Preview of Upcoming Changes to Combat Escape AA Abilities

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dzarn, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. Natal Augur

    I did that racnar with my warrior/shaman/rogue combo. You don't need a splitter for it.

    Had no problem with the 3rd partisan task in VP with that setup either.
  2. Natal Augur

    As long as the puller is not being an idiot and pulling with a bucketload of hate, every tank in the game can snap agro incoming mobs. It is not hard at all.
  3. Karve_AB Journeyman

    if you nerf my possum, I nerf your bank.
    Sound fair?
  4. Natal Augur

    Increasing the max level from +3 to +5 is a big change for most people. It means that you can escape from nameds, which usually are +4 in current group content. That alone is worth the cost and refresh timers.
  5. Allayna Augur

    That addresses 1 aspect of the game.

    I predict many will simply not use an ability they rarely used to begin with.
  6. strongbus Augur

    they not taking your possum as its just a fd. bst never had a fade. they gave you one.

    its like necro and our reg fd and our fade fd. reg fd is not being effected. our faded fd is.
  7. Rickoshay New Member

    I really feel that with past huge mana nerfs and this save nerf that DB is trying drive clerics out of EQ. I'm not looking forward to any new expansion under these handicaps. Remember that EQ is an aging MMO, and players that become frustrated with what they consider as trying to take all the fun and sense of satisfaction away from players may just say enough is enough and spend their entertainment $ in other rising MMOs. I play to raid, and I can no longer raid. How long do you figure I'll pay for subscription if there's no longer a chance to raid?
  8. Dewey Augur

    As I loot gear my escape cost is more and more. 2 rogues one raiding and one grouping. With full endurance we get 50 escapes using no other abilities.

    No matter how much endurance I have. He could have 10k endurance and be naked. I could have 400k endurance. Irreguarless we both have 50 escapes.

    Now as I farm gear and get more endurance, I do not get more endurance regain. So without ooc regeneration going up for me the rogue with 10k endurance gets more fades.

    With that being said rogue escape is currently 5 levels above your level, not 3. Escape should have never had a level tied to it. Now we have to pay endurance for an inferior product that cost more and gives us less fades as we progress in the game.

    It is a horrible change.
  9. Dzarn Developer

    Once again, a heartfelt thanks to everyone who provided constructive input, please know that you are beacons of hope in a sea of psychopathy.

    As noted on Tuesday we have been monitoring feedback and after further review have made a few adjustments so that the changes are in a better state before they go to the Test server.
    • Classes that were changed to have a 15 minute reuse timer in the initial proposal will now have a 10 minute timer.
    • Enchanter Self Stasis have been changed to have a 5 minute reuse timer (now an improvement rather than a nerf).
    • Abilities that were changed to have a 20% resource cost will now have an 8% resource cost. To clarify, this cost is a percentage of your total mana or endurance (not your remaining mana or endurance).
    • All escape abilities that previously had a cast time are now instant cast.
    • All escape abilities will now apply their secondary effects (invisibility or sanctuary) regardless of the caster's proximity to attackers.
    • All escape abilities will now reduce your aggro with any NPCs you fail to escape from by 1 million points.

    In addition to these changes, we've made the following adjustment to spells for the October update:
    • All melee classes - Hiatus can now be activated in combat. It still has the melee speed penalty and endurance cap.
  10. kizant Augur

    Sounds like improvements all around to me.
  11. Dewey Augur

    Thank you. Whilst I won't go in to what I like and don't like, I will say from my standpoint these changes are acceptable and I remove myself from the debate.

    Thank you
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  12. Belkar_OotS Augur

    Thanks for the update. I think this actually addresses most of my concerns with conditions that feel more reasonable.


    Will the Hiatus change apply to the earlier versions also? As TLP will likely still run into the same issues?
  13. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    Thank you, thank you for listening.
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  14. qberskies New Member

    If a shammy / necro is using hitpoint for mana with an AA, will it take from their hit points or mana?
  15. Belexes Augur

    Dzarn, will that include Breather with Hiatus?

    I like the changes you made.
  16. Alythea New Member

    Thank you! Sharing future changes and listening to feedback is GRATEFULLY appreciated. I do not expect you to take feedback as ideal, useful, or compatible with your long term plans. The fact you are making an effort says a lot about how Daybreak is committed to positive changes.

    Please keep it up.
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  17. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Sounds reasonable. Most people won't complain about this.

    Still not sure as to why any of it mattered, but, hiatus being usable in combat, the fade dropping so much aggro that you can deaggro on a raid boss, are all fantastic changes.

    What about rampage? Can that be clarified if we can still use the fade to drop from rampage (since that capability was specifically planned)?
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  18. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    I can't answer for Dzarn, but I seriously doubt that the Out of Combat restriction is being lifted from Breather. The point of the Breather/Hiatus lines were for melee to recover endurance, not have an infinite supply. Being in recovery mode means less DPS. Hiatus had a self-slow introduced to kind of enforce the "less DPS" on the classes that could fade and enter Breather, but never removed the OOC requirement so it was just worse for the classes that couldn't do the same. I'm glad to see this change, it makes more sense. If OOC req gets removed from Breather, expect to have the self-slow added to it.
  19. Belkar_OotS Augur

    I suspect you are right. I specifically avoid hiatus because of the melee speed penalty. If I am given a choice at max level between breather still requiring ooc or getting the melee speed penalty added to remove the ooc requirement I would opt to keep the ooc because I prefer it for groups which often have a break between mobs and I can often pull off using breather on raids with my monk.
  20. Nniki Augur

    EverQuest: You're in Our World Now!
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