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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Eniner, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. Eniner Augur

    So krono's in game are great they help those who dont have the means to support a everquest sub out side the game to earn a chance to do so in game. They help reduce the hoarded plat on characters gives them something to actually buy.

    My thought is this. Kronos now are hoarded like plat once was. Some folks have none while some have hundreds if not thousands. Maybe code in a change to allow us to consume a number of kronos for xpac to be enabled on the account the option is chosen.

    So say you click consume krono daybreak can code in a window to pop up to ask do you wish to sub for 30 days or consume X number krono to enable this xpac on the account. This will help reduce the krono hoards on live and also give those a chance to get the xpacs who cant do so out of game.

    This is just an idea that has been forming in my head for some time as i do have friends with a lot of krono with nothing to buy as they are subbed for the year already from kronos they earned in game farming chase items to sell / trade and many other method of item farming.

    Would be cool to have kronos actually burn up in a consumption amount at a time so you know they are being used and not rotting on accounts waiting to be used once or twice a month a account and or alt. Would make krono more scarce and the need to buy more krono from daybreak would be there. Just a option.
  2. Metanis Augur

  3. So Happy Augur

    Sure, why not give krono farmers more incentive to lock down stuff on TLPs and run their auto-bots 24/7 on live.
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  4. code-zero Augur

    It's not Daybreaks fault that some people made poor decisions and hoarded Krono as some sort of status thing. Krono are working just fine now
  5. svann Augur

    How about a krono to enable full veteran benefits on my 2nd account while we are wishing? I transferred my bard to 2nd account a couple years ago. Now he is my main, but lost his vet rewards in the transfer. And no way to transfer back.
  6. IblisTheMage Augur

    That is a really bad idea, sorry. As is accumulating Krono. It has one in-game function, subbing, when that need is saturated, the value risks dropping, and fast. This is good.
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  7. Aurmoon Augur

    On the one hand, creating alternative uses for Krono helps to drive the demand for additional Krono, which is great. However, I don’t think cannibalizing subscription revenue is the right means to do it. While daybreak probably can’t recognize revenue until a Krono is consumed, they certainly generate the cash. If I were running Daybreak, I would have no problem with Krono hoarders or people with hundreds of Krono retiring their accounts. They aren’t incoming producing anyways.
  8. Yinla Augur

    why would any one have brought more Krono than they needed....never had one, never wanted one, don't need one.

    If anyone wants anything I'm selling they can give me good old fashioned plat!
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  9. Jhenna_BB Augur

    Ngreth intimated that *IF* any future expacs have chase items, they would be one expansion backwards in stats a few months back. There mere fact that they have sat down and discussed that as a Dev teams places a decent chance on RoS quality raid items dropping in The Burning Lands. People will be off loading Krono at a blistering pace to acquire these items. Krono are working as intended and soon they will print money for DBG on Live servers - which is a good thing.
  10. Smokezz Augur

    3 Krono for an expansion (basic one) purchase would be a great idea, but it's been discussed over and over and never done.
  11. AlaskaJay Lorekeeper

    In all fairness to the original post I do think there is some value in re-evaluating Krono and how it's used.

    Lets take a look at what CCP did with Plex. They took their sub currency Plex (Krono) and broke it down into much smaller increments so instead of buying 1 Plex (1 month) you bought 500 (1 month). Then they removed their store currency entirely (DB Cash) and converted all costs of in store purchases to the equivalent $ to Plex (Krono) from the original $ to Store Currency (DB Cash) keeping the price roughly the same. Converting all existing Sub / Store currency to their correct amount and type.

    So in the end all they did was move from a 2 currency system down to 1 in an attempt I suspect to increase usage. This would have no bearing on expansions as you can't buy those with Daybreak Cash anyways. But Heroic Characters, potions, backpacks, and everything else on the Market would be wide open for purchase.

    I feel that might be the best middle ground. Thoughts?
  12. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    DBG loves krono hoarders. The more kronos that are unused, the more money DBG makes out of absolutely nothing. Also, the more kronos that some people have, the more kronos that everybody else needs in order to compete for in-game tradeable stuff.

    All Kronos have already been purchased. No more money will go to DBG if they let you spend that Krono on anything. But they will LOSE money on anything else they let you purchase with Krono.
    • Why would DBG want to lose expansion sales revenue by letting you buy the expac with Krono?
    • Why would DBG want to lose marketplace revenue by letting you spend your Krono in the marketplace?
    If you can answer those questions, you may provide DBG with incentive. Otherwise, you just sound like a Krono hoarder that wants free stuff.
  13. AlaskaJay Lorekeeper

    The expansion revenue would be, I believe, an obvious loss if they allowed the ability to consume Krono for the purchase. I don’t think you would entice more people to buy the next expansion if this was an option. People playing Live at endgame are going to buy it one way or another. You could perhaps make the argument for some people they may be more inclined to buy it on their alt account.

