to split pull. Every other hybrid dps melee has this ability (Bard, Beastlord) but ranger doesn't. Which by lore standards NEVER made sense. Beastlord playing possum....while their pet just sits the open..never made sense to me. A Ranger...hides in the woods and tracks his enemies and when he/she finds them....he can't be silent about it? I know they get Lull...but do that isn't a good reason. I believe that Ranger needs to have the same cooldown as Beastlord. 2.5m. This would increase the amount of people who play a ranger IMO. Lull, and 2.5 mins would make them a viable group puller. Ranger right now only gets Track (not what it was with the age of internet MAPS) and attack buff. Beastlord can increase Mana, slow, buff, ect..and o yeah..FD. Just to much for 1 class. We already know how important bard is. Just narrow the gap with Ranger please. I miss seeing them in the game.

    Second class...Paladin. Literally the same information as above^^. There are already been 100+ threads if not more since Everquest got out of Luclin of why SK is leaps and bounds more useful then Paladin (the ability to summon corpses to POP). Paladins were able to narrow the gap prior to Pop because they got a rez. So having them in a group just gave an extra layer of protection for rezing. Now that rezing is easy as pie, Paladins brings very little to the group. Heals? umm no. Pure HP buffs? I mean yeah but not near as important as the Snap aggro Sk's can pull. I also think that a Paladins deaggro ability needs to be 2.5minutes. It will make them more viable pullers for a group and three box groups.

    Right now you rarely see Rangers and Paladins. Only 1-2 at raids MAYBE on servers that have been around a few expansions. Every other class can do what they do..but better for raids..and in groups. Most of the time they are only wanted in the raid for their 1 important buff. Give people more reason to play them. ESPECIALLY since you are about to launch a new server. Doing it before will give many people another option with characters to select for the new heroic server. It's already hard to find tanks in groups...stop making it harder by giving paladins a lot less utility then the other tanks.

    My thoughts after many years of raiding as a berserk and hoping that our 1 ranger logs in for raids.
  3. Imukai Elder

    I thought one of the changes was to make the escape abilities work 100% of the time -- how would you fail to escape?
  4. Mithra Augur

    By using it versus a mob more than 5 levels above your own?
  5. Teylana Elder

    Welp, I was wrong - and I couldn't be happier for it.

    Thank you for actually listening to your player base.
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  6. smash Augur

    Thanks for the changes you coming with, also the summon companion, but can you confirm bst will keep our playing possum ?
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  7. Bigstomp Augur

    Still not a fan of it, but 8% vs 20% is way more reasonable.
    Hiatus being usable in combat to get back into the game is appreciated.
    I don't know if warriors/clerics have it (we used to), can you check to see if we still get an invis? Or if not, can you re-add one?
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  8. Lubianx Augur

    Pallies too?
  9. Bigstomp Augur

    I don't know pallies, but seems fair to check them too. If we need to pay this much to fade, slapping an invis on us is fair.
  10. Wulfhere Augur

    Evader's Temporary Sanctuary belongs to Berzerker, Cleric, Paladin, and Warrior.

    Monks get Evader's Temporary Invisibility uniquely designed for them. I guess since they are real pullers but who don't have a hide or invisibility ability to draw from.

    Everyone else gets Evader's Invisibility.

    I also don't see why Beastlord goes from zero to hero wrt fade. My level 80 beastlord is not a puller and I don't think that eventually getting feign death at level 85 warrants that class being placed in that fade grouping.

    Seems like it's not purely class archetypes driving these fade ability decisions, but rather class demographics favored by multi-boxers and (future) TLP server economics. Big /shrug from this paladin.
  11. Wulfhere Augur

    Thanks again Dzarn. Love seeing this level of engagement with you all (Devs).
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  12. Moege Augur

    Could you please give the reasoning behind this change, I will want to refer to it when another dev decides to add cast times in the future.
  13. smash Augur

    About bst, because they child class to monkies, they have higher cost/reuse than those.
  14. laller Journeyman

    All melee classes - Hiatus can now be activated in combat. It still has the melee speed penalty and endurance cap.

    wow impressive but are you guys sure there isnt to few restrictions on it now peopel might actualy use it now i mean it only has melle slow and a timer and cost 30 endurance to cast

    still dont get why some thing need to cost 8% endurance when you guys all ready put it behind a timer lock
    seem like your doing what ya didt to hailus adding alot of bad stuff and then still not let peopel use it due more silly restrictions whats the point if can only use it every 10 15min i thought it was supossed to be your get outa jail free card and seem even more silly now you wanna fix hailus one would think there was a lesson to be learned why the 8% cost when 10 15min reuse i dont get it
  15. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    I'm pretty ok with that since lots of raid scripts use Auto-Aggro mechanics these days.

