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  1. Nylrem Augur

    I gotta bite, as has been said, just cuz, and of course all is very subjective.

    best dang necro ever seen: Vivamort, may his retired butt be loving life
    Magician: Hostility - taught me so much. Aumeldarie for being first magician in a lower tier guild to consistently out parse me and shrinking my big head. Piemastaj & Wire, even though never met or played with either, their posts in Magetower and chats in magician serverwide years ago actually taught me all the basics when began raiding. Can never thank them enough for that.
    Wizard: Naugrin overall, even though Renotaki kickin his butt on parses now :)
    Paladin: Lasaman. Love ya man!
    Beastlord: Kingbeast - crazy good beastlord. Hope he still doing well
    Enchanter: Lannin - as a mainchange, still best enchanter have ever raided with.
  2. Drogba Augur

    if you can talk someone into playing the role of camera man, i'll do it just to get a gold star from you.
  3. Yendar Augur

    Gathu - Shaman in xegony
  4. Bronut Augur

  5. RPoo Augur

    Reminds me of this conversation:

    G tells the fellowship, 'beef wellington is better than sex'
    K tells the fellowship, 'shut your dirty pally hole'
    E tells the fellowship, 'More readily available for me lol'
    G tells the fellowship, '/shrug suit yourself'
    G tells the fellowship, 'when you're done living a lie ill show you the light'
    You say to your fellowship, 'it's ok K he obv hasn't experienced sex with me'
    G tells the fellowship, 'haha'
    G tells the fellowship, 'damnit i cant top that'
    K tells the fellowship, 'better not'
    E tells the fellowship, 'Yeah, just let that one go heh'
  6. Piemastaj Augur

    Another issue with this type of thing is, you have some players in guilds for 5+ years so a good portion of the population can only take a guess if the person is good or not based on posts. With that said (and already sort of proven) most people will just go down their guild roster. Outside of 1 or 2 outliers, people assume they have the best of X class because they see them compared to others in their guild.

    It would be a little bit more telling if we had a global parsing system like WoW where we could get better data to prove X player is the best at Y fight. Yes it does not prove the group game or overall event mechanics, but it would at least have some data behind the assumption.

    Honestly, too many good players to make a concise list for much of the same reasons already listed.
  7. Elkar Headhunter Lorekeeper

    The OP asked who the best player "you" ever saw or grouped/raided with was. Not who the best in the game is. For the many reasons listed and some not listed that would be kind of hard to determine I think.
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  8. Proximoe Journeyman

    Wow, what was all that one in a million talk?!
  9. Aldren Champion

    What does that have to do with anything? It was an inside joke.
  10. Monkman Augur

    Really only one way to solve this thread.

    Best of the Best tournament 2020
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  11. Elkar Headhunter Lorekeeper

    Already won one of these and all I got was the plat pot. 8(
  12. RPoo Augur

    My list turned into more of a raid set up dream team. Not only for their impressiveness in my personal interactions with them but also their general attitude, knowledge and how they present it, their contributions to the game and more, a lot of people deserve their share of recognition.

    Bard: Stanza, Illuminai
    Berzerker: Rebel, TrolzolCandypants
    Beastlord: Eyezing, Puzzling
    Cleric*: Lanlastone, Kizziwizziwoo
    Druid: Fehu, Tobynn, Titaan
    Enchanter: Renaii, Gotcharms, Silv
    Magician: Sancus, Hostility
    Monk:Tolkeen, Crouching
    Necromancer: Robnie
    Paladin: Simwean, Trosadin
    Ranger: Leppi, Patai
    Rogue: Echus, smokebane
    Shadowknight: Kizfurix, drogba, truklin, zurril, lobot, ketruh
    Shaman*: Aabacus, Larlaana, Rommuluss, Kanamori
    Warrior: Explicit, Geico/Silencer, goodurden
    Wizard: Bjpolratz, Renotaki, Beimeith, kizant
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  13. Lyquid New Member

    If all those SK are the best why do you need 6?
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  14. kizant Augur

    If people could get over the fear of being nerfed we probably could build an app for uploading parses and doing some analysis. It could be good to compare individual players or average for an entire class and keeping a history. We could see how over 3 expansions that 1 class has had X increase while another has had Y. Really anything you can probably think of would be doable. Some of us have talked about it but figured there would never be enough buy-in.
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  15. RPoo Augur

    I must have a thing for SKs....
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  16. Tacoheals New Member

    If you put cleric : Tacoheals ill put cleric : Cadira … deal?
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  17. Belkar_OotS Augur

    I have a small handful of people I would stick against the best of the best. But the bigger shout out to the few who I think did more for the game than many others.

    Beimeith and his predecessors in Gamparse.
    Whoever made GINA.
    Gooduren for his maps and write ups and TS stuff.
    Denmother for eqtraders
    Wired for his write up on Multibinding opened up the world for my boxing effectiveness. (His was the oldest I had seen, but I found one later on goberserker).

    RoI leadership for changing how the top guilds think. Much more free flow of information on strategies, video posts and streams. Its less secret behind closed doors stuff that seemed to be the MO before.

    My own guild leaders and people I well respected. Kiras, Powerful, Lianeb, Drakang. A few others who were great players and teachers. Nniki, Vivamort, Kathylyn, Kizant, Enkal (by reputation).

    People on the forums who I really think bring out great information and fact correct and general FQ awesome sauce.

    Brohg, Cadira, Clarisa, Gotcharms, Kizant, Drogba and Sancus There are many more great players so no intent to slight anyone. Was trying to make this a quick post.
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  18. Tacoheals New Member

    Ranger: Squrriel
    SK: Sithsonn / Poisonwaters
    Necro: Tonyy
    Monk: Atacil or Daciks
    Bst: Eyezing
    Chant: Dethlana / Rumproast
    Mage: Jobo
    Pally: Allayna
    Shm: Slackwaters
    Wiz: Tameron
    Cleric: Cadira "Show me you... yeah" !
  19. Elyssanda Augur

    Drogba, I would happily group with you again anytime hon. =D
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  20. Belexes Augur

    There is only one I can rate for sure.

    Best ranger by extreme margins - Avory

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