Policies are replacing common sense

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  1. Machentoo Augur

    You don't seriously think that people train every single time there is a contested mob, do you?
  2. Tierdal Augur

    I spoke with Sturmx in game. While I don't appreciate being KS'd he does seem to legitamately be offering his turn in to me. Which is pretty decent all things considered.
  3. Captain Video Augur

    So who wants a cookie?
  4. Tierdal Augur

    pretty sure most people enjoy cookies
  5. Bandzamakeherdance Elder

    The people breaking the rules pay more to DBG than anybody else. That's why they are getting away with it and the policies in place take zero action against them.

    It's also why I stopped playing seeing nothing being done to stop it. The only way to get through to DBG is if mass amounts of people stop playing and hit em in the wallet. There is no other way to get through to a business like DBG.

    The feedback is not new. It's been flowing in for a loooooong time on these same exact issues every single time new TLPs are released. Still DBG does nothing. There is only one possible reason. Them doing nothing hasn't hurt their profitability at all.

    Y'all mean nothing to DBG unless you actually take some action and stop giving them money in any fashion. That means stop playing and let your account expire. That's how it works in business. Random people who mean nothing to DBG on the forums. You are just whiny babies posting here.

    TL;DR - Cancel your sub and make a real impact or quit crying and play the game. DBG cares about your money.
  6. Hateseeker Augur

    On Selo, on most places I go, I see one group or another quickly yielding camps without conflict. But it doesn't always happen that way. And many times people just quietly accept having camps taken because they know that there will not be a response from Daybreak. That may give the appearance of less problems, but it really just means less complaints. It is essentially the result of redefining problems so as not to be considered problems, and then saying there's no problems. It'd be like saying jobless people must not want to work, therefore the unemployment rate is 0%.

    A DPS win virtually always means that a killsteal has taken place or that someone is not respecting a camp. Or that two groups arrived at a camp at the same time and neither will yield. And we can say all we want about "there are no camps" but the vast majority of players nevertheless do respect "camps", and all those scenarios result in toxicity, because in Player vs Environment, the majority of players do not enjoy being forced into pseudo-PvP. And in games like this, where the better gear you have means the better chance to win in such DPS races, people enjoy it even less knowing that losing today means they'll have even worse chances to win tomorrow because the other guys will have even more of a gear advantage.
  7. madent Journeyman

    too bad it takes long for some players to notice that EQ is not only bout gearing ur char but manage ur time and ur location based on other players aswell so u can have the best chance to get the best gear to become "competitive" in popular places.... owww joe doe has no piece of gear but thinks he deserve EFREETIBOOT better than the others....
  8. Gremin Augur

    Its really simple to me. Treat others as you wish to be treated. I am sure others here will say things well then you just get ran over or camps taken or named taken. So be it. I am not going to drop my morals in game or out and stoop to others levels because rules have changed. Its how I play the game and who I decide to surround myself in Dead Halfling Society. I am sure plenty consider this to be stupid or what not but its who I am and what I have always preached since DHS inception.

    Its frustrating as all hell to be KS'd but its a game, laugh it off and move on. I play EQ still because no other game out there compares to this one for me. Believe me, I have tried them all. Either way, good luck all. Hope you find that happy medium playing this great game.
  9. Conspiracy New Member

    I've come to another conclusion, What if DBG is a RMT co. who employ the Bots? Maybe this is why they dont have the funds to employ real gm's plus it would go against what they do.
    Maybe this is why they do nothing with CS or policing the game cause it would ban them and there back door money grab. I mean you got to say it makes since now.
    Money from online store money from offline sites, protection from getting banned, customers who love something and there is nothing that can at this time replace what they love who are determined to use the product regardless of the issues.

    I don't know but maybe they are the RMT people who bought one of the biggest games to make money on.
    This is my new Theory.
  10. HoodenShuklak Augur


    Imagine if every player just ran off existing krono... eventually the casuals buying krono from DBG would be heard.
  11. Aurastrider Augur

    The biggest problem with this is consistency among those who are suppose to enforce the rules. One GM looks the other way because of "common sense" while another stays hard fast to the "rules". The problem with this is some people might get a pass while others might get punished for doing the same thing. To further make things worse someone who got a free pass might encounter the enforcer later on who sticks to the rules and be punished for the same thing they got a pass on previously. I get it rules in this game are loosely enforced due to a lack of people to enforce them but we still need clearly outlined rules to follow for the sake of consistency. The rules and common sense are not the issue its those who choose to break them and the fact that there are not enough resources to enforce them that are the problem.

