Confirmed Post patch (20th April 2022) - Brightness issues

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Fidden, Apr 20, 2022.

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    If I do /camp desk and hit fast camp or slow camp my desktop is darker than when I started EQ. Camping out going through the character to server select > logout, it is not dark.

    Off topic: Last night after playing in ME, I camped to character select and clicked on quit and it told me my account couldn't be validated.
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  4. Orcen Lorekeeper

    this is what happening to me.
    1. Running two accounts on same PC. Before bed I am popping traders in Baz. On account one, when hit the Off line mode button, the account logs out as normal, EXCEPT account 2 Gamma gord dark on me.. Very darkish. I go to options/display and tag the gamma bar to increase slightly and bam all is bright. The lower it fo like 45%. Then when I hot the Off-Line Button on that account, the account logs out to desktop like it should, but the Gamma on my PC goes dark.
    The same thing happens using one account only.
    Now I did a camp to character select and quit from that screen and my gamma stayed fine.
    When my PC is dark, if I log into game, gamma resets as per settings.
    this started happening right after the April patch and has been a consistent bug.

    Yes I can duplicate it.. everytime matter of fact.. Something in last patch did this... Never happened before.
    I hate rebooting my PC everytime I camp to fix the brightness.
    please address thgis.
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  5. Justyse New Member

    Yes, can duplicate
    Yes, happens on fast camp and offline trader mode
    Yes, started just after the last patch
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    As an aside I went to several of my 5 clients and those settings were the same, and the issue happens randomly to all clients as far as I can tell. It is a darkening then possibly (but not always) a re-brightening of the screen. My screen is always left dark after I close any/all clients, however I simply have to open "display settings" from the desktop and it goes back to normal and stays.

    My laptop/desktop have same issue, one is AMD the other Nvidia GPU. Both are AMD CPUS, one is a 3900x the other a 5800H.
  8. Orcen Lorekeeper

    my eqclient.ini settings (two accounts)

    Account 1

    Account 2
  9. Orcen Lorekeeper

    Additional information... (2 accounts on same PC)
    so I log in one account, pick a char and all seems fine as I am sitting in Pok.
    Then I log in second account. Get to server select all seems fine. After selecting server, i popped back to account 1 while it loads to character select screen. Just before the "character selection" screen pops up to pick a toon, my gamma goes dark, for like 2 seconds, then goes back to normal. I look and second account is now at character select.
    Pick a char and log it on in.. no issues.
    Something in the logging on and logging off is causing the Gamma to hick-up.. I have duplicated this through additional attempts logging in. Everytime it happens. Never happened before last patch.
  10. Fidden Journeyman


    PM sent with copy of eqclient.ini as requested.

    Issue occurs every time I use EQ now since the April 2022 patch and is repeatable. Happy to record video of issue for developer or supply other technical information as desired.
  11. Cazmac Augur

    I have a variation on this theme, in that I logged out my Gold and my F2P characters, leaving my annually paid one still working. The screen went very dark and my problem was navigating my alt to where Bristlebane's Party Machine was going to be during the night (UK time). I did manage it but boy, was it dark! I have noticed this darkening previously, though, as I logged out each of my three characters in turn.
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    Confirmed happening to me as well.. Its EXTREMELY annoying.

    Ive found if you "Sign Out" instead of Rebooting, this also clears it up, but its still incredibly irritating to have to do this everytime I wanna take a break and do something else.
  13. Jardad New Member

    happened to me also after fresh reinstall of game while trying to fix the "Hotbars from unlocking " issue . April patch broke game
  14. Duder Augur

    Has happened to me for so many years it’s hard to pinpoint when it first occurred for me. 5+ years, across atleast 4 different computers/laptops. It happens every time I play eq without fail. I primarily use the /camp desk method.

    My workaround for when I was done playing eq but wanted to do play other games or watch a movie or web surf was to log a character back in to sit at char select so that I could read my screen. Not ideal.
  15. Windance Augur

    The work around I ended up using was turning OFF gamma in the EQ client and using the NVidia control panel to set the brightness, contrast, and gamma to something close to what I was using.

    It works fairly well except for the super dark blood falls zone ... grumble.
  16. Strumph Elder

    It's been over a month and no update to this. You guys able to duplicate this? I was hoping for a fix in this patch. It shouldn't be hard to undo what was done last month.
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  17. Fidden Journeyman

    Status of the topic does say Confirmed, which suggests replication is possible. No idea how long once something has been confirmed, it makes its way to the test server, but since we've just had the May patch I doubt we'll see this before June.
  18. Iven Antonius Bayle

    I might have some valueable informations:

    I do only have gamme issue at the login. Playing always in fullscreen mode. But when I deactivate "Enable Windowed Gamme" it does darken the fullscreen mode client immediately and also the Windows 10 desktop. This does stay when closing the client ! I have to activate "Enable Windowed Gamme" again and switch to windowed mode and back to fix that.
  19. Peter_The_great Elder

    Same issue here.

    Please dev's, if you care.. please fix.
  20. Strumph Elder

    I see this as flagged as confirmed, but not fixed. Just tested on Test server and it's not fixed with new patch. Had to make sure as all changes don't make the patch notes.