Predictions World Firsts / WORLD RECORDS broken (Kunark Edition)

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  1. TheGoblin Lorekeeper

    So who were the other 2? You go off on Rampage and then Toxic Few for taking rampage, but you lead off saying 4.

    I only saw EQ Baby and Rampage. And Rampage quit like 2 weeks in. So in reality, it's been 2+ months with no race.
  2. Imdead Augur

    Praedam was a guild that recruited as a Batphone guild.
  3. Imdead Augur

    And there was a fourth, I looked at all of them when I joined the server and was surprised by how many there were cause yeah, it's rare. It's possible I'm just thinking of when the American's left Rampage and joined Toxic few and thought they'd try challenging TEQ again and that lasted about a week.

    Regardless, this isn't anything new for a TLP. TL/AoS/Faceless/RI/TEQ have all resoundly stomped their competition into submission and especially with AoC's people have very low tolerance for responding to batphones with no rewards for their efforts.
  4. Gynek Lorekeeper

    If they keep it quiet, then for all intents and purposes, I'm still first. I'll compare achieves with anyone who wants to say they were first instead.

    Though I doubt any person would come forward because, if they were before me, they prolly warped to the NPC in a DZ, I don't see how anyone could fairly be much faster.
  5. Crackers Elder

    What I don't understand is how is throwing 100+ toons at anything a competition. The zerg isn't a skilled set of players. That's just throwing bodies at a mob that you didn't need that many to begin with. Sure, there is some thought process in how you build your raid groups, but anyone with any real raiding experience can build effective groups.

    They're incapable of actually competing in any fashion that doesn't involve them being completely hated by the rest of the server. It's not envy, or jealousy, or lack of skill by anyone else. You win by being worse human beings than the other people just trying to enjoy pixels and escape from the realities of our real world right now.

    I mean congrats to those of you who think you're something special in that regard with "World records"....So far you haven't set any of those in Kunark, and setting one on a server during classic with a higher exp return than many of the prior servers isn't exactly impressive. That's like saying you set a world record in the 100m dash but they shortened the track for you.
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  6. Machen Augur

    Having 100+ bodies to throw IS the competition. It's been that way for every TLP since Ragefire. Players that want to compete don't want to lose, so they congregate together, thereby eliminating any possiblity of losing (and also eliminating any actual competition.)
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  7. Maze Elder

    This is the stuff someone who is still level 54 after 40 hours says.
  8. Machen Augur

    Lol. I've been in the guilds that won on more than one of those TLP's.
  9. Imdead Augur

    This thread should be renamed to Hicks vs Aradune.
  10. Crackers Elder

    You couldn't compete with a wet paper sack. And who says I'm not already 60?
  11. Rizlowned Lorekeeper

  12. Ishbu Augur

    Having more random unskilled bodies is not a competition. Competitions are fair and structured. Bringing more bodies than a raid even allows is not at all in the spirit or definition of a competition.

    If someone needs to win those pixels for some other character they have probably never even grouped with to feel good, more power to them and most of us really dont care, good for them, but dont come here and pretend thats a competition.

    To even have a competition to start we need actual content, not things that were done years ago and power creeped into a trivial state. Any idea of an actual competition on these TLPs is just fragile ego at play
  13. Machen Augur

    Generally, the people in the top guild on each server are not "random unskilled bodies." Often it is the most skilled players on the server, or at least many of them. Certainly it is the ones that are skilled enough and experienced enough to know how the game works and what it takes to win. I can't speak for Aradune, or That's EQ Baby, other than knowing some of them from previous TLP's. But I've never seen the case where a guild won any competition by throwing lots of awful players at content.
  14. Rizlowned Lorekeeper

    come on guys. stahp it.
  15. k e v o h New Member

    "But I've never seen the case where a guild won any competition by throwing lots of awful players at content." - Machen

    Hi Machen,

    This is a bold face lie and you know it. Half of the people in every AOS/Faceless/TL/Rosengard wtv acronym guilds that I have been in or played against over the years are just like any other since the advent of MOTM: Fill the raid+more.

    There is no point to small teams any longer because of the way MOTM works. The less people you have the more of a disadvantage you're at. I'm sure there are many ways to remedy this but alas, this ship has sailed into the sunset decades ago and their only solution is "Flex Tape" the sinking ship that is "balance" on TLPs.

    Until then, we will continue to fill our raids with warm bodies. We will reward the few strong core that have brains and do their jobs well as you stated and throw scraps to the dudes who show up to help us do those things.


    A guy thats been in nearly every big zerg guild since Phinny too.
  16. Machen Augur

    They all certainly have their share of players that weren't cream of the crop. But most of the awful players are still trying to level long after the competition is over. You have to be at least good enough to get to max level fairly quickly to be relevant.

    Also weird you should put Rosengard on that list. Rosengard wasn't one of those top end competitive guilds and has never tried to be.
  17. Lionari Elder

    Who cares which guild gets a server first kill? It's like racing people across crosswalks. You'd have to be an ultra autist to even sign up for such a challenge.
  18. AtabishiWoW Augur

    Exp rate is pretty irrelevant, especially in Kunark. In classic it matters more relatively speaking, but if you compare say phinny exp rate to Aradune exp rate in classic it adds about 1 day of time to your race. Which didn't ultimately matter since we beat it by 3 days. In Kunark the bottleneck is keys, not levels, so even if you dramatically slowed the exp rate the result is the same. All of the changes they have made from Phinny all the way to the current TLP Aradune though, has significantly increased the amount of time required to finish an expansion like Kunark. No focus effects, 2 box limit, charm pet nerfs, changes to keying which actually make the keying process during the race harder (its easier for casuals long term), no charms in VP, etc makes the Aradune kunark race arguably the hardest Kunark race in the AoC era TLP's.

    Also saying there is no competition is just a reflection of salt and is definitively false depending on what you mean. If we are talking relative to any AoC server Phinny and beyond, Aradune has had the most competition of any AoC server in terms of number of players/guilds competing. So to say Aradune has no competition in that regard, then there has never been competition on any AoC server and it becomes a mute point. However if you mean there is no competition in terms of no one currently has been able to beat us, then sure there is no competition.
  19. PVPme Augur

    Lol "race"
  20. PVPme Augur

    Can't "lose the race" if we all team up in a mega zerg guild. You blue players never stop making me laugh. Win that "race" boy!

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