Post your Box... and why you like it. (Min 3 toons)

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  1. EagleTalon99 Elder

    Warrior, Shaman, Monk, Berserker, Cleric, Bard

    It's pretty much an arch typical Melee DPS group. The berserker adds snare, which you get used to very fast. Both Warriors and Berserkers get both Rampage and Battle Leap.

    Hard to say much against a well rounded group that works well together, with each class contributing to a group that would do far less as individuals.
  2. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Beast, Shaman, Rogue

    3 classes I enjoy playing in a group, when there isn't a group around I'll box the 3. I used to box a bard and enchanter with them but I got lazy. Bard was to boost the group, the chanter was for the exp boost.

    Currently I'm not boxing anything and playing the wizzy in groups, need to level her neck and finish up her AAs. Then I will focus on the the other 3 for the rest of the year.
  3. Flatchy Court Jester

    SK, Shaman , Beast, and Bard. Toss in a melee merc and a healer merc and I dont have to roll on the loot! ;)
  4. Ankarv Harbinger of Nightmares

    I am currently doing Encanter (Main), Beastlord, Bard and merc healer.
    While the group can do everything in LS except the Hero forge mission. It can be a little lacking in dps sometimes and having mobs in missions/raid trash (luck aug farming) ignore pet taking makes the bst the healer.
    I also really need to learn how to use the bard better because right now I just /melody and auto attack with it.
    Overall I enjoy using this group, but it is far from ideal.
  5. Zinth Augur

    used to run a Paladin, Beastlord, Bard build which is a pretty untraditional team but quite sturdy, have the most important stuff and plenty of buffs and rez/snare(from pet or bard) have lockpick, have easy mode travel, easy mode pulling, tracking etc. etc.

    am considering a more "traditional" team for the new server in May with Warrior, Shaman, Rogue, even though rogues are not "best of the best" they still have lockpick and they are fairly "easy mode", don't need to sit and med all the time, get nice buffies from shammy etc. etc.
  6. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    Originally I ran Druid, Enchanter, Mage. Druid is my main and first character, so that's a given. Enchanter was my first ever box, from 2002, and was just for crack buffs :) Mage got added around 2006 or so, and I started actually 3 boxing them around 2011.

    Decided I needed an actual tank, and subbed in an SK for the chanter, around 2017 or so.

    In 2021, rolled three more chars on new accounts, just for buffs: Chanter, shammy and beast. Still toying with the idea of 6-boxing, but haven't actually started doing that yet.
  7. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    This is what I've run for years. Overhealing in most encounters is a problem. With both Cleric and Shaman synergy rolling, Warrior HP rarely drops under 100%.

    What I love about this group is extreme survivability with the ability to tank anything. AE aggro is quite limited, however.

    I am now running a caster group of Mage, Mage, Mage, Necro, Druid, Enchanter. Only sticky spot is Druid mana. Druid mana goes FAST. :oops:
  8. Endorek Lorekeeper

    I run two teams of six, rarely at the same time, usually I just switch between them whichever mood I'm in. War, bst, rng, clr, brd, zerker is my melee heavy group, and war, shm, clr, wiz, enc, mag is my caster group. The caster group is easier in a lot of ways because I don't have to position as much, can just run around with autofollow, and the combination of ports with CoH was nice in previous expansions more than LS. The melee group never has to stop and med, I can just not hit my spell key for the ranger if he gets LOM, and he's still able to crank out great dps with archery. Most of the toons are raid geared, at least important foci and tanks geared up. I was able to take both groups through all of LS prog and am farming the FF mission, but other than a few half hearted failure attempts I haven't been able to crack the HF mission.
  9. Cadira Augur

    I got a million teams and lots of customizability within the core teams, makes for a fun time of finding each combinations strengths and such.

    My favorite general purpose team is currently sk sham brd magx3. Super high sustained dps, easy to coth whenever needed, plenty of tanking healing and utility. Lacks burst dps but that's rarely an advantage.

    For the longest time i rolled sk brd shm bst zerk rogue/second zerk. Probably amazing sustained and burst dps now that weapons are better and might beat my mag team Altogether other than my love for coth.

    One of my teams is kinda a balance between every aspect that I play on another server. War clr brd mag bst rogue. Great sustain, decent burst, great survivability. Humanoid banes when needed with rogue. Has it's challenges but the all roundedness makes it a formidable team for any situation.
  10. Exmortis_MT Augur

    Currently I run a Shadowknight/Enchanter/Druid/Necromancer. I have a Cleric/Rogue merc.

