PoP, Omens, and Gates classes

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  1. Abyssmul New Member

    Hey guys, just looking for some pro tips.

    Mangler is about to enter this phase. I have not played since it was on Kunark. I have a well funded epic ranger collecting rust.

    Friend wants to start back up. He's going monk. I am torn between SK, Pally, and Beast. Any thoughts on these 3? With a monk partner? Just so many rangers in this era so not keen on dusting him off unless it is overwhelmingly better.

    Even tho I'll duo with him. I do hope it is also a class that finding a raid spot with is not too terribly hard.

    P.S. if for some reason those suck or will bgee impossible tip find a raid with I could go shaman or bard. But id begrudgingly do so.

    Thanks again
  2. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Rangers peak in luclin so no harm in leaving that alone. If your friend is going monk I think the best synergy of those 3 you're debating is the bst. Hes decent dps plus hes slows and utility. You'll be a very solid dps duo with good utility imo.

    Both of those classes are good in any raid. Bst are notoriously rare, and monks dps is superb from Pop until at least level 75. (I hear mages get good then, but let's face it, not many people play that deep and it's easy to reroll later.)
  3. Roxas MM Augur

    if you decide yo go beast, here's a warning. playing beast sucks ballz in a raid up until say at least lvl 80. you'll buffing like no other ( if you're a good raid you will be casting fero every 2 mins on someone for starters ), you'll be sub par dps in this era and still draw aggro like no other ( well, i did ).
    further down the road though i cannot believe there are so few beastlords played, since we will become the 1 man army we're supposed to be.
    but serious, there's a reason beastlord is rare. In group a beast is really useful, in raids you're used for ferocity and SE. that's it until waaaay later when you get more group utility.
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  4. Xarek New Member

    There does not seem to be many Paladins at the moment since the class doesn't really start to become good until PoP. I would definitely consider it if you are looking for a under represented and highly desired raid class coming into PoP.
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  5. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Shaman/Monk is certainly a strong 2-box & what I would pick, though if you can 3-box add in the Bard too & you have a melee dps power trio.

    I think the least-played classes tend to be Wizard, Paladin, Beastlord & Berserker.

    I think the most desired tends to be Cleric, Druid, Wizard (possibly Berserker too)

    Here's an old survey that was run which in my opinion has probably changed quite a bit since but gives a rough idea:

  6. Abyssmul New Member

    Well I have been leaning SK or Pally. I think Pally is the choice then. thank you everyone who took time to answer.