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  1. fakenames New Member

    Having talked to some tlp vets I understand that the reason a devastation aoc / dz do not exist is that the scripts are to powerful for an aoc. the same reason there is no picks.

    However I think a good compromise is just to put Titanothon alone in a dz / aoc as he is no different then vule for progression. one guild can literally keep the entire server locked out of 3/4 of the expansions raids by keeping him dead locking the chest until it rots.

    If I wanted to poopsock so I can progress I would play on an . But I chose rizlona to play a normal tlp I can box on with the tlp quality of life changes that emulators dont have.

    I can almost garuntee this will happen on rizlona for awhile. It wont happen the entire two months but it will 100% happen for about 2 weeks to a month. I suspect it will possibly be an issue on aradune and in the future mischief and thornblade.
  2. Xhartor Augur

    That alone doesn't fix the problem. In order for the set of mobs to spawn in the Devastation that drops the other legendary bone (Bartol the Cragmaker, Trolgar the Tremendous, or Vooersalor the Crafty), you can just keep the Goblins that build the structure they spawn in dead.

    Evil Eye spawn rate, and skin drop rate are also a problem on launch.

    The zones has unbelievable bad design for TLP's.
  3. Karanthal Augur

    Whilst I don't disagree how much of a pain the skin drop rates are and Devastation can get a little heated with the competition, is the server really in that bad a situation guilds would block others guilds progress on instanced content?

    On Mangler guilds shared legendary bone drops to help others get at least 1 flagged member able to request instances. Theres just no benefit in preventing another guild requesting the Sullon raid, its an instance.
  4. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Why would any guild on Rizlona care enough to try to lock people out of progression in PoR of all expansions after the first week?
  5. a_librarian Augur

    are you guys not familiar with people being pieces of sht on the internet because they face no real world consequences? If all it takes is one person with a grudge to screw over a large number of other people then it's a failed system should be changed.
  6. fakenames New Member

    Its a start though but you bring up a good point. Riz is my first tlp experience to por so I dont know the full complexities to it.

    as for everyone else its pretty much what librarian said. people are because they can be on the internet.
  7. Xhartor Augur

    Ignore that I brought up other points?

    If you want details:
    PoR prog starts with needing to collect 10 different skins.
    Most of those only drop in The Devastation.
    The zone doesn't have pick or an AoC.
    So the build the raiding population heads there to get someone in their group a set of skins.
    The Evil Eyes is the rarest of this set, so most of the player get stuck on this.
    At this point you have hundreds of characters killing anything that spawns.
    Over killing in the zone blocks one of the legendary bones mobs from spawning.

  8. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Same reason guilds will leave Fennin Ro trigger up for 2 days 3 months into PoP on the new servers, then when another guild clears it and is engaged with Fennin, will go train the bridge guards on them, wipe them, then kill fennin for no loot of value and then spam hail the projection to grief.

    Because they can and the GMs won't do anything about it. People are childish.
  9. fakenames New Member

    i wasnt ignoring your post i got what you said. thats why i said you bring up a good point but that the bazu bone would be a good start. Its just easier to the server on one specific point then to keep the zone free of one mob type like eyes.

    like for an dodh example. its sucks in the initial rush to get flagged to get say the shilskin peice of the first monocle but if vule had no dz you could just block everyone on the vule fight.
  10. Xhartor Augur

    In DoDh the swords off the Orc in Stoneroot are bigger bottleneck in that quest. However you better trying to lockdown Keleborn in multiple picks, if you want stop people from killing Vule.

    Mischief and Thornblade are the only servers where you have any actual incentive to block other from access to these zones. The content is instanced, so you aren't competing. Some guilds might event share available raid/dz slot on MM kill to flag people for the Demiplane without having to deal with Vule.
  11. Siah Elder

    I believe you need 1 set of skins for every person if I'm not mistaken? However, I do think you can be 85'd into Razorthorn. Regardless, I could see this definitely becoming an issue for the first few days of PoR release.
  12. Xhartor Augur

    No, everyone need to complete the group task Become the Vessel to get the enraged flesh charm. Which is the key/flag for Razorthorn. (Yes, you can 85). Only a single character in the group to do both Sage Skin and Preparing Your New Skins. They can then request the group task, and everyone in the group can get the enraged flesh charm after completion.

    For a guild you probably have several people do the first 2 tasks. Each of them will run a group through Vessel. They would then need redo New Skin to get a new set of armor to rerun the Vessel and get another batch the charm.

    Guilds that race progression will probably have fixed groups that each run through the set to get everyone flagged quickly. However only 1 character in each of those groups will do the sage skin task.
  13. Siah Elder

    Oh ok that makes sense, so basically each person who does the skins can then run a group through the group task and once that task is completed you can't run another group through without another set of skins? So basically, 1 set of skins for every 6 people to get flagged if I'm understanding correctly?

    Edit: Also, I notice everyone is auto-granted the ToB AA already, I'm guessing on TLP's this doesn't work when PoR goes live, only once you complete all of the flagging tasks/quests?
  14. Xhartor Augur

    Kind of, When you are looking to repeat the quests, you don't need to redo sage Skin, you should still have the books you hand in get Preparing a new skin. This does require 5 of the different skins, but they are some of the more common ones, it isn't much hassle.

    The ToB AA will work for everyone 68+, you don't need to be flagegd to enter OW ToB. However you can not enter the ToB DZ, unless you are flagged(85 doesn't work).
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  15. Rogean Journeyman

    I haven't played PoR before but Aradune is approaching it's release and it sounds like this has been a disaster on previous TLPs. The same kind of disaster that prompted changes to Vule, PoStorms, or any of the other expansion flagging/keying processes.

    We have one patch left before it releases and I really hope the devs can do something to alleviate this. (Not including April patch since it's already finalized).
  16. Rasper Helpdesk The Original Helpdesk

    When it comes to skin farming, Sverag can be a handy place.

    The spot marked S spawns as a random non-loot dropping named mob every spawn cycle of various races and always drops a skin, but rarely loot. The spots marked 1-4 spawn as a ton of different "rare" mobs with loot and frequently skin. And D has random race PH which drop skin too.

    A, B, C, and E are standard loot dropping rare mobs though, so if you want skins don't bother.

  17. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    If at all possible some coordination & cooperation between guilds makes the Devastation part of PoR Flagging a whole lot easier.

    There's really no point to griefing each other and actually all guilds should try to maintain a view that eventually everyone playing on the server will be doing so in a guild that has seen multiple mergers with other guilds - long term you would only be hurting yourselves by being jerks.