Potential Zordakalicus Ragefire bug on Mischief

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Kreban, Jun 26, 2021.

  1. Kreban New Member

    The Zordak fight in Skyfire was recently fixed because of a loot bug. The human version was dropping VP/Trak loot when it wasn't supposed to be. It appears now that the impure heart is not dropping when the dragon is killed. A group of us have done the fight x2 today, along with the Ixiblat fight, and gotten 0 from either.

    Two question: 1. Has anyone else done the cleric epic as of today (June 26) and gotten an impure heart from Zordak?

    2. Has anyone gotten an impure heart today from King/Queen/Prince in Chardok, Drusella in Howling Stones, or Ixiblat in Burning Woods?
  2. ForumAccount New Member

    We have completed about 8 cleric epics on Thornblade so far.

    I don't want to spoil the "Mischief" for you...but Kithicor may have what you seek =)
  3. Kreban New Member

    That's kind of what I'm looking for. I don't want to submit a bug report if the heart is indeed still dropping. Wanted to make sure first. We've done the dark elves before, just not today. Thanks for the infos though!
  4. Kreban New Member

    Oh wait, just to make sure, some of those epics you completed today yes? Zordak was only fixed late last night or early, early this morning.
  5. Cainen Augur

    Did Zordak today 2x for cleric epics. Once he dropped the container, once he did not. As others have said, loot elsewhere for the container(we had a second container already so both clerics were able to complete the epic)

    You still need to do the pearls even if you have the container already for the turn in, so nothing really gained
  6. Atomos Augur

    Just FYI, this is still bugged, we killed Zordak today and he did not drop the container.
  7. Grenlar Journeyman

    We completed two cleric epics on Tuesday night. The first one did not drop the heart, the second one did. We both already had hearts from alternate locations. I don't believe this is a bug, I think it's working as intended for Mischief. Do other epics and you will see hearts, scrolls, etc. Along the way to finish my cleric epic, my wife got her Kedge robe (from a cleric epic mob). Just gonna have to get out there an put in a little effort.
  8. Velzira Journeyman

    I'm the Guild Leader of the guild in question here, we killed Zordak Ragefire today and got no heart. We contacted a GM and they responded that they feel it's a bug but that they aren't able to do anything about it from customer service side until it's labeled a bug officially on development side. The GM then asked us to submit /bug reports detailing the issue which we have. May we please have some official response to this that let's us know if this is working as intended or a is in fact a bug? If working as intended it severely alters the cleric epic path, but at least we will know to look for other answers instead of waiting on bug reports. Thank you for your time and patience!

    In CST timezone here is the kill message on the Mischief server, I hope this information helps someone to pinpoint the issue!

    [Thu Jul 01 12:41:40 2021] *Zordak Ragefire has been slain by Auroch!
  9. bardybard Augur

    Are you sure it is better for you to wait over hte holiday weekend when no devs are in the office instead of just going and acquiring the heart by other means like other players on Mischief have done?
  10. Velzira Journeyman

    We certainly plan to do that, however it is important for those who come after us to have an answer. Building a community takes more than thinking about yourself.
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  11. Elabone Augur

    It does not SEVERLY alter the cleric epic path. You will have King, Ixiblat, and Ragefire (plus prince and queen) for a shot at the Heart. We wanted random loot, were getting random loot. I dont mind this change at all. I loved getting My Ancient Blade off my clerics Ixiblat kill and saving me a chardok run.
  12. Atomos Augur

    Oh we're happy with random loot, except that staff had said epics weren't supposed to be affected.

    However, the fact that you can do a Cleric epic and the Heart not drop from any of the kills is a pretty big issue for an epic IMO.
  13. Lanffear Filthy Boxer

    Random loot doesn't seem to affect the other triggered epic fights in the same way. For example, triggered Miragul for paladin epic always drops the robe and head, triggered skeleton guy at the end of the monk epic always drops the fang. The triggered Ragefire seems to be the exception to this rule, which implies it is a bug and not intended.

    For royals, it makes sense that the epic pieces may/may not drop since they are open world mobs.

    I also had this happen to me when I defeated triggered Ragefire for my cleric epic. Fortunately, I already had a heart so it not dropping was not a big deal in my case.
  14. Stymie Pendragon

    Not that I doubt you, but I haven't seen this. Do you have a link? I'd like to read the whole statement they made. I must have missed it.
  15. Febb Augur

    Do these other epic encounters con as a raid con? If not, that might be why some drop their epic loot and some do not.
  16. Atomos Augur

    It was on Discord. I've tried to find the quote, but haven't been able to. Thought it was Niente that said it. This was around launch I believe, not sure if before or after. I guess it's possible the stance changed and the message was deleted.

    I think it's great for epic mobs to be on random loot, but they should still drop their quest drop 100% of the time. I'd personally have preferred pretty much everything being on random loot, some of the time required to get some quest pieces is atrocious (looking at you drama lich cap).
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  17. Dmitry Elder

    It's fairly consistent with the whole notion of mischief... the Zord Heart Box drops off the Kith forest Rogue epic mobs. We also got one off of Ixblat. Could be other places. I've also seen them auctioned.

    Also, you can skip killing Zord Rage in Skyfire now so if you get a group you can often just find him up and kill him and see if he has a box.
  18. Slaytanic1 Journeyman

    Working as intended. Mischief. Drops off Zord still but also drops off the Kith mobs.
  19. Atomos Augur

    If it was working as intended, then why do like 99% of force spawned epic mobs not work this way? That's not consistent with anything.
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  20. Accipiter Old Timer

    This is great for guilds that do a lot of epics but horrible for non-guilded folks. I only kill the mobs I need to kill for a particular epic. I don't kill 50 epic mobs a week. If the mobs don't drop the epic piece they are supposed to drop, there's no way I will be able to complete epic quests.

    I'm not complaining, I'm just letting the devs see the other side of this issue. I won't bother with epic 1.0 on Mischief because of this.