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  1. Clawbird New Member

    Who's the best player you ever saw in each class? ( don't need to list out each class )
    Who are the ones you grouped with or raided with that you thought really were head and shoulders ahead of others in their class.
  2. Kolani Augur

    Bard - Sedenten or Sharma. Tossup.
    Shaman - Thraall
    Cleric - Elhana
    Rogue - Lolie
    Ranger - Uolian, before everyone knew he was using Em Cue.
    Warrior - Yethuy
    Monk - Xethux and Ssonic, can't separate them. They could separate anything though, they pulled Venril Sathir to the Dreadlands zoneline when Kunark was still current content.
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  3. Clawbird New Member

    Which Server?
  4. Kaenneth Augur

    Shaman, Grakk of Veeshan
  5. catcattank Elder

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  6. moogs Augur

    Enchanter - Fizbox
    Paladin - Denellron

    Ayonae Ro
  7. Maedhros Augur

    If youre saying folks that make elite players look average, the hyper-elite, then heres the couple recent players I've seen on the Fennin Ro and now Cazic Servers - though a few are on Xegony now.

    Enchanter - Maxxbuff - I've seen great enchanters but only ever seen one that could turn a wipe on Arx5 into a win when it was current by tanking everything, mezzing all the spectres and then topping the parse while people banner back in. Mind blowing.

    Shadowknight - Drogba - Why even bring other tanks? "Hey Drogba, mind tanking all the adds and let the rest of the knights just dps?" Drogba - "sure"

    Berserker - Foanddi - need someone to waltz in and do 15% of the total raid dps? Done.

    Ranger - Findictive - Do you need someone to top the dps parse, tank adds or top the heal parse? Hes got you covered whichever you need.

    Magician - Marquele - Throwing down parses that other mages only dream of amidst the worst nerf period in class history. Number one on the parse on Prince Selrach Di'Zok almost made me fall out of my chair.

    Wizard - Yielzen (RIP man) - Never seen anyone else be afk at the beginning of a raid, come back half way through and top the parse. Absolute savant.

    There are more that are pretty darn close, but these are the ones that stand head and shoulders above.
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  8. xethux New Member

    While I appreciate the nod, and I was damn good, and did train all the PA monks, many of them, Ssonic included surpassed my pulling skills.
  9. Cadira Augur

    SK - Sithsonn, Drogba did some cool stuff too once in a group
    Shaman - Zaggran
    Ranger - Remien
    BL - Eyezing
    Enchanter - Silv
    Mage - Razure
    Necro - Tonyy

    But I don't know a lot of people.
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  10. Parker Elder

    What a fun topic!

    Bard- Vashon (Zeb server<Dark Horizon>) He was always sorta a mythical figure for me coming up. When I finally got the chance to raid with him to compete he retired. So I prefer to keep him at demigod status above me so as to always keep chasing something unobtainable. Tremendous all around player and leader/person. (I've raided with so many great bards over the years I'd love to mention them all but this would be a novel)

    Berserker- Ragepaw (AB server <D'Pikeys>). At a point in time I think he was tops serverwide. Best attitude and results.

    Enchanter-Rodg (Zeb server <Stone>) First enchanter to show me they could outpull me by a long shot..humbled me right up.

    Paladin-Aerzen(Zeb server <Stone>) We jokingly referred to him as AAerzen because he always had a gajillion number of AAs. Besides that me and him ran a ton of Ldons together and we didn't even need to speak we just knew what the other would do and react seamlessly off another. Sadly left for WoW, wouldve loved to seen what he could have done if he stuck around.

    SK-Uddu(Zeb server<Myth Lords>) Part of a husband and wife team that let me leech off them, crazy good and efficient together. Really great times with them.

    Necro-Neyo(Zeb server) Great guy and kickbutt necro!!!

    Rogue-Feochadan(AB server<Dpikeys>) Also had the pleasure to raid with him and seeing him top or high on parses was a great thing to see.
  11. Monkman Augur

    Monk - Splos
    Sk - Zeod in the group game
    Cleric - Cadira
    Necro - Tonyy
    Beastlord - Eyezing
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  12. Scornfire Augur

    I feel like I'll offend one friend or another by genuinely participating in this, so;

    Necro: Scornfire

    Suck it
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  13. Cailen Augur

    Mage: Sancus/Ryino they tied imho
    Ber: Derresh
    Bard: Sirene
    War: Marduk back in the PoP days
    Nec: Scornfire never seen anyone even come close
    Cle: Mykaylla back when she was in HFC with me
    Ranger: Dartaniun

    for monk I'd say Lisard but he's disqualified for making a nerf enchanters post last year
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  14. Lisard Augur

    Ranger: Hi Fin <3
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  15. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    Enchanter: scornair
    Cleric: scorndeath, scornlife, scornpurgatory
    Magician: scornearth
    Bard: scorneternity
    Shaman: mehdisin, scornfauna
    Necro: scornnoob, scornfire
    SK: scornmalady
    Druid: scornverdure
    Wizard: scornwater
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  16. Forcallen Augur

  17. Ghubuk Augur

    SK - Ghubuk . (but then again, I don't weigh very much)
  18. Cailen Augur

    Quoted for truth! I learned a lot from Maxx miss the guy
  19. Ryino Elder

    Hahaha yeah over half the raid dead and Maxx tanks it all so we can rez/banner/buff. Guy was insane.
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  20. Insaneox Augur

    Bard= Stanza
    BST= Eyezing
    Berserker= Viking
    Cleric= Jaszmin
    Druid= Starshinne
    Enchanter= Renaii
    Necro= Tonyy
    Ranger= Leppi
    Rogue= Tirrasx
    SK= Mikers
    Shammy= Ziess
    Warrior= Elkar
    Wizard= Beimeith
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