PoP Loot Tiers.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Zandermill, Dec 8, 2021.

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  1. AngryKing Elder

    Jfc man you are such a wrong broken record.
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  2. Gnothappening Augur

    I'm sorry that the truth is hard to hear.
  3. AngryKing Elder

    Your brain is so hardcoded to what a normie EQ server is it's like you can't fathom why people yearn for massive randomization. Your hyperbole posts are literally the same thing over and over. We got it bro, you're playing on a random loot server where you hate the idea of randomization. I really hope they release a phinny clone next, so you can get your wish of being able to kill a mob and know exactly what table it's going to drop.
  4. Gnothappening Augur

    The only randomization people want is end game loot of of group mobs.
  5. Kahna Augur

    Literally no one asked for that, or complained that it changed. The few folks who even commented on it said it should have been changed. They just didn't want time de-randomized completely.
  6. AngryKing Elder

    Or because people are interested in running this server different than the norm? I'm not interested in only raiding time for 4 months. I'd like to go to other zones and be able to progress, no one is asking for a group mob to drop end game loot, but of course your hyperbole knows no bounds. You consistently gloss over the point that the more randomization there is the less chance there is that you get any bis loot from any singular mob.

    You seem to have this really weird obsession about what loot and how they are getting it which points to you either having that terrible, elitist mentality of people not deserving loot or you play the market and loot flooding messes with your bottom line. Like I said, your brain is hardcoded to how EQ has been for 21 years and you can't come to terms that this server isn't the same.
  7. Gnothappening Augur

    Tons of people want group mobs to drop end game loot. There are several threads from PoP alone. There were tons of threads about PoG mini's and why did they remove AoW loot from them, etc. If you think people don't want end game loot from one group killable mobs, then you just started looking into threads about this server.

    As for there being less chances to get end game loot because of dilution, that might would be valid if mobs didn't drop 3x as much loot as before.
  8. Kahna Augur

    It is still valid. In Luclin you could focus on just the mobs that dropped the best gear. Out of all of our kills, the +50 attack sleeves dropped 1 time. Random is random, and it does not mean you will get what you want. PoP is going to be even worse for that with the larger pools.

    Why do you even play on this server, it seems like you hate everything about it. You hate that mobs drop more loot, you hate that mobs drop random loot. Just go play somewhere else and let us enjoy our randomness.
  9. Gnothappening Augur

    I love the free trade. I can deal with the 3x to 10x extra loot. I don't like it, but not like the devs can change it and keep loot random. As for the random, I do like random. But where as the breadliners want everything to drop everything, I like random by similar difficulty level. Also, it was never specified how the random would be handled. It said similar level, but didn't define what they meant by level, so my interpretation is just as valid as yours.
  10. Kahna Augur

    The devs seem to agree with the rest of us, and their interpretation is really the only valid one.
  11. Gnothappening Augur

    Depends on the expansion.
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  12. Elite_raider Augur

    We tried the tiny buckets, the majority didn't like it, so they changed it back to the way it was in Kunrak that mostly everyone enjoyed. It's clear that you want to play on a free trade server without randomness, or so limited randomness that you can't really call it randomness, might I suggest you go play on FV and let everyone else enjoy Mischief the way it is now?
  13. Gnothappening Augur

    We will see how it goes with GoD and OOW. I still think they had limited time and resources due to the new expac. Then again, maybe you are right and the breadliners will win the day. If so I guess the next server can have /testbuff.
  14. a_librarian Augur

    I don't think this implementation has anything to do with what you think players liked or disliked. It's the lowest cost option available to them: bucket by level with no other design consideration.

    They're just using their 1 manhour per month devoted to TLP maintenance to try and keep the train on the tracks and only going beyond that to put out fires like people exploiting spammable raid encounters.

    It's the low cost solution which they chose because they need to repeat this for every future expansion. It's totally fine that you like it though
  15. AngryKing Elder

    Throw out some quotes of people wanting Quarm loot off of group level mobs.

    As for the loot dilution, why are you so QQ about the amount of loot that drops? You've been leading that charge for 6 months. Almost as if you have vested interest on whether other people can gear up or not.

    If it has nothing to do with that and you are personally afraid to run out of content because of too much loot ill give you a free tip. After every mob you kill dont loot the extra 1 or 2 table rolls you get. Tada....your issue with loot dilution is now gone.
  16. verbatim Elder

    Just going to throw this out there, I want to retract my core complaints about POP's loot implementation. Now that I have seen a much larger sample of open world kills the decent loot is actually fairly well represented in what drops and is not too thinly spread.
  17. Triconix Augur

    I've seen this posted multiple times and it's one of the single most dumb takes I've read. You seriously think a person will get a full raid force to by into just leaving loot on a corpse because its "too much"?

    The amount of loot on live is more ridiculous than ever and you still have people logging into 3rd, 4th alts to get the gear that's rotting in chests.
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  18. AngryKing Elder

    Coming from one of the the guy's with the worst takes on this forum is pretty rich lol. In no way was that suggestion serious but that flew way over your head. It's a solution to an equally problem of getting "too much loot".
  19. Triconix Augur

    And which take are you referring to because have you seen your terrible takes scattered on these forums as if someone decided to throw fecal matter into a fan? And your response to his concern is a sarcastic remark? Brilliant.

    Loot exhaustion is a legitimate concern. You begin to take away from the enjoyment factor a bit if raids are dropping buckets of items. It's even worse in modern raids since you can just fully gear a character with raid currency. The chests become a meaningless aspect of raiding and that's unfortunate because a part of the excitement was wondering what items you were going to get. Would that one chase item you've been looking for finally drop?

    The quicker people are fully equipped, the quicker they get bored and stop logging in. I see zero issue with large randomized loot pools, but find it completely unnecessary for raid encounters that formerly dropped 3 items to be dropping a half dozen or more. But I guess to combat this, you can just start deleting the extra loot tables from the mobs, huh?
  20. Elite_raider Augur

    You are wrong
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