Please remove truebox limit from Aradune.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Viceversa, Jul 28, 2022.

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  1. Triconix Augur

    Or they made developments to Trueboxing and want to implement new features...? It's called version updates. Say....truebox 2.0. If they didn't have the capability to update relax truebox, but wanted to and developed it, why should they not relax it on existing truebox servers? Your argument is complete garbage as you're trying to pidgeon-hole a a server-specific feature into a general cross-server setting.

    Since the introduction of truebox, all but 1 TLP was truebox. That one server? Rizlona and that's the defining feature/server rule of Rizlona. Truebox is not a server feature. That's just a default global setting for TLP servers. If they make updates to the truebox code that didn't previously exist IE the capability to relax truebox settings, it should be globally implemented across the game.

    Aradune's unique server rule was a 2 char limit per person. No other server has that. Why should it change?

    Try again, this time with a bit more effort beyond infant troll.
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  2. Rcbauer Augur

    I can kill with 2 characters what you need 5 to 6 for.


    It's easy to set up numpads to DUH your way to krono.

    That's not skill.
  3. Udayan New Member

    The server is already unhealthy. Dont confuse a rule with the point of the rule. The rule being a 2-box, truebox limit. The point being comradery and fellowship; encouraging players to group and play with one another.

    ... but when there's no one left to group/play with and you're sitting in the guild lobby all day with your 1-2 characters that you've spent 2+ years working on, and now you cant continue with your endeavors, the point of the rule is already gone. So there is no reason for the rule to remain.
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  4. Gheed Is not reading your response

    Ah, very interesting. Thanks for shedding some light on this. Hopefully one day I can reach your level.

    I use multiplicity though, not numpads. If you box a group with numpads, you aren't very good.
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  5. Rcbauer Augur

    I don't box groups.

    I follow the rules.
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  6. pIRATEIBMOz New Member

    Why did I read this as an alla comment of "Yea I solo'd that lvl 80 raid mob with my 105 zerker and a merc it was easy" when someone is talking about a strat for low manning content.

    killing a mob with two characters four expansions out of era vs a group of people doing it with three, four, or five etc in era or one expansion out of era does not equate to "better skill"

    I would also venture to say that someone legit true boxing four laptops without using a 3rd party service probably has a good amount of skill if they are successful.

    I'd still fight to lax it on Aradune, if for nothing else than it will get rid of a recent amount of toxicity from a group of players reporting anyone and everyone they can that "slips up" in tells. Relaxing the limit or changing the limit wont kill Aradune and wont change game play for a large percentage of the server, cause there are plenty of us on there and I have probably never crossed paths 60%+ of you on the server in game since I hang out with mostly guild mates and friends and I'm willing to bet this is the same for most of the server at this point.
  7. Rhythar Augur

    Luckily Aradune allows 2-boxing, so if you can't find someone to play with you can box another character.
  8. Keella Journeyman

    I think you should look in the mirror after saying the above & then saying the below...

    There is nothing wrong in a community of players that today is a very different community than that which the server started with, having been reduced in size & distilled down to a much smaller number of players who will have a harder time finding groups than they did at the outset.

    But some people are sticklers for the rules & this probably stems from a desire to either just be contrary, or to stick two fingers up to that community & say no, you cannot have a voice and ask for changes.

    Every Truebox TLP between Phinigel & Aradune has asked for the removal of Truebox because they know it harms player-retention after the server has depopulated, this varies by server but typically starting around PoP, centred on Omens & maybe as late as Seeds of Destruction the players on Truebox TLP servers get to asking this for their server.

    Devs want to wait to see how the "experiment" with relaxing/phasing out Truebox on Yelinak & Vaniki works out, but I cannot blame players for not wanting to wait that long.
  9. Tweakfour17 Augur

    I don't have recall ever seeing them turn it off in a patch note so its likely still available and the FAQ is just out of date.
  10. Wyora New Member

    Server transfer from Aradune to Rizlona is still free. In game, type /servertransfer and you'll get a pop-up window telling you what servers you can transfer, if your name is already in use, and if its free or a paid transfer.
  11. Viceversa Elder

    You misunderstood my argument, I could care less if they keep true box or not.
  12. HekkHekkHekk Augur

    Everyone in this thread is a cheater. Especially rhythar. He uses third party tools all the time.
  13. McJumps TLP QoL Activist

    To be honest, I don't really have a dog in the fight for raising the 2-box limit on Aradune. I currently only play one character on Aradune.

    It doesn't seem to me that it would cause very many issues at this point in the server lifespan. I have yet to see a solid, well-thought out argument voicing a verifiable issue with raising the limit to 3 or even more. It is mostly "Letting people 3-box makes me feel ikky and I don't like it" or "Rules are rules and cannot, under any circumstances, be changed - ever", which are not very solid arguments at all.

