Please remove truebox limit from Aradune.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Viceversa, Jul 28, 2022.

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  1. Whitesoul Journeyman

    1) Y’all can debate all day long but let’s be real. DBG doesn’t listen to their player base. I’d argue 95% of people on Aradune would love to see a change in the boxing rules at this point. Or at least allow 2 toons per computer.

    2) It’s a business after all. They don’t want these TLPs to be healthy when new TLPs are released simply because they want you to move to the new TLP and continue playing. It’s crazy but that’s how it is. Strictly business- plus early forms of TLPs probably induce the most krono buying etc etc….

    3) We’ve already been told that, they would try reduced true box / reduced boxing limits on Vaniki / Yelinak before they touched it on any “older” TLP. This being a larger sample of people to see how it would work. Not my words, Accendos words. Do I agree with this at all? Well that quite frankly doesn’t matter. DBG is set in their ways and could careless what people think except on a small scale. They’ll do simple QoLs but anything this big, it’ll be their choice and not their subscribers or players. Which is fine. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles as Bruce Almighty would say.!

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  2. Whitesoul Journeyman

    All I know is many people feel this way already. TLPs are to allow you to experience the game at a different pace and as the expansions release. Yet some people can’t do this because there is not enough players to continue doing so. Experiencing raid content when it is released requires “x” amount of’s not balanced like WoWs normal/heroic raids where it’s tuned for “x” amount of people. When servers lose folks a change, a change should be thought of. IE WoW lost a lot of players so they combined servers and now ally and horde can play with each other all to help the experience; meanwhile DBG… well nvm you know what I mean. But as I mentioned it’s simply business. They don’t care about older TLPs they want to slowly indirectly help people to new ones.
  3. Ivoridawn New Member

    I think the 2 box limit was fantastic for the first few expansions. It made this server way less toxic. But starting about DoN, a huge majority of stuff goes to instanced zones. Most of which you need 3 ppl to pull the instance. I think its fine to keep the true-box, but just release the 2 box limit.

    The main problem I see with the 2 box limit is, so many ppl break this rule, and there is no fair way to enforce it. It seems like this is only enforced in a "witch hunt" fashion where one person accuses another person of being a "boxer" and then the "accused" gets banned with no recourse. Looks vaguely like "which trials" mentality.

    Keep the true-box coding in, and just drop the 2 box limit and quit wasting everyone's time on listening and banning ppl on accusations.
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  4. Triconix Augur

    That doesn't make any sense from a business perspective. Why would you want to kill off your servers and have overhead? No business wants to waste physical or virtual hardware. Please, stop while you're ahead. You have no idea what you're talking about.

    DPG listens to their playerbase, sometimes to a fault, because the playerbase doesn't have a great track record of suggesting what's best for the game. Easy example is the launch of Mischief. There was such a player outcry to have a second server. Well, Thornblade was introduced. Less than 10 months later and the server was an absolute graveyard 24/7 major low population server. Complete waste of resources, money, effort for less than a year of service.

    If Aradune was considered non toxic (lol) then I'm not sure I want to know what a toxic server looks like. Maybe I was just used to live players still following basic PNP rules and decent community etiquette, but Aradune was a dumpster fire for Classic/Kunark. Bots, monk track users, MQers, and people breaking the 2-box limit rules were a pretty common sight in just about every single zone I went to.

    I'm the opposite of your stance. Remove truebox. It's a stupid mechanic that solves nothing. It just wastes resources and puts major inconveniences for those who actually want to follow the rules. Keep the two-box limit but allow it on a single PC.
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  5. Cicelee Augur

    Many other basketball games to join. The court you were playing on isn't the only court in the world where basketball is played.

    Again. You signed up knowing the rules. Deal with it or leave. And when I say "you" I am not specifically saying one individual, but rather anyone who signed up knowing the 2 toon rule...
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  6. Hadce Cleric of Aradune

    I was suspended without recourse for “boxing” when I’ve literally never done that. Was in a group with some friends. We all took an AFK break / bio break. Came back to “you have been disconnected”.

    We were all actual players just playing one character.

    When I reached out about the suspension I was told that someone reported me for boxing and that I didn’t respond to the gm when they messaged me. My logs didn’t show any tells or anything I missed so I’m really not sure there. Feels like maybe a GM skipped a step but hey - I have no hard evidence.

    Well no - I didn’t respond because I was going to the bathroom. We had been EXPing in that spot for a few hours and getting up to take a bathroom break isn’t unreasonable.

