Possible to include item/spell links in in-game macros?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Bobbybick, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Bobbybick Augur

    Basically title. I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to include a link to a specific spell or item in an ingame social macro. I know that I have seen some pretty fancy custom macros so I assume this is POSSIBLE but don't know how much effort would be involved.
  2. qweasy Augur

  3. niente Developer

    Maybe we could add something like %t that does this. Tentatively, I think I would be told "no" if I asked to do this (but no harm in trying).
    For items there would be some restrictions (maybe items discovered on your server). I remember linkbots were banned and I don't know if that idea is relaxed now or not.
    For spells I don't know how it could be restricted properly. Maybe it would be ok for players to link every spell in the game (not sure).
    ex: /auc WTS %i17005 1pp
    = "You auction, 'WTS Backpack 1pp'
    ex: /rs PST for %s2530
    = "You tell the raid, 'PST for Khura's Focusing'

    I think %s is taken. Using IDs would be best but there is reluctance to using them in most cases.
    You should write a DGC Issue Tracker request and see if you can get some votes for it.
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  4. Protagonist Augur

    To be fair, the reason given for that at the time was the volume of it was taxing the out of game chat service that existed back then, which is no longer an issue.

    It is. It returns the target's gender as she/he/it. %t for target's name. %o for target's gender as him/her/it. %p for the possessive his/hers/its. %r returns player target races or "NPC" for non players.

    I feel like pretty much everyone would be okay with sacrificing one or more of those, other than %t.
  5. YourNameHere Lorekeeper

    It would be nice, especially when selling items in /auc and having to do the same thing over and over.
  6. Krool Journeyman

    Was thinking about this today as some AA consolidation changes in ToV beta would make a "% spellnumber" type of command a neat thing to add. Example, Warrior Imperator's AA line in the beta is consolidated and now does a lot of stuff. On live I have a hotkey that tells my group "inc spell haste 60 seconds" (imperator's charge buff) but now when I use imperator's command AA it not only provides the group spell haste but several other goodies as well. It would be cool to see this added.

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