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  1. Frogmancer Augur

    So, does someone have thoughts on the most effective way to bribe Ngreth to make power sources crafted? Because farming them is an exercise in frustration - we've been in HS for 15 hours and gotten four powersources. Three of the relatively useless "Enchanted Dragon Scale"s and one "Cliff Stone" (which went to the tank that can't use it yet). None of the "Magma Stone" that we're actually here for.

    I would even take power sources being added to the group vendor. But the RNG farming for consumables is unpleasant...
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  2. roth Augur

    I dont really want to see them added to a vendor.

    But I would love to see them added via tradeskills. Shouldn’t we at least know how to make the Xorbb’s Caged Hatred yet? If not a TDS or higher powersource?
  3. Jondalar Augur

    Anything is better than what's happening now.
  4. enclee Augur

    I just wish they'd be removed or just made to be permanent. Power sources have never really been embraced as an equipment slot. They're barely ever upgraded from expansion to expansion. I've never liked it since TBS.

    If any one of those seem unreasonable just add them back to a vendor like the original TBS ones.
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  5. svann Augur

    TDS PS is next to trivial to obtain. If the TS PS isnt better than that then Id say forget about it.

    edit: if the devs dont like PS then maybe they should just add the relevant stats to class gear and leave that slot off.
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  6. segap Augur

    I'd be for being able to combine a used one with trade skill mats (perhaps a combination of several ros drops) to make a new powersource that is perhaps 90% of a dropped one. Another option is to have something like 4 recharged versions. Each time you combine one, the newly crafted one is 5% less powerful. The 80% version would not be combinable. Either way, the dropped ones should be best and preferable. But players would have options. Percentages are just examples.

    I'd also be fine if they were phased out next expansion. Just add the stats to the next round of gear and remove the purity. Chances are, that would reduce some of the memory footprint that Ngreth keeps mentioning when turning down ideas. Simplify the gear. While at it, also change charms to be like every other slot and not have some special scaling based on whatever whim comes up any given expansion.
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  7. Aurastrider Augur

    As a crafter I can get behind making a new crafted version but eliminating them from the game I cant get behind. The older crafted ones are still viable and not difficult to make assuming you can craft them. Even if you cant craft them there are usually some in the bazaar or enough crafters online who will make them for you. Consumable crafted gear that is useful and needed is already scarce enough as it is from a crafters perspective.
  8. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    I would get behind eliminating the weakest TS'd powersources in favor of being able to craft the latest.
  9. Aurastrider Augur

    Eliminating them or just making them vendor available? Taking things out of the recipe books is generally a bad idea. It would devalue the materials needed to make them, lower the availability of recipes for artisan prize progression for those who have not done it, and while I don't care all that much about TLP land it would require more developer code to keep these relevant on the TLP servers in era while changing it on live. This seems like a lot of developer hours to simply "remove" them vs placing them on a vendor and leaving the recipes alone or better just making a new crafted version and leaving it at that.
  10. Drakang Augur

    I still use the crafted metal ones a lot. Its only for harder fights I put in the new ones. And VP has a higher drop rate than other zones. Can be pain to move around once your faction is shot. But still much higher chance killing named in VP.

    But would love to see a way to recharge the new ones even if its not an easy thing
  11. Mintalie Augur

    After months of trying (yes, literally months), I finally had my first Magma Stone drop in Howling Stones yesterday. I would say out of 60-80 hours of camping, I had a total of 7 or 8 of the other miscellaneous ones drop.

    10-ish hours invested for one powersource is insane. I burned through two of my old powersources just to get one Magma Stone.

    At least with the older powersources you knew which named dropped which type. That was infinitely better. I would estimate 2-3 hours per powersource, at most. This is a much, much, much more reasonable amount of time investment.

    Just comparing apples to apples, it's 4-5 times more of a time investment just to get a random powersource and not necessarily the one you want.

    From that perspective, it's ludicrous that the drop rate on these is so tiny.

  12. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    It is easier to just farm TDS to stock up. Degmar has 5 named with 8 PH I can easily hold down before respawn, I stock up my caster PS there and save ROS PS for special occasions
  13. Frogmancer Augur

    I know it is, but that doesn’t really address the issue at hand. Degmar (and Caverns, Thuliasaur, and Dredge) are still progression gated - if you happened to have missed TDS, you can’t farm TDS powersources.

    There isn’t a Sunshard Ore equivalent of the Magma Stone or the Combine Power Shard. I used Growth orbs when I still used them because they gave the most HP, but without heroics, all the stats that aren’t AC are pretty useless. Metal remains okay for tanks, but the More recent power sources are objectively superior and, currently, inordinately difficult to obtain. I stand by my suggestion that they be made craftable or purchasable from the group vendor. I would gladly farm RoS missions to be able to purchase power sources, if making them crafted isn’t acceptable.
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  14. segap Augur

    Why would anyone waste a powersource in group content? They're not needed at all for group content. Honestly, they're not needed most of the year for raid content either.

    A big problem with the TDS system was some people got good zones to farm them in, while others got crappy zones no one wanted to spend time in. To top it off, the most tolerable zone (Combine Dredge) also has the best named density making the camps that much better. Tanks had it best, followed by casters (a few decent camps), then melee dps (very sparse named distribution), then healers at the bottom.

    Of all the RoS powersources I had drop, there was a fairly even distribution between tank, melee dps and healer ones. Caster was the one I saw the fewest of. RNG seemed to work fairly well. Guild mates seemed happy to call out drops for people's raiding mains to loot and people returned the favor.
  15. snailish Augur

    Some of us don't like the consumable equipment direction at all. (potions, and food/drink cover that well enough).

    I see the logic in them being craftable from a tradeskiller/economy perspective, if they remain.

    I'd rather dev time be used to just abandon this "feature" and spend the time in the future elsewhere.
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  16. taliefer Augur

    powersources are one of the reasons i dont play live, and stop shortly after a TLP makes it to more modern eq. its an overall small, annoying thing, but i just dont like even the concept, and dont think they are implemented all that well either.
  17. Petalonyx Augur

    Not sure if you noticed, but TBL is widely regarded as difficult group content. My group experience has been totally filled with near wipes and narrow wins, numerous purple club events, and numerous battle rez recoveries. This is the EXACT situation whwre powerstones, cliff stones in particular make a huge difference.

    I'm happy to have "wasted" the power sources in group content, as they've effectively doubled my success in terms of missions, trials, loot, and exp by preventing total wipes.

    I still have some saved up from HS/Goro. Not looking forward to running out of good power
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  18. Tatanka Augur

    I don't understand this at all. So, just don't use powersources. I never have. It's not that big of a deal, unless you're really pushing the envelope. And if you're doing that (pushing the envelope), then you should love powersources.
  19. Aurastrider Augur

    As a crafter I have to disagree with this logic. I don't raid but I would never say "hey stop wasting time on raid content". Crafting has been fundamental to this game from day one. Being responsible for consumables has been here since day one. The fact that people don't like having to replace items is fine but at the same time they should not be upset if they no longer get the benefits when they neglect to replace them. Consumable crafted items is the bread and butter of some tradeskills such as poison, alchemy, baking, brewing and pottery to a certain degree. Getting rid of the consumable system would effectively kill all of these and make them rather useless. Some players actually enjoy crafting items and would like a system that has some reward for their time invested whether it be via personal power gains from items made or potential profits from items sold.
  20. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Not true. The content is mostly soloable now. just do your TDS progression...

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