    I was told I should have camped out or gone to a “safe spot in the zone like the zone line”.

    Honestly I suspect someone just wanted our “camp” and reported us maliciously.

    The GM was quick to ban us with little evidence and then refused to do anything about it when the situation was explained.

    I know of many others who have also been suspended for “boxing” when not boxing.

    I’ll be honest - my kiddo’s love to play EQ with me but the thought of all 4 of us connecting to EQ on Aradune from the same IP is scary. All it’ll take is someone not happy with us for any reason to report us for “boxing” and all 4 accounts would be suspended. That’s me and the account for each of my kids.

    I understand not wanting box armies but this isn’t what anyone is asking to be permitted.

    What I find humorous is many of the people know for “reporting boxers” are some of the most prolific boxers. They brag about it outside of EQ in places the GMs don’t see. These days they tend to run their characters one at a time to whatever DZ they’re running so nobody sees them boxing - only a GM could and GMs aren’t watching. They only act on reports with little evidence if any.

    There are many occasions where I’ve ended up in a group where 3 or 4 of the other “players” were the same person and I sat LFG for hours before. Usually in these situations they’ll replace their box accounts with real players as people go LFG. Could I report them? Sure. Will I? No - because if not for them I would still be sitting in LFG.

    Additionally I don’t generally get to play during prime time. Overnights when the server is a ghost town. Would it be nice to have the option to box more than 2 or to do it on the same machine if I felt so inclined? Yes.

    The honest truth is that people who want to box already do it. The rules are generally only used against people to grief.
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  7. Viceversa Elder

    This was regarding removing truebox, not removing the true box limit on aradune.
  8. Captain Video Augur

    You have 3 kids at home who never sleep and always stay up all night to play EQ with you? *LOL* No wonder you got suspended.
  9. Leoden New Member

    That argument would mean leaving behind any skills your picked up on the first court. Who wants to do that when you could open a discussion to see if people wanted to change the rules. No one is demanding a change, just asking for it to be considered and opening discussion.

    I don't understand the whole deal with it or leave mentality. That's like saying something isn't working or could be better, but we will keep banging our heads against the wall because those are the rules.

    I have yet to hear a case where opening up the box limit would actually hurt the server. Most arguments are you can't change it because those are the rules, or good luck DBG won't listen to you. I would love to hear a case where someone would be negatively impacted by a change.
  10. Viceversa Elder

    Sorry I didn't think you would keep going with this stupid rules argument after I pointed out how flawed your analogy was. So the NFL, NBA, PGA, ect ect ect... should have NEVER made any changes to its rules to make the game more enjoyable and safer for its players. They should all still be playing its original form, RIGHT?
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  11. Dailor Augur

    I may be gone, but protect Manekineko crew at all costs. Don't let those dirty GM's do my boys dirty like that.
  12. Pappasalt Augur

    Truebox is a great analogy/example of full on gun laws lol.

    The legit people don't do it....the people who want to cheat the system do it and are rarely even remotely held accountable.

    And I'm certain the only reason they are being so hard headed with it is because their systems just purely can't handle it.
  13. FranktheBank Augur

    Not really. Truebox is bad. Gun laws are good.
  14. HekkHekkHekk Augur

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  15. HekkHekkHekk Augur

  16. HekkHekkHekk Augur

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  17. Triconix Augur

    Depends what you think good is. The gun laws the US aren't worth the keyboard I'm typing this one.
  18. Magician9001 Augur

    This thread is a perfect example of why DBG should ignore "likes"

    We got 2 servers with the exact same ruleset minus one allows all boxing. But that's not good enough for boxers. Reaching a whole new level of the Karenboxer mindset.
  19. Viceversa Elder

    This is not true at all, for one this post is asking for the true box limit to be removed not truebox, Rizlona is not truebox nor does it have a box limit.

    Second Rizlona was full of afk bots from server start resulting in a terrible economy. Krono sell for 60k on Aradune meanwhile they are 300k on Rizlona.
  20. Timmyboi Dunning Kruger Award Winner

    Just gonna take a moment to voice my appreciation for boxers.

    I love who they are
    I love what they do
    I love that they've kept the game alive since forever
    I love that they are upstanding citizens
    I love that they take bathroom breaks
    I love that their necks are cleanly shaven
    I love that they step away from the game whenever they please (And I'm sure their families do too)
    I love them in a house
    I love them with a mouse
    I love them here or there
    I love them everywhere
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