Potential Returning EQ Player Needs Advice

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Chris76, May 6, 2021.

  1. Chris76 New Member

    Hi everyone, I am in a dilemma here and need some guidance. Recently I downloaded P99 EQ and been playing because I wanted that nostalgia feeling I had from years ago. I won't lie, I got a slap in the face just how painful it is from the beginning. I am just not sure I can go that route. No map, no journal, takes forever to regen mana, UI is all funky to the point I can't play fullscreen. I just didn't realize what I was in for when I downloaded it. I am not bashing it I am just saying it probably isn't for me.

    That said, I am here asking you guys the community what kind of experience awaits me here on the supported version of eq. Now I have played EQ2 and enjoyed it mostly, I love the housing there, but I kinda wanted that EQ 1 feel without all the hardships. Or at least a minimal amount of hardships compared to P99.

    So in no particular order...
    1. Is maps supported in EQ1 to the point of at least being pointed in the right direction of quests? Is there a journal of sorts for quests here or someway to keep log of quests stuff? I am not asking for quest helper or whatnot, if I have to I would use pen and paper to track stuff.

    2. I understand housing is a thing in EQ1 but how much of it is a thing compared to EQ2? Is there lots of areas to set up a home and is there a good amount of selling/buying for furniture there? Mainly, is there any real difference between the two?

    3. If I play primarily solo I am guessing Live servers is the way to go and if I decide I want to group more play on Mangler tlp server or wait till the 27th and play on the new tlp server is best advice?

    4. I am assuming Kronos work the same way here as it does on EQ2, you sell and get plat or can buy for gametime?

    5. Are the zones like Qeynos and Freeport, Rathe Mtns, Guk, Cazic Thule, Everfrost, Lavastorm etc, more or less the same as I remember them from 20 years ago? I quit because my computer could not handle Shadows of Luclin, the one expansion after Velious. Is East commons still an area to trade like before or is the bazaar thing replaced it?

    I have a 60 necro on of the servers there but I would not pick up on that character if played there. I would make a brand new character to relearn everything. Any information you guys can help me to make a decision would be greatly helpful.

    Thank you!
  2. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Maps use
    Good's Maps Pack



    For quests tracking and info on where to go use your

    Its on the left side of your character inventory screen. You can also google everything in eq for further info and tips others have posted.

    Housing in EQ is nothing like EQII.

    Krono pretty much the same. East Freeport is a ghost town as are most of the other starting zones you remember.

    All F2P accounts now start in Cresent Reach so you have a ton of quests and stuff right there, you can still do old stuff though.

    Go thru the tutorial to get an idea. You can make a level 1 anything just to see what its about
  3. Chris76 New Member

    Oh wow so the older cities are pretty much vacant. I am guessing unless you play on a TLP?
  4. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Not sure as I did not spend much time on the tlp - just tried them out but it was not for me.

    I went back to live since it is much easier but you can still follow the same older quest lines, just much faster and easier.
  5. Hegsheoshed Augur

    Don't do it.
  6. Vumad Augur

    1) Maps are present but most of them are blank. Download Brewalls or Goods and put them in a folder in your map folder, then select that folder from the drop down menu on your map screen inside EQ. Reference Zam.com for quest information and NPC locations.

    2) Not familiar with EQ2. EQ1 has housing. Some people decorate, but there's no reason to be there so no one sees it unless they go looking for it. A lot of the housing stuff is in the DBC store, but there are furniture options in game. Mostly it's a place to cram old stuff.

    3) For solo, live vs TLP doesn't matter. If you are willing to sub, then try a TLP server and then switch to the new server on launch day. If you are not willing to sub, try a live server FTP, and then if the UI and other issues you can't stand on P99 are tolerable on live, sub and start on the new TLP on launch day.

    4) Yes

    5) From a layout point, yes, they are mostly unchanged. However from a play standpoint, they are desolate on Live servers. You are not going to be trading in the commonlands on live. TLP is likely more the experience you want. The current TLPs may seem empty when you try them, but if you jump to the new TLP when it launches and level with everyone else, you will likely find an experience close to what you are looking for.

    If you have a 60 necro on live, play some on TLP but when you are on live play the necro. You can kite while you are LFG as necro solos well, and the pet does okay with mage weapons and a cleric merc. Then once you get to 85, you can group with anyone up to L115 and you will catchup quickly. Once you are near the level cap on live, there are people to group with, especially if you find yourself a guild that fits you.

    The live servers are FTP, so you can also box there inexpensively, if that is something that interests you.
  7. Vumad Augur