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  1. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    if you obsess about every little stat change they incur, i can see it being annoying. Mostly its pop a PS in and forget about it, not really a big deal.
  2. snailish Augur

    I'm not anti-crafting in the post.

    I'm against hiding a consumable onto gear in an unituitive way in respects to the game's prior structure, when we already had a solid consumable system with potions, food/drink and I suppose some of the goofier charged clicky things that can be made that someone may argue aren't a potion (but kind of function the same).

    Powersources impact the way they design the gear. It's an unnecessary way of what could have just been a new type of potions that overwrote each other. Nothing to do with the gear... just watch that one buff slot for your "powersource" buff benefit.

    And as I said in the post... if they can't be abandoned/orphaned/sunsetted to work on other things them craftable makes sense to me.
  3. Aurastrider Augur

    I think the biggest issue is they abandoned the original concept having, crafted, farmed, group merchant and raid merchant ones if I recall correctly these were all options in TBS when they were released over a decade ago. Having different options available is always good. Personally I just use the crafted ones and don't bother farming the mob drop ones. I can make a stack in less time than it takes me to travel to a zone and hope to get one.
  4. shimmer New Member

    Frustrating subject.
    When I was younger I had all the time in the world to camp for drops such as power sources. Now I have job that is demanding of my time and a family I want to interact with, so I have limited time to play - yet I foolishly still want to play EverQuest.
    I did TDS progression to get into Combine Dredge. Have camped there on and off and have never had a PS drop. I would like the benefits power sources confer, however it doesn't seem worth spending multiple days worth of playtime trying to get one to drop.
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  5. Khaliss Augur

    I suggested this on another thread... but DBG needs to open up TDS zones up till Combine Dredge without having to do progression. It would make it a lot easier to find groups and obtain PS orbs!

    Changing game mechanics is always a controversial move, and can easily "break" things. Opening up TDS zones would be the easiest way for DBG to fix this issue... the content is over 4 years old, it's about time they allow us casual players to explore the expac.
  6. Angahran Augur

    Would love to see TS option to take 10 depleted PS and make into 1 new PS.
    As it is now when I get 10 depleted metal I run to Katta, sell them and buy 1 new one.
  7. Triconix Augur

    At the very minimum the Xorbb PS should be crafted. It's a huge compromise if Ngreth added it as craftable as it's not all that powerful anymore plus it's what like 7 years old now? The TBS ones are very outdated now to use as a daily. We're talking 13 expansions ago at this point. Essentially half the span of EQ's life.Preferably, I would like to see the Xorbb and TDS ones as craftable as they are 4-5 years old now with RoS staying status quo. You need to go out to farm these for that extra boost in stats.
  8. Khaliss Augur

    DBG... just open up TDS zones up to Combine Dredge, then call it a day =) SIMPLE!
  9. Tarvas Augur

    What is the net gain from the best power source with 100% purity?
  10. roth Augur

    You can see the 100% Purity stats it offers on it nowadays man. Pick one and look.
  11. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    Pshaw! People don't want to spend that couple hours!
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  12. Tarvas Augur

    Yeah, no kidding. The point I was making is the juice is hardly worth the squeeze of deliberately going after them, but I guess every little bit etc.
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  13. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    Quality film reference right there, eh.
  14. Khaliss Augur

    The point is, TDS is an old expac that nobody really wants to group up and visit anymore. So how can newer or ill-equipped players (who want to get entry-level powersources) get a group to go there and do the progression? Even if I finished the progression on my own, and flagged to get to those TDS zones that drop powersources, I can't expect other flagged-players (from many years ago) to go with me to help me farm said powersources?
  15. enclee Augur

    Or the Devs could just treat power sources like every equipment slot and add it to the current expansion via drop and vendor.
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  16. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    TDS was 5 expansions ago. All the named are trivial solo+merc at 110. If you are dying in TDS, farming powersources should be on the back burner, as you probably need more levels/gear/AA
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  17. Khaliss Augur

    exactly, the expac is 5 years old... so why is it a big deal if the higher tier TDS zones get opened up for everyone? Powersources will still make a difference for players that have so-so gear/AAs, so if they have access to that earlier, it will help them survive better in RoS & TBM... casual players have ranted how hard TBM is, would u rather have the players who purchased TBM not experience the zones at all and let them get stuck in older zones to gain more gear/AAs? This way, people won't have to ask DBG to re-tune the new expac... just give them better accessibility for stuff that'll help them out like powersources.
  18. Coagagin Guild house cat


    Understand the statement but power sources (PS) have become such a mainstay or crutch depending on how you view them that not having at least a 100 or 110 level crafted source feels near criminal at this point. Sorry about the run on here.

    The player based is asking for one of three things, depending on perspective: One a buy-able or more drop-able source in TBL; Two, a trade skill recipe to make an up to date PS; or three, a buy-able substitute from a vendor.

    Everyone looks for an edge in game and will invest many hours into farming these items to maintain that security blanket be in place. Never heard anyone beg to have reduced abilities or stats because they needed a challenge. If someone has they've likely already left the game in search of such challenges.

    This is one of those things sitting on the back development burner too long, please remedy.
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  19. svann Augur

    Honestly, some names I struggle with and die to when I try to molo. Full aas and then some. So I box my wizard (so 2 healer mercs) and it becomes close to trivial. Some other classes probably have it easier. I really dont think its realistic to expect most people to do that.
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  20. Aurastrider Augur

    I am not advocating against them I am advocating for them as long as they keep crafting relevant in the process. Personally I like consumable crafted items but maybe it's just me.