Power leveling 85-110 spots or tricks

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  1. aozs Elder

    What's the power leveling "meta" like these days for 85-110? DS works well for 1-85, if you don't want to buy a heroic character, and 110-115 I'd assume is ToV progression.

    Is the best way to go around with a group of 115s murdering lower level (EoK, RoS) zones? Are there other good strategies? What are generally seen as the best spots?

    As a boxer who likes trying new things I've leveled a lot of characters. My standard strategy is to take my main group (war brd shm rog bst pal) as a start, swap in the PLee(s), and head to EoK Droga for some nonstop killing. I've tried GMM and ToV spots but nothing matches the raw kill speed in Droga (400-500 mobs/hr). However, I'm getting real sick of the spin stuns so I was wondering what other folks tend to do.
  2. Tour Augur

    Sathir’s Tomb has very good mob density; easy to park box group and chain pull.
  3. Chaosflux Augur

    FM to 108 ST to 110 is what I do on Miragul (110 capped) takes me about 10 11 hours generally do it in 1 shot.

    With 115 characters id guess that time would be halved atleast.

    400 - 500/hour seems abit low tho for 115 characters? Thats about what we were doing leveling from 105 to 110 when ROS dropped pushing around 1m to 1.2m combined group DPS.
  4. Tucoh Augur

    I don't know of any good way to bring 85s to 110. I generally prefer to use fellowship vitality to level them up while focusing on something else.

    All the areas mentioned in this thread are fine, none are that much better than others for your group because if you're just leveling one scrub in-group you're limited largely by mob density, other players and how quickly you can move around, not kill speed. FM / ST are standout because it has very high mob density. FM soooo booooring though.
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  5. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Get a 110-115 Ranger, go to FM, kill Sarnaks at one of the forts. Burn lesson, buy some xp potions when lesson is down. This is the fastest way I've ever done it. Two Rangers is even better. Headshot is the way.
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  6. Zarkdon Elder

    Korsha Lab is an amazing zone to go from 85-105/6 if you have a box group. The sarnak death aura is rough if your characters are super undergeared, but buffed heroic characters survive just fine.
  7. Tucoh Augur

    I brought in some heroics to burn their fellowship xp in Korsha while I was camping some stuff, was miserable and hilarious. Had to be very careful about the death aura.
  8. aozs Elder

    Cool, thanks for the inputs, I guess the zone slaughtering approach is the way to go and it's mostly a matter of finding the right hunting grounds.

    It is low, the main group sustains around 2.3m in max level content. Tucoh's pointed it out, but more specifically the lower kill rate is due to boxing limitations:

    -Moving around is slow and cumbersome with 5 chars on autofollow, making big pulls difficult. Alternatively, pulling back to camp wastes a ton of time if parking boxes somewhere instead of roaming
    -Every spin stun grinds everything to a halt for the same reason. Same with the spider slows on the lead char
    -Target switching lag is a big issue, Droga mobs die in 2-3 sec if everyone is hitting the same thing, but when it takes 2-3 sec just to get everyone targeting the same mob, effective dps drops a lot
    -Also depends on who I swap out, I've done up to 3 PLees at a time

    Time-wise it's around 5 hrs for 85-110 for a single PLee with FV bonus exp, so I guess that kinda tracks.

    I'm thinking I'll check out ST or HS next time I go through this activity and see how it stacks up.
  9. Windance Augur

    I agree that Sathir's Tomb is my go to spot for PL'ing.

    It has excellent mob density/mob level/difficulty, but is kind of a PITA to get to.

    At 110 Droga was a good zone, but at 115 the mobs are all light blue which drops your XP/kill down the drain. Yes they are easier and you kill faster but the difference just didn't make it worth while for me.

    All of the TBL zones have the same problem. Even mearatas has about 1/3 of the zone light blue.

    I hated GMM so I didn't even both trying there.

    Kael, GD , and WW all seem about the same rate as ST. Maybe a little slower but not by a large margin.
  10. Sissruukk Rogue One

    Or a rogue. I take people to Fort Syldon and do my thing there with assassinate. I have a spot that is safe for people to sit at and tell them not to assist me in any way because I don't have aggro control. Other than that, it works perfectly well.
  11. Sobmre Augur

    crystal caverns, geodes, spiders and terrors camp
  12. Bigstomp Augur

    I have not actually tried it or timed it but HA's tend to be easier mobs than the static zones yet give great xp per mob without the nerfs that were applied to CoTF because deadhills was so brokenly easy.
    EoK had some pretty mob dense HA's off of scorched woods if I recall correctly.
  13. Chaosflux Augur

    Big same

    I flip between the 2 forts up that way and the trash mobs surrounding that area, pull to area between the forts, pull the entire fort at once, Beam it down with my mage and pop traps/cycle dot with necro, pull the other one, iirc if you kill everything in that area on repop, its north of 600 mobs an hour (v fast repop, 300s ), can also pull trees to there and goblins to add another significant # of mobs/hour if you are really just giving er. Its easiest (since OP has warrior) just have tank go grab 30 or 40 at a crack pull to 1 centralized (w/ bard speed), melt em, then go pull more. Since everything is relatively close by and they run fast fast (about velocity 60?) It keeps pull time down. Pull tines usually about a minute/90s once you get used to it and a good rhythm going.

    Have your boxes setup in 1 spot, pull to 1 spot to minimize micromanagement, this will vastly streamline the effort you need to input to maximize results, then just cycle through pile with rogue/warrior, use whatever AEs you have (sham beam/rain, rakes ramp) to expedite the melt.

    Id guess with 115 warrior you could probably pull way more at once, but at 110 I keep pulls to basically 1 fort/pull or I can get wrekt.

    No spin stun unless you run out of mobs and have to pull gobos, no autofollow because that digs into efficiency when boxing, just mountains of sarnak corpses and trees. I tried alot of different spots because I usually got stuck PLing people or returning members of my guild, as far as throughput its highest I've found just due to sheer mob density and the very very fast repop rate.

    It is definitely not like exhilarating or the most fun in the world but it works really well for just getting it done.