    This was meant as a test team for just goofing for fun, but I am enjoying it so much I will likely go this route for the next TLP.
  11. minimind The Village Idiot

    • Berserker, Berserker, Shaman w/ Mercs: Tank, Healer, Healer
    • Warrior, Berserker, Shaman w Mercs: Healer, Healer, Melee DPS
    I like them because the characters are easy to play and valuable outside of the 3-box setup so that they can be used in groups and raids.
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  12. Sdoofbuc Augur

    I 3 box with 3 mercs. I'm too lazy/dumb to get any 3rd party apps working to make boxing easier. So I alt+tab 3 screens in window mode. For the most part I do fine. There are missions where I just can't do the mechanics to beat them. I'm old and not as quick as I use to be.

    I run SK, Shaman, Monk with healer and 2x melee mercs. I want to replace the Monk with a Bard or Mage. But I just love the Monk class so much. My first too was a Monk and when I use to raid I only played a Monk on raids. I am fully aware I do not use my Monk to it's full capacity. He does make a pretty good off tank though.

    I want to make another 3 box group to go do stuff I skipped on my first group.

    I am thinking of making a new persona on my SK and make a Pally. I have a lot of stuff that both classes can use, so I'll be pretty twinked at level 1.

    I also want to use a persona on my Monk and make a Beastlord. Same reason above. I already have a lot of gear.

    Not sure what to make for the 3rd spot. I'm leaning on Bard or Mage. Any other suggestions?
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  13. Exmortis_MT Augur

    Wow I thought I was the last of the old school boxers! I too do not use third party apps to run my toons, though I do not alt-tab I use windowed mode and in game macros. Just click the icon on the taskbar and hit the number corresponding to the macro i want to run.
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  14. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casualâ„¢

    I'm a traveler in a small RV, so I am limited to one computer, my new laptop. I do have a mini-PC that has been returned for repair under warranty, and a 32-inch monitor with PnP, so when I get that back, I can run another account (I'm on Oakwynd). However I do still hop on Mischief from time to time, and my go to box duo is paladin and bard, both level 75 currently. I run a single DPS merc, swapping between caster and melee as I think the situation demands one or the other, and I have a cleric merc on standby for cleric buffs. I used to run a tank merc, but the paladin can hold his own very well between group heals spells, and the group heal proc on his weapon. The bard is simply a music box, I should have named Ron Popeil - set it and forget it.

    As far as any potential Oakwynd box duo, it would be of course my main shaman, and probably an SK or monk.
  15. Madinye New Member

    Im just a SK/Dru team with mercs. I can kill most names that Ive tried in the new expansion. Druid mana is my only real issue. A slower would be nice instead of a belt proc. I sometimes let the druid warrior merc tank just due to the fact they gave it 16k AC and 9200AGI....its just rock solid against names. SK is on the edge of death on some names anytime epic isnt up. On trashes and lesser names I use healer and rogue merc. Im thinking about subbing my kids account and making a Bard or Chanter on it but not sure I want to spend even more money on the game.
  16. FyrasDrinal Journeyman

    SK, shaman, 4 BLs
    12 targets (6 pets and 6 PCs) for beastlord synergy which fires every 7-8 seconds(6.9M dmg bonus). Since BL dots are instant cast, you can autofollow and still manage alliance line. Also love the heal target target hammers with bloodlust for added healing...
  17. Madinye New Member

    Sorry , didnt read the title:)
  18. Tachyon Augur

    six necros
  19. Alnitak Augur

    Depends on what I(we) are doing.
    Griklor'ish misson: BST,BRD,ZRK with melee dps mercs.
    Zlandicar'ish mission: BST,BRD,ZRK,ZRK,tank+healer merc
    Door'ish mission: MAG,BRD,MAG/NEC/BST,dps (WIZ/BST/RNG/DRU),healer merc
    Deepshade'ish mission: MAG,BRD,BST,dps,healer merc(s)
    LS raid augs farming: BST/MAG,MAG,MAG,BRG,RNG,SHM
    LS progression 6-box: BST,BST,MAG,MAG,MAG,BRD
    Fugue mission - MAG,MAG/BST,BRD,ENC,dps/merc(s)

    Trash clearing 3-box and the main roster for a long time: BST,MAG,BRD + mercs

    No software to help control though, which limits classes choices to play at once.
  20. Belexes ForumQuester

    Oh, you wanted minimum of 3. Wasteful. :p

    Two is all you need.

    Deleted my post
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