    I personally would like to see Truebox relaxed to the point of being able to play one primary and one secondary account on the same computer. I think, as far as changes go, we have a much better chance of achieving this goal than raising the 2-box limit since they are at least in the process of "experimenting" with a relaxed Truebox on other servers.

    That being said, I think people should be able to lobby for whatever changes they feel will help the overall health of the server, and I do see some merit in the arguments being made for raising the 2-box limit, even if only to a 3-box limit.
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  14. Skeetic New Member

    I would also like to point out to the "rules are rules and we can never change them" people. dedicated GM's was also one of the servers rules, yet we don't have them anymore. the official page for the specific aradune/rizlona rules states "Dedicated GM - Rizlona and Aradune are GM dedicated servers, this means they will be more visible on your server and petition queues will go direct to them. It is possible that there will be instances where other GMs may assist when available but most will go to your specific GMs. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more about your server's GMs!".

    So, where's my dedicated GMs? why aren't they around? we're supposed to be following the rules, and the rules are never allowed to change!
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  15. Captain Video Augur

    This is patently false. First off, how they staff themselves with GM support is not part of the server rules. Whether the server uses an Intel or an AMD processor is not part of the server rules. Resource allocation in general is not part of the server rules. Second, it was very clearly stated at launch that dedicated GMs were an experiment and would only last six months, with no guarantee it would be extended beyond that. Had you been playing on the server at the beginning, you would have to have known this. Third, GMs are still around, people are getting suspended by a GM and some are coming here to complain about it. We just don't know precisely how much GM support is assigned to Aradune at this stage, and the company is under no obligation to tell us.

    Describing those of you demanding that the box limit rule be changed as being in the majority among the player base is itself a lie. I would estimate that 90% of the player base on Aradune is in a raid guild, with most of those players actively raiding. This is typical of how ALL of the TLPs have been at this point in their life cycle and will remain true from now until the server hits Live. You don't need 3+ boxes to raid. I am not aware of a single guild leader or guild officer on Aradune who is asking for this rule to be changed. The only people asking for this change are players who have chosen not to join a guild (or have previously been expelled by one), and only want to play the game solo. That's not what this server is for. You can still play solo on this server if you like, but your box limit is 2. There is ANOTHER server which just happened to be launched at the exact same time as Aradune, it's called Rizlona, and its rules were set up to be EXACTLY what you're asking for. Alternatively, you can play the way you say you want on any Live server, and (wait for it...) you can even do all that FOR FREE. You do not get to steal our server. If the logic of that escapes you, feel free to go somewhere else and try a different game.
  16. Viceversa Elder

    Hi, I'm Vise.
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  17. Skeetic New Member

    look, I understand things change, rules change, the page that lays out the 2 box rule is the same page that talks about dedicated GMs, which does NOT list a time frame for our dedicated GMs going away. My entire point was that rules change, and maybe people should stop being purposely obtuse in their arguments.
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  18. Samueru Journeyman

    Yep, basically the loudest people in this thread who are against changing the rule don't even play on Aradune. They play Forum Quest.
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  19. McJumps TLP QoL Activist

    I am a long standing member of one of the larger Raid Guilds on the server (over 90 active raiders), and as far as I know 90% if not more of said guild would support this change. I would support this change and I ONLY PLAY ONE CHARACTER. If taken as a microcosm of the server at large, this seems to debunk your claims that your views are in the majority. Your statement that 90% of the server is in a raiding guild has ZERO bearing on how people would feel about this rule change. I really am struggling to see why this change would effect you personally. Would you care to elaborate?

    Perhaps rather than speculating on what the server as a whole thinks, you should lay out a thoughtful, detailed post as to the negative effects of raising the boxing limit past 2. I think it would be a better use of your time.

    More evidence of how your speculation is pretty far off base. Vise is a Guild Leader and he is the OP of this thread. I invite you to please make a fact-based argument against raising the box limit beyond 2, so those of us who are in favor of this rule changes may at least understand why you are so vehemently against it.
  20. Captain Video Augur

    So what? So far, it's been the same few people posting over and over claiming this change is necessary "for the health of the server". Yet in the same breath you freely admit your guild is strong and has plenty of active raiders, and you're not even the largest guild on the server. Sorry I didn't know Vise is a GL, I stand corrected on the point, but you're still just two people out of an active server pop of at least 1000, maybe closer to 1500 since TSS has brought in some new people. You guys don't get to decide what constitutes a healthy server, that's 100% entirely a company decision.

    I like this rule. I'm playing on this server because it has this rule. I don't owe you any more explanation than that. If they were to take the rule away, I would decide whether to abandon my characters or transfer off, probably the latter since they would have to offer free transfers. I've already said I think there is zero chance of the rule being changed, because it sets a dangerous precedent, and they don't want to go there. That key fact seems to be going right over your head. If Vise is a GL, he can communicate with devs directly via Discord, and get their answer that way, so this thread wasn't necessary. Or perhaps he already has, and this thread has just been rage mode because he didn't like their answer...
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