Please rethink this new TLP Daybreak Team...

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Vicious EQ, Mar 15, 2022.

  1. Thatoneguy666 Elder

    You need to go back to 10th grade English my man, this is impossible to read. I assure you any point you are trying to make is completely ignored.
  2. Komodon Augur

    Or you are just reinforcing all the con points I've made here if grammar policing is really the best retort you have to chime in.

    That an extremely small % amount of vocal people really love that paper concept idea of rolling a zerker or beastlord on day one isn't in itself worthy of it's own server. Speed leveling to 70, before then spending a few weeks zerging down mostly out leveled content on the way to the end game goal of putting GoD raid content of weekly farm asap is not selling this idea as a *DIFFERENT* experience to be had. Having to re-spend the countless hours AA grinding in the Deep/Paw many just got done doing on their current server does not sell it as *FUN*. A pure power gamey craphole server that very few good souls are going to seriously commit the next year of their free time to is just that. A very shallow and craphole fueled idea.

    When you actually have a counter claim to directly dispute the validity of what I stated above....feel free let me know. At least the other thread is trying to break some potential ground in the plays different department with the level lock thing
  3. Enuen Journeyman

    "You have 14 days. If after that time you don't create the new server I want I am deleting my characters, and cancelling all of my accounts."

    New server #1: GoD start, level locked, whatever else they want to experiment with. Go crazy, get weird.
    New server #2: Velious start (or earlier if shortened), FV trade (but no random), usual unlocks. Traditional as .

    There ... something for everyone.
  4. **Dragonslayer** Journeyman


    Not all of us are as smart as yourself ;)

    This whole God Post is nothing more then entertainment if you ask me. lets get grumpy when its announced :) if need be, until then try and act civil if you can't read it then skip it. inbox me ill give you a free hug if needed :)
  5. Pappasalt Augur

    I find it funny vicious managed to start a 17 page thread over a troll lol.
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  6. Yarteb Elder

    Only 17 pages? It's bound to run longer. and for those who are quitting, "may I have your stuff?"
  7. Court Elder

    It won’t be a GoD unlock, so time to stop beating a dead horse on the forums. Next idea please.
  8. Pappasalt Augur

    *post number 5,427*

    Here's what I think the next server will be and be the bestest idea eva...also when are they gonna tell us about the new server???????????????????????????? So I can repeat the same trilogy over and over and get all the kronos that I will sit on forever!
  9. Gearrwin Lorekeeper

    Let's make a worst server idea thread. Take commonly proposed TLP ideas and mash them together to make the worst server possible. Here's mine.

    Classic locked PVP Server with all items no trade. The server will be Trakanon level population in 3 weeks. Top that.
  10. Sandrito Elder

    I think starting a new server at GoD is a great idea. I can play a zerker casually without having all the catchup issues, plus i'm sick to death of playing classic ad-nauseum for the last 5 years ot TLPs.

    There will be a massive player joy if this happens.
    Dont listen to the same loud cry babies who wanted the failed boxing TLP server.

  11. Crabman Augur

    Good thing that in 3 days there are 2 servers you can choose from to start a zerker casually. And you wouldnt need to catch up as you could just buy the gear you want for him. So no need to feel behind. win win

    Ahh i see you made your own post about it too... i need to stop feeding the troll...
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  12. MileyVyrus Elder

    The most important thing in a new tlp is to launch it during the winter, indoor months... when people's desire to play MMOs are at its peak.

    It blows my mind that a fan base made mostly of dads and non dad 30somethings gets these releases at the beginning of summer. Which is pretty much the worst possible timing in which most of us have great weather and greater commitments.

    Its not a good sign that the main reason your player base wants early confirmation of dates and times is because they are likely to be battling family vacation in the first place
  13. Triconix Augur

    Expansions are released in the winter. It makes perfect sense when they release TLPs when you account for that
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  14. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    i agree with the other guy, most i know box at least one additional character, based on my experience playing on several servers.
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  15. Arclyte Augur

    Every TLP I've played, from classic thru pop, the vast majority of player characters I've ever encountered were single box players. There's no point in lying about something self-evident. Loud EQ forum posters are not a measure of the entire playerbase.

    After that, the people that play single boxes get burned out/bored/reroll on the next TLP at a much higher rate. While the addicts/hardcore players stick around with their box crews.

    Not that any of this can be changed at this point. It is what it is.
  16. Digler Elder

    This has been my experience as well. There are definitely people that run a full 6 team box crew, and those that have full armies.

    However, most everyone I’ve encountered play a solo character. If someone is boxing, they’re usually using a friends account, cause they need a healer for something.

    After a few expansions a number of people have an Alt they play on, and they may drag that toon around on a 2nd comp.
  17. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    The later the server gets into the expansions the more players will be boxing, most will do it to have some flexibility in their off-raid days for farming or to benefit their clique a few will do it so that they can help out their raid guilds with additional buffing/healing etc.

    But I guess if you quit after PoP you wouldn't even know what that looks like.
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  18. Hibiki Journeyman

    OOW or bust. Just make a OOW locked server. I swear all DB issues with everyone will go away. I little bird told me this.
  19. Nicorus Elder

    I wish they would unlock mercs in classic, even if they charged $10 a month for it to make up for the $s lost from boxers who would use it.
  20. Komodon Augur

    You may be right on the loud posters part. But that doesn't make the perception of a super casual log-in player, who likely lives out a rather short lived and mostly sheltered away from any larger scale play existence on these TLP (where the lion share of these server populations always reside), any more accurate. Which you'd honestly have to be if all you were running into was people strictly limited to single box play. Nothing wrong with that either...but yeah.

    I'd be extremely comfortable betting that from at least Velious on the total amount of boxes logged in at any single point of time, on any TLP server, is outnumbering the total amount of mains (including single account players logged into an alt). Certainly on these last 2 sets TLPs where widespread boxing interest has pretty much exploded due to the utter lack of any real enforcing of the truebox stuff and considering how cheap a great secondary+ device for EQ can be these days.