    How many players would be willing to pay x amount more for DBG to hire full time around the clock enforcers to make their gameplay more enjoyable without cheaters. I think that's the only realistic way we are ever going to see more GM support considering it would be a 24 hour a day job covering multiple server likely requiring at minimum 6 people and that's only having 1 GM on at a time to police every server. They could always outsource the positions to another country with lower wages but communication with them might be just as frustrating as dealing with any overseas call center when dealing with a company.
  12. code-zero Augur

    At one time SOE outsourced CS overseas and the results were much much worse than you could imagine with bizarre punishments being handed out, language barriers and rampant rumors of corruption and even blatant requests for bribes
  13. orionfox Lorekeeper

    I know not a lot will believe this, but not everyone playing this game has played 20 years of it. I played to Luclin and stopped. Came back much later and played a little on TLPs, mostly low level stuff.I am now 50 on Mangler.

    Here is a stupid story that illustrates just how far down the rabbit hole some of the people are that have played all 20 years are. I went to Permafrost to see it and farm some plat. Got inside and NO ONE was there. All camps open. I already had my cloak so I thought I would try the Kings area so i could get crafted for my warrior alt. I really didnt care about the King (not even sure what he drops _ I just know the location from searching info on the crafted armor). I decided I was gonna go farm a different area as this was slow going. I must have had a runner I didnt see or my pet glitched. When I was going through the gates above the kings area, I had 2 giants on me. I tried to poison. Didnt work. Tried again. Didnt work.

    Since I hadnt seen or heard anyone else only been there say 15 min, I decided to zone. As I am running out I see a player zone in. When I went to type train, I was already zoning. I felt bad I just trained this guy. So when I finish zoning, I start getting texts with this guy yelling I trained him because he wanted the king camp. Arguing he is recording this and hes gonna get me banned. After we talked a bit I said I was sorry and that I did NOT intend to train him. Then he proceeded to tell me he would give me a discount on anything I wanted to purchase. I realized he was a seller (IDC if its RMT or EC) but I felt a LOT less bad about training him. :)

    Long story short. He was so bad he had no idea there was a possibility something wasnt intentional. He had no idea someone is not looking constantly at /ooc (He claims he did a camp check). His only belief was that everyone is a jerk and trying to steal camps to get gear to sell.

    Take a step back. Take a breath. Realize this is a game. I know my post is gonna get flamed because I am not serious enough about the game. But in the end, it still is only a game.
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  14. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    If I experienced the game in the way a fair amount of people here seem to be experiencing it, I could understand jumping at shadows and seeing nefarious motives behind every glance.

    I don't experience that game, but I can certainly understand once you've seen something enough times you start to only count the misses and suddenly everyone in your way is an RMT Krono farmer or whatever.

    It's a shame, and it would be nice to see more done about actual incidents where this is blatantly and flagrantly happening, but 99% of the time I've spent on Mangler in the last month has been entirely pleasant and filled with people who are considerate, or at the very least, not antagonistic.

    Are there bad apples? Surely. I've seen a few. There always will be. You can play around them.
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  15. Groans Augur

    Another option would be if someone takes your camp train them, if everyone does it they will make training legal. I think they would have to if their que filled up lol. The pnp is gone.
  16. Risiko Augur

    DBG is not covertly doing RMT. That would be silly for them to do it that way. They can create anything they want in game at anytime. They don't need to camp anything.

    Now if you are referring to the possibility of rogue employees doing something on the side to make extra money, that's always a possibility. That's a possibility in any company. Let's hope that's not what is going on.
  17. code-zero Augur

    They have no qualms at all about handing out suspensions and bans for training so lots of luck there.

    If you've played 20 years on live and go over to TLP's when they open just for the heck of it you are not going down the rabbit hole. No one on live is much worried about training either accidental or deliberate. Frankly some of my friends on live call Mangler "the dog pound" and swap stories about what they view is the hilarious over reaction of some people to boxing and other things that are normal and accepted.

    I'm pretty sure that one thing that training a box crew at a camp will do is motivate that player to just build bigger crews. On Ragefire there were crews of 18 to 24 at some popular camps because if you have enough characters and pets there you can eat any train that anyone can try to pull on you.
  18. jeskola Augur

    Are you suggesting DBG is attempting to make profit in Real Life cash using Everquest?
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  19. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    Oh my god you guys every company is an RMT company.

    It's ALL OF THEM
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