Preorder Expansions taken away then deleveled

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mulleteer, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. McDougal Augur

    LOL This thread is hilarious. I think I like the 'poor guy' that returned after 8 years played a week and hit this horrible brick wall the best. Kind of hard to believe any real returning players were involved in this at all. Look for demands of free CoTF in recompense soon!
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  2. Edrick Augur

    Above and beyond the call of duty Piestro, thank you.
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  3. Veridic Lorekeeper

    Several restarts, still no luck. I will update in the morning.
  4. eepok Elder

    I have re-received the expansions (now 20/20) and can click inside of bags again, etc. I am still de-leveled down to 90 from 91. My petition response says that it can be as late as the end of next week before everything is fixed. Is everyone else having the same experience?
  5. Cendar New Member


    I you cancelled your pre-order the situation is more complicated. I ‘can’t promise anything but will continue discussions internally on Monday with the relevant folds here at SOE and get you some answers as I can.
    Well, lets uncomplicate the situation. I'll go back to cancelling my preorder and when you let me know what is going to happen to my character in unusable gear, i'll decide if the company your talking to deserves my hard earned money.
  6. Mulleteer Elder

    Thank you for resolving this situation. The gentleman i talked to at CS was very pleasent
  7. Lrbearclaw New Member

    This is kinda a good example of reacting with a rage-cancel is NOT a good way of handling it. (Not saying YOU did, Azuki, just in general.)
  8. Shleprok New Member

    I had got an in game response to this issue saying all they were going to do was to freeze gold time if I wanted. I just wanted to say thanks Piestro. I feel strongly that you played a big role in this being handled like it was. GG thanks all 4 accounts back
  9. Triquience Journeyman

    Both my toons back to lvl 95 and 96 with 20/20 expansions ... Thanks
  10. mage101 Elder

    Way to man up Sony!
    Great work Piestro, we appriciate you. ;)
  11. Feldian Journeyman

    More than a few blues unfortunately, more of almost a whole lvl. It's rough in MM in crap gear and being lvl 95 lol.
  12. Veridic Lorekeeper

    I feel like those of us that canceled the pre-order after being outraged by how this was handled helped bring about a swift solution. That being said I hope I am not stuck at lvl 90 for too much longer because of it.
  13. Khpuffy New Member

    I know Sony Support is sleeping, but my bard lost something like 2 yellow from 92. I died quite a few times today when I was just messing around doing my epic and seeing what raid mobs I could tank in Causeway with just a tank merc. It's almost like it didn't give me the XP from the Rezzes I got. but yah, 2 yellows is a lot. Hope you guys can fix it completely, but I know your devs are probably ready to jump out a window at this point.
  14. Feldian Journeyman

    I think the best thing to do for lost xp is to put in a ticket for it. I lost almost a whole level myself and hopefully i'll be able to get it back.
  15. Uxtalzon Augur

    I would've been very disheartened if this had happened to me. Not sure if I'd ragequit (doubtful) or make a post (probably), but...

    Piestro, you may be a halfling, but you have the heart of a dragon. <3!
  16. Haizze New Member

    Glad I took a day to cool off and didn't ragecancel, thanks SoE gang!
  17. Veridic Lorekeeper

    I didn't plan on completely quitting EQ- I was simply not going to pay for the expansion if I wasn't going to be able to be 100 prior to its launch and to show my dissapointment in having an unplayable character. I will say when you play WAY too much getting your toon where you want him and then see that progress completely reversed and told you won't be able to play him again at those levels, in your gear, for 1-2 months UNLESS you pay another 40 dollars... I can honestly say I haven't been that pissed in a long time. I did put in a ticket, came to the forums, and linked this thread on SoE's FB. I really felt it was my best avenue to voice my discontent, and like I said earlier, it was probably the best way to get their attention

    I can see from the lack of new posts here that the batches they did last night probably fixed everyone minus those of us that logged in basically right after it happened and got bad responses from CS before Piestro got involved and canceled.

    That being said, thank you Piestro for taking care of so many so fast. I am very happy EQ has you.

    I am currently still lvl 90, waiting for a response on my ticket.
  18. Vexus New Member

    It's ridiculously hard to check account status of when the pre-order was cancelled. Please hold tight until you can be assisted, Veridic. Kappa.
  19. Azuki New Member

    This is kinda a good example of reacting with a rage-cancel is NOT a good way of handling it. (Not saying YOU did, Azuki, just in general.)
    I wouldn't call it rage-cancel, it was more of an excuse to not play anymore. I was literally back one month after a 3 year hiatus. I started back in late '99 with one account. 10 years later I had 8 accounts a wife, 2 boys, job, mortgage and bills. Main reason I quit was it was impossible to raid anymore and 8x$15.00 is a bit of coinage.

    Another reason is my wife keeps asking me "why are you playing this game again" and she also gets instant alerts when the CC is used and I have to deal with that.

    I consider myself a casual player now, but there are times when I can't wait to get online when I get home and sometimes I online for hours. When I could be spending more time with my wife and our 2 boys.

    I'm glad the community has CSR Piestro and the way he's handling the situation. Big Thumbs Up to Piestro.
  20. Cendar New Member

    There are a few ways to check whether someone preordered. IF they have a character above level 91 and doen't ovn VOA. If they have a character about 96 and don't own rof. Or if they have a character with unusable equipment.

    Also, you account has all of your transactions on it with an transaction number available on it. If you want to get humous about it, if you went on this forum and raged thats a pretty good way to tell who preordered. It appears that Sony people aren't working today. And Piestro reported that he doesn't know the status of people that preordered, raged at their characters being unplayable and then reordered when people were given access. In fact, he blamed one person for doing so if I recall. Guess youll find out Monday!)

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