    I usually use Hiatus when I get rezzed into such a script. There's already a Slow penalty from Resurrection Sickness (60%) in effect then so the slow from Hiatus shouldn't be a concern.
    Also, Hiatus ends much earlier than Res. Sickness - and can be clicked off if it reaches its Endurance limit.
  16. Warpeace Augur

    Considering the "power" it provides be happy its available that often?
  17. Allayna Augur

    Looks like an appropriate compromise imo. That hiatus change include anyone with the ability? Don't want to assume because you stated "melee".
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  18. ~Mills~ Augur

    Glad to see some compromise and discussion that had an impact. Hopefully while slower and more troublesome we can still have more of this in the future.

    But still think the resource cost is nothing but a pet peeve project that doesn’t do anything to improve gameplay. It only serves to hinder as there will be times when these tools can’t be used regardless of their timer due to a resource check fail. You see the issue with it only working 90% of the time for some but then just back door in another 10% chance to fail anyway because of your resource cost pet peeve. Further more this should not be % based even if that makes it easier to code for you. It should be no more than 3,000 mana or endurance flat for all if it must have a cost just to have a cost so it so reduces the chance to fail the resource check use when its needed. And doesn’t penalize people ever so slightly for gaining in power. As others have expressed flat resource pools grow faster than regen amounts. So 2 or 8 % today is a lot cheaper than 2 to 8 % down the road meaning a step backwards not forwards the more you improve your characters.

    I also like many don't understand why beastlords are being treated as a puller. Not an expert on the class and don't want to rain on their parade but they didn't get FD until 85 and only then it was during the everyone gets a drop aggro toy time. And see no history of spells and AA devoted to what most consider pulling tools. Yet they are getting a 2.5 minute reuse fade for 2% cost verses 10 minute reuse and 8% cost for seemingly zero reason.
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  19. shep569 New Member

    Hmm, Daybreak how about Resolving actual issues like the Following:
    • Tank Mitigation (for) Multiple mobs - Warriors could use Pain Doesnt Hurt to WORK AGAIN!
    • Aggro Increase for Tanks (who out dps and use aggro buttons over dps classes)
    • Lower Tank DPS and INCREASE their (wait for it) Mitigation / Avoidance!!!! o_O
    • Keep Fades / escape death abilities the SAME and increase to 100% success
    • Increase Rare Spawn chance from 0.0000000000000001% to 1% chance?
    • Stop coming out with Expansions that are broken from day 1.
    • Fix OLD bugs and Issues
    • Fix "Mip Mapping"
    • Add Capes/Hoods/Cloaks
    • Fix Graphic Glitches
    • Resolve LAG SPIKES
    • HIRE NEW DEVS! :eek:
    • DO polls of what PLAYERS/CUSTOMERS want - NOT what you want ... (hmmm)
    • Lower the Game cost to $9.99/month
    • PHONE SUPPORT - would be nice again
    • In-Game Guides = +++++
    • Upgrade the Graphics/Character Models
    • Resolve Old World Quest that are Broken
    • DONT delete my post because you disagree with it <-------- Youve done that DBG
    Im sure I'll think of more later.
    But yea, this idea is Horrible.
  20. Belexes Augur

    Rangers can't split pull? What in Hades have I been doing all these years?? Rangers can pull just as good as any class out there. Can't split pull???????????????

    Do you realize how large the Ranger pulling toolkit is???

    Rarely see Rangers??? LOL! They are everywhere! Just because your experience doesn't see that doesn't mean there aren't. Obviously there are very few that know how to ranger out of the multitudes.

    If you think Rangers are so lacking, well then I am not sure what to say. I can split pull mobs in any zone. Rangers are one of the best classes for pulling and they are not too shabby at crowd control.

    If you don't play a ranger, you shouldn't be making comments on what rangers are lacking in. :D You might stick to the classes you play.
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