Possible trade off to offload krono

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    Wrong. You can't return a Krono. Once it's sold it's a done deal. The money will never go back to the purchaser and they 100% can and do complete the sale, just as they would if you purchased a subscription instead. It's a months sub sold, to use when you want. That money is their's to keep and earn interest on etc.. You think they put that money in an escarole account or something lol?? It's sold and done. Its not like you cash it in like money and they have to provide something that costs them anything. They have no cost when you claim a krono, just enable your account for a month. If they end the game, your Krono is worth nothing.

    When a gift card is redeemed and the store will have to use that money they received originally from the gift card purchase, to pay for whatever you purchase when you use it, that's a completely different thing.
  2. Smokezz Augur

    Except Daybreak has specifically explained how it works. But /shrug, everyone on the forums is right I suppose.
  3. Aurastrider Augur

    You probably have not seen the crazy prices some of the chase loot goes for. Some items were going for 25-50 krono for a single item. The fact that a person can buy 25 krono at one time makes your numbers look rather silly for potential investigation matters. For the big boy and girl farmers single and double digit krono stockpiles is laughable. I have had close to 100 back when I would farm like crazy but that took a lot of work and personally I would never invest that much into doing this.

    Investigating your customers for acquiring a product that is very profitable for the company seems counter productive. Instead they should be investigating behaviors that could potentially lead to exploiting the game for a profit but going after individuals with such small stockpiles would only cost the company more money or take away from actual development to have a physical person investigate people only based on krono stockpiles.

    Secondly the real cheaters are not dumb. They would simply just create as many ftp accounts as needed and break up their krono shares across several accounts making this pointless investigation even more pointless and cause the company to more than likely investigate people who are not breaking rules while the actual cheaters continue to bypass the rules for a profit.
  4. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    From an accounting pov, it would be better for them to have a different Krono like item for that; I would suggest calling them Laetus.
    Also, Krono do show up on the accounting books when they initially are sold; as that is when DGC gets their money for it. However the item retains value until it is consumed, because it has a set value of 1 month of sub which has a set value of $14.99. This is why accounting keeps track of it until it is consumed. Also, the game in which it is consumed in likely is given the credit for the sub; and in that sense it would hit that specific games books when it is consumed.

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