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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by bazinga, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. Ofearl Augur

    I cant wait to read about how people cant /claim their crap for the next 6 weeks... when they should know by now they cant get it till the expansion is live...
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  2. Qbert Gallifreyan

    Well, except . . . you can claim the rock garden, at least.
  3. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Yeah the preorder bonus they actually give is a nothing item. I know it has no effect whatsoever on whether I preorder or not and that should be the point of it. A preorder bonus should actually encourage you to preorder.

    If they said today "Sorry we have to cancel the preorder bonus" I wouldn't care. Of course some would whine just to whine but I would rather have a bonus exp potion then a housing item.

    I would say if creating the preorder bonus took even 5 minutes that it was a 5 minutes better spent on something else.

    How many people haven't even placed the previous housing items? I haven't placed any of them.

    Ok... thats enough whine for me today it's going to my head :)
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  4. Zamiam Augur

    I agree , an XP pot would of been better pre-order option..

    and slightly off topic .. but why cant you make all xp pots in Marketplace Heirloomable ? also for the umpteenth time I sure would like my clicky to CR and Brells rest Heirloomable or re-purchasable in the marketplace .. come on DB
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  5. So Happy Augur

    Last week I placed a Hive of the Bixie that came with one expac I bought, ages ago.
  6. segap Augur

    That's a free rent house with extra storage. It has utility if you need to hoard stuff. The housing item fluff items have no utility. While there are a few people that spend time decorating (in which case, their tastes are peculiar), most people I know just using housing as storage space.

    Now, if the rock garden was given the storage crate attribute, that would have had value at no extra cost to develop it.
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  7. Rickate Augur

    Pre-Order starts with TSS and ends with TDS. PoR there is a Warhouse Mount as a bonus for purchasing a physical copy of the game. TSS is the first EQ expansion that doesn't have an option to purchase a physical copy. Pre-Purchase begins with TBM but whoever makes the expansion page isn't concerned with accuracy and players generally parrot the incorrect term.

    TSS Pre-Order: Scepter of Draconic Calling, CR port
    TBS Pre-Order: Aviak Spirit Totem, placeable and faction modifier
    SoF Pre-Order: Gnomish Steamfists, jump click
    SoD Pre-Order: Qeynos Shield of Foundation, placeable and faction modifier
    -SoD also offers previous items, my RaF account has physical box rewards from this

    UF Pre-Order is a week of access prior to official release if you complete 3 in game quests
    HoT Pre-Order and/or Collector's Edition: Wailing Mercenary Contract, banshee merc
    VoA Pre-Order 1: Resplendent Sword Ornamentation
    VoA Pre-Order 2: Painting: Original EverQuest Box Art

    RoF Pre-Order 1: Harbinger's Staff, City of Bronze port
    RoF Pre-Order 2: Fear Corrupted Phase Spider Metamorph Totem, pet illusion
    RoF ?Pre-Order?: Collector's Dimensional Case, 40 slot, shinies only
    -claim window says RoF Pre-Order, website only lists two Pre-Order items

    CotF Pre-Order: Vestments of the Forsaken, merc BP (Hive is Collector's)
    TDS Pre-Order is 2 weeks of access prior to official release if you are All Access
    TBM Pre-Purchase: Shroud of the Bokon, illusion

    And the current iteration:
    EoK Pre-Purchase: Ganak Monument, housing item
    RoS Pre-Purchase: Veeshan's Ever-Burning Sigil, housing item
    TBL Pre-Purchase: Mearatas Rock Garden, housing item

    Beta access will most likely always be the primary pre-purchase carrot unless they have tiered pre-purchase. There is essentially no value in encouraging Dec 9th vs Dec 11th purchases. They could offer something like order TBL on Black Friday or earlier and receive a Geonid Illusion so they receive some financial benefit but most likely it will be Sunrise Hills "Pre-Order" items until EQ is sunset.
  8. Abyzou New Member

    it is very disappointing almost as disappointing as bonus exp days becoming so rare and not even 100% bonus when we do get them just seems greedy to me, we have supported this game for nearly 20 years one would think we would be treated better over time not worse
  9. So Happy Augur

    I never really paid attention to housing before but that Hive is amazing. It looks kind of bleh on the outside but that changes when you go in and look around. And yes, I ran out of space for all my crap so it is quite handy.
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  10. Dropfast Augur

    As someone who could care less about hats, it's getting quite annoying. Hats are a niche thing that only few enjoy. As well as house items... I would give my left arm for an Illusion though >< So many awesome models in this game. Or a port click, or a cool click buff, anything besides a hat :(
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  11. Sobmre Augur

    Look people, as sad as it is they just don't care what we are all saying. We literately ask for things we want and suggest things we would like and get the opposite in many of ways.

    same thing happened to H1Z1.

    They just don't care is the sad reality

    so everyone go back to farming tradeskills or hunter names, pay your monthly fee and be quiet because no one is listening really.
  12. Qbert Gallifreyan

    I don't even claim them since they are a one-time only thing, and I always think I'll want it on some other character in the future. If they were a 999 claim item . . . I'd use 'em (or if having pre-ordered opened up the item for sale on one of those special vendors in the housing zone).
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  13. McDougal Augur

    Bixie house is awesome. So is the Evantil tree. Housing zones are deserted. Why so stingy with these electronic gifts?
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  14. Beggly Augur

    I agree with the lackluster lower tier rewards. Of course, back in the day, there were no rewards, but the expansions were usable by everyone pretty much from the get go. If they don't step up with better advanced stuff, I'm going to consider not bothering to pay the high price of these expansions, especially for the Collector edition.
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  15. Tatanka Augur

  16. Horyuken Augur

    The rock garden is used in a few zones, it's not even something they made for a bonus, it's a reused texture. Could have at least flagged it as some type of trophy and given it some stats for people who pre-ordered.
  17. Bobokin Augur

    When one goes to pay for the expansion, it still says they will get the pre-order bonus. Until the game no longer says that, it is fraud to not give it to players paying for the expac.
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  18. Angahran Augur

    IMO hosing stuff in general is a waste.
    I have dozens of paintings that just take up space.
    No, if all the paintings were actually teleports to the locations that would be cool.
    Same with the rock garden, make it a teleport item.
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  19. Endaar Augur

    I bought the CE for the port clicky, carpet, and large bag. The clicky has a long-reuse on it, a similar carpet is available via /ach, and the coin merchant sells a similar bag. Definitely feeling like the CE was a waste, but as others have noted at least it's helping to support the game. I do feel like a CE should offer something more unique.
  20. Kindred Journeyman

    FWIW, I got a hoodie and a t-shirt and numerous in game goodies as bonus content for one of my recent game purchases. (not eq)

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