Confirmed Post patch (20th April 2022) - Brightness issues

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Fidden, Apr 20, 2022.

  1. Fidden Journeyman

    After today's patch, there appear to be issues with brightness after exiting the game. Windows is fine at the desktop, but exiting results in the brightness dropping dramatically (to the same level as it is when you disable "Enable Windowed Gamma"). You see a brief example of this at server select after clicking to select your server, then it returns to normal as the game loads and plays.

    Turning off "Enable Windowed Gamma" when in EQ lowers the gamma on the desktop also, not just in EQ.

    Once you exit the game, Windows desktop reverts to the level that it EQ displays when "Enable Windowed Gamma" is turned off and stays that way until rebooting.

    Windows 10, AMD Ryzen 3700X, Radeon RX580 @ 3440x1440
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  2. Razzy New Member

    Having the same issues on two of my machines (Intel i7 4770k/GTX680 and i9 9900k/GTX1070)
  3. Marton Augur

    Having the same problem.
  4. MmmmBop Wise Troll

    This is very annoying. Please fix this ASAP. I am sure that DPG would not appreciate the players doing things to alter the game servers, and as such, you should expect that the players don't appreciate having the game they play alter our personal computers settings either (especially when we are offline). This really ought to be a high priority fix IMO.
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  5. Fidden Journeyman

    Temporary workaround is to open Display Settings on the desktop after the game exits (no need to change any settings), which brings my brightness back without needing to restart the computer. I am using an HDR display.
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  6. Iven Antonius Bayle

    I have a similiar gamma channel problem since the patch but it does occur at the game startup. The EULA, DBG banner and login screens are now very dark.

    Ryzen 5 GE Cezanne CPU here with included Vega GFX.
    WIndows 10
  7. Help I can't log in! New Member

    This is happening for me on two very different pc's. When I camp out of the game the gamma for the computer drops super dark (not just for eq!).

    Fidden's temporary workaround seems to work on a windows10 system, but not for windows7.
  8. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I run on Win7 with an Nvidia card and this fix has always worked for me. Open the Nvidia control panel, click on "use other application settings" and then back to the Nvidia settings, then hit Apply.

    And for the record, this bug isn't new. It's been happening to me for years. It's always random, no matter how I exit/camp from the game, or if I crash...sometimes, the gamma is too bright once EQ is closed. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to it.
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  9. Axxius Augur


    Windows 11, GeForce 3070
    Windows 10, GeForce 1060

    Started after the Apr 20 patch.
  10. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Only happens to me when I have 2 clients open and I close one. Been that way for some time though.
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  11. Jumvapace The Most hated

    Posting in this thread as well as it's the 'older' one:
    It feels like now it's lowering the Gamma settings if you have 'enable windowed gamma' to 0 when you exit the game. This happened whenever I had multiple toons logged into same computer. As soon as I logged one out, the whole desktop across all displays would darken until I logged a 2nd toon out. Then it would reset. But now every time I log a toon out it the gamma is being lowered, overriding the Video card settings as well and stays lowered. I have to crank up the Gamma on my video card unless I do a full restart of the system, or restart EQ and get to the character select screen.
    I believe it is setting the gamma down to 0 (on in game slider) then when exiting, it's hanging whatever info to the video card saying that 'in game' is still active. This would explain why it used to lower gamma when logging out 1 toon, but reset to video card settings/control after logging out all instances of EQ.
    Before patch, when logging out of game, it would relinquish gamma control back to video card settings upon logging out, but now it's setting In-game gamma to 0 and acting like the game is still active and in control of the gamma settings.
    Additional info:
    Enable windowed Gamma - On
    In game Gamma slider set to 47
    49" display windowed mode, only playing on a small section of that screen.
    24" secondary display (also dims when exiting game)
    Windows 11
    Video card: NVidia GeForce RTX 3090 EVGA FTW
    Video card settings Gamma slider - 1.0
    After game closing, before a system restart the Video card setting Gamma slider Must be set to 1.5ish to have normal viewing
  12. Imukai Augur

    I figured this was just one of those things I'd have to resolve on my own (e.g. stop using windowed gamma mode) but glad to see it's a known issue.

    Hope they fix it soon.
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  13. Jumvapace The Most hated

    Repost from other Duplicated thread for T/S purposes:

    Scenario 1:
    Step1. /camp desktop
    Step2. Click 'Yes' for fast camp
    --Gamma is set same as In-game Gamma being set to 0 and applied to all screens (screens darken)
    Step3. Open display settings in windows, normal video card settings take over (screens brighten)

    Scenario 2:
    Step 1. /camp
    Step 2. Click 'Quit' at Character Select
    Step 3. Click 'Logout' and 'Yes' at Server select
    --Gamma maintains whatever setting you have in game (set to 47 in my case), stays on all screens as if you're still logged in and game is in control.
    Step 4. Open display settings in windows, normal video card settings take over (screens darken a little)
  14. Mukkul Augur

    One work-around for Windows 7: make a shortcut to C:\WINDOWS\System32\dccw.exe -- run that after you've exited EQ to open Display Color Calibration, hit Next once in the wizard, and gamma/brightness should revert to normal on its own, then you can just close that window.
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  15. Exmortis_MT Elder

    So I am having the same really weird display issues, almost like a gamma/brightness flicker too.

    Once I load an EQ client, the display goes darker, like you have moved the gamma slider. It will over time flick back to bright and dark, this happens on all 5 client installs I run. If I go into the display>advanced options on any client and move the gamma slider up then back (it is set at 26%) it fixes it for some time. Now I have mirrored my settings on all clients, I have always done this to insure they all look the same.

    My system is a 3900x/32GB RAM/VEGA64/Dell U3415W running Win 10 latest build. I updated the drivers to the latest and it did not change the flickering. Now for the really odd part.

    I used my laptop to play EQ for the first time since last patch. Well it happens exactly the same on my laptop, which is weird.

    Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 5800H/16GB RAM/3070 mobile/Spectre 32' forget model with two revisions back on drivers. I did not update them as it is exact same behavior. Latest Win10 build.

    So it isn't my desktop hardware, the clients on my laptop have mirrored settings. I at first was worried it was my display, but since my laptop shows same behavior and no matter how long I use either system, this behavior only starts with EQ client.

    Now since last patch on several machine some settings changed, bloom lighting was turned on, have had this off since it has been an option as I also have advanced lighting off, both of these settings lead to massive over bright zones. However they were turned on on some clients, turning them off so far has not resolved the behavior.
  16. Gheed Is not reading your response

    Happening to me
  17. Ratalthor Developer

    If you are affected by this issue, please PM me your "eqclient.ini" file in your EverQuest folder. Thanks.
  18. niente Developer

    What values do you currently have for these:
  19. Discord Ocean of Tears Conservationist

  20. Iven Antonius Bayle