Confirmed Post patch (20th April 2022) - Brightness issues

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Fidden, Apr 20, 2022.

  1. Strumph Augur

    Was hoping this would make it into the patch, but don't see it in the notes. I logged into test to make sure it wasn't ninja added, but still happening.... :(
  2. Ravanta Suffer Augur

  3. Metanis Bad Company

    On my Intel & Nvidia system I've found that merely opening Display Settings is enough to reset the gamma without actually changing anything. A simple right-click on the desktop, select Display Settings, then just X back out and the gamma is back to normal.
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  4. Fidden Journeyman

    Any further updates on when this Confirmed issue will be Confirmed as fixed?
  5. Kialya Keeping your butt alive since 2002

    Works like a champ! Thanks for the tip Metanis. And nice seeing you around still btw. Was nice healing with you in the past. :)
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  6. Duder Augur

    Doing this does restore some brightness for me, but not completely. The method I have found to solve the issue is to camp to char select, then exit from there by hitting escape until the program closes. Otherwise, just closing the window results in the gamma bottoming out. As well, /camp desk bottoms the gamma out and I can not fully restore it through any windows or nvidia controls without either restarting the PC or logging back in and performing the method I mentioned above. EQ has done this for over a decade for me so I am used to it. Would certainly be nice to have it fixed.
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  7. Cinilya New Member

    I have 2 different computers and this is happening on both but only if I /q or go offline trader. When I log off all the way I don't have any problems with computer gamma. However sliding my gamma bar makes absolutely no difference on one computer (which I recently had to reinstall EQ), the other is fine.
  8. Fidden Journeyman

    Issue persists on beta server also FYI
  9. Ndaara New Member

    I have this issue on one computer (desktop Win10). Unclear when it started, but was certainly some time in the past couple of years. Has not always been an issue. Solutions:
    /camp serv, then "Logout" button works fine.
    /camp desk has the gamma issue. Windows and Radeon controls partially restore gamma to windows but not fully. One fix is to reboot computer. Other fix is to log back in to EQ and select the "Enable Windowed Gamma" button in the advanced display options (or if it's already checked, click it twice).
    Other computer is a laptop, never had an issue. *knocks on wooden head for luck*
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  10. Kialya Keeping your butt alive since 2002

    Unfortunately, when using the bazaar and you camp directly to go into trader mode offline, it camps directly to desktop with the resulting very dark graphics. I do not know of a way around THAT problem.
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  11. Duder Augur

    The only way I found around that was to login a different account after I had put the character in trader mode. So I’d login to the character select (the point at which the gamma fixes itself) and then push escape to go to server select and escape again to exit the game. It’s a ridiculous issue that has existed for so long, if the game makes it to 30 years running I doubt it’ll be fixed by then either.
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  12. Laws New Member

    Any update on this?
  13. whattheheckisgoingon New Member

  14. Strumph Augur

    I wonder if they are actually going to fix this or if they can since it has been since the patch in April. Yep it's confirmed and 8 months later.... nothing....
  15. JimBob Elder Lorekeeper

    It is interesting that I did not have this problem in beta at all. I really thought the problem had been solved and once NoS made it to live, it would be fixed. Unfortunately, it wasn't and this ridiculous bug still exists. An update and explanation would be appropriate as this really is pretty significant.
  16. Tiercean New Member

    I've been back and boxing recently and noticed this issue as well. I've been temp fixing it by using Alt-O, display, advanced and clicking on enable windowed gamma after I close a different client and it goes dark. Works for the time being.
  17. Valde New Member

    Please provide an update on this very annoying bug. It's starting to happen on my work computer now and causes issues at the office.
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  18. hky2 New Member

  19. Ndaara New Member

    How about a free account to login after you've camped to traders?
    Super tedious, I know...but maybe slightly less annoying?
    I didn't have this issue on either computer in beta, either... Or on test, for that matter. hm... I wonder if I copied over the beta or test files and let it repatch? Have not tried that.
  20. Zoshiro New Member

    I have been having this issue for years, following this post for a few months now. How can they not even address this? I am one of the lucky ones, as none of the fixes work. I literally had this on Povar, before Phinny TLP launched, and sent multiple tickets to SOE, and then DBG. After 8 years, I still am no closer to fixing it on my computer.
    Are we ever going to get a fix for this? I mean, it is going on a year since any staff has addressed this in this thread.
    It happens to me on Test, it happens on Live, it happens on the TLP servers. Game breaking error. Time to fix it.
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