    I think the DB Store conversion is a far more viable sell though. If you had Krono lying around and could use it for things like server transfers, heroic characters, and potions I do believe there may be enough of a demand that it would justify the option. Some of their most populous servers have limited access to the DB store. If Krono could be used on TLP for things like backpacks and exp pots I suspect that alone could increase revenue.

    Would this conversion increase sales to offset the change? In the end it has to make business sense of course but only Daybreak has access to the numbers required to to determine that.
  14. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    DBG currently takes your cash in exchange for subsriptions, Marketplace items, expansions, and Kronos. Put yourself in DBG's shoes and ask, "Why would I want to give one of those away for free? What would I get in return?"

    The number of people who buy Kronos from DBG for actual subscriptions is very low, and I am certain that Kronos were implemented so that DBG could take a controlling slice of the "real money transaction" market. Kronos are predominantly purchased from DBG to buy in-game wealth (plat and tradeable items). The key there is "in-game wealth". Allowing the use of Krono to purchase anything in the marketplace (or expansions) does not generate ANY revenue at all.

    Let's say I'm a krono hoarder with more krono than I can spend. If I want to field my own raid force, that means I'm consuming 54 kronos every month. No problem, I'm rich! Now let's say I want to gear out all of my toons, so I spend 10 kronos on each toon to buy the best gear (guess 540 kronos). Now, let's hypothesize that DBG allowed me to buy the expansion, say for 5 kronos. I want the expac for all my toons, so I consume 270 more kronos. Ohhhh - and they will let me buy illusions and backpacks too? OK, I'll spend another 540 kronos to buy backpacks and snail illusions for all my toons.

    In that scenario, I've traded/auctioned 540 kronos for gear and I've consumed (taken out of the game) another 864 kronos in one month. And how much money has DBG made? $0.
  15. fortuneteller Augur

    IMO, it would be better for DBG to hunt accounts with more than say 50 kronos.

    Such a big amount, such never be necessary, and people having it is likely an item seller, and rmt account and as such, probably illegal.

    They could announce that accounts with more than 50 kronos, and not having at least 50% of those bought from the markedsplace, will have their account investigated if participating in RMT Things. And DBG will take their rights in canceling the account participating in illegal activities

    Nobody has a normal use of 25+ kronos, imo.

    When all this said, DBG should not reward RMT people by allowing them to get the latest expansion for free, you will have to buy it like everyone else,
    if you have so many kronos, thats your own fault
  16. AlaskaJay Lorekeeper

    Hoarders gonna hoard.

    The question is would a change entice more initial sales of Krono from run of the mill players. The initial post may have been directed towards controlling hoarders but that is a lost battle no matter what DB does.

    I am arguing that a change may turn more people into Krono purchasers. Would more people purchase Krono, thus increasing revenue, if they had more ways to consume them?
  17. Smokezz Augur

    Some of you really don't understand how Krono work... NameAleadyInUse... Krono don't show up on the accounting books as revenue until they're consumed. So no, they don't 'love' Krono hoarders. They wouldn't *LOSE* expansion sales by letting you use Krono, they'd get that revenue from the Krono they sold. (They've explained a few times how Krono sales work)

    AlaskaJay, why would it be a loss? Someone BOUGHT those Krono for $17.99 each. If they sold an expansion for say 3 Krono, they'd make *MORE* for that basic expansion than they would selling it for cash.
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  18. Sancus Augur

    Yeah, the idea that cash = revenue in an accounting sense is pretty ridiculous.
  19. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    And there isn't anything wrong with hoarding kronos or other virtual items. From DBG's perspective, hoarding these things is the greatest thing ever. It is literally how they make their money :)

    But I don't understand why anybody would purchase a Krono from DBG (again, the least cost-effective way to buy anything from DBG) to make a Marketplace transaction when they could purchase the item directly from the Marketplace? I can certainly see why people would use their Kronos on Marketplace transactions, I just don't see how that can translate into anything except less money for DBG.

    The title of this thread says it all: "...offload krono". The only people this change would appeal to are people with tons of kronos, and that makes zero $ for DBG.
  20. Dreadmore Augur

    Can you explain this? I am included among those that don't understand how krono work.

    If I get the kronos in my inventory only after I've paid for them, confirmed with my credit card being charged, how come DBG doesn't get the revenue until the krono is consumed? What if it is never consumed? Where did my money go?

    Thanks in advance
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