Please remove truebox limit from Aradune.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Viceversa, Jul 28, 2022.

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  1. Kurway New Member

    Bump for that. At least allowing 3 boxes (thinking about SoD & mercenaries in 2023) could push a lot of people to stay or come back to Aradune. I know I would seriously consider it then.
  2. sieger Augur

    From 2020-2021 99% of the active player bases of both Selo and Phinigel asked for our Truebox rules to be relaxed and were ignored for over a year. In light of that decision, I support maintaining Aradune's 2 box limit until the end of the server's life. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.
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  3. LeetKronolord Journeyman

    People going on stricter Truebox server than usual, actually promoting that kind of stuff and giving credit to DBG for it, then staying past the healthy lifespan of that TLP when they know that all solo players and box complainers all jump on the next flavor the next year, are now coming on the forums to ask for the removal of Truebox on that server.

    You. Can't. Make. This. Up

    You should have stayed on the previous one and hop on the next one. Aradune should have been a ghost town from the beginning like Vaniki to show to DBG that they must stop listening to the vocal minority and read and analyze metrics instead but no, you can't help it.

    So no, keep strict Truebox on Aradune and let it die a slow and painful death.

    Every TLP shoud have two from launch, three from OoW and gone from BS.
  4. Rhythar Augur

    The main appeal of a boxing-limited server is to get away from most boxers. Changing that restriction later (or not enforcing it) is a sure way to lose current and future players.
  5. pIRATEIBMOz New Member

    While I agree that a portion of the servers population came here because of the initial ruleset created for Aradune, I would argue that a vast majority of those players aren't playing on Aradune this deep into the servers life. With 2 new sets of TLPs coming out since Aradune launched, plus getting into the "dredge" expansions where you naturally see a drop in player base, a change should be made. Whether that is relaxing the ruleset to the server to allow boxing to a certain limit (not that they really monitor it now and its only reported when 2 forces collide and one reports the other) or allowing mercs sooner than SoD doesn't matter to me. Mainly I don't think your point of changing it will cause a loss in current players in a vast quantity if at all, and let be honest what future players are really coming to Aradune right now? If anything I believe staying stagnant will cause players to leave as content becomes more of a struggle with attrition and players leaving the game/server.
  6. Rhythar Augur

    You guys that like boxing already have Rizlona and every other server. Don't take Aradune away from those of us who don't want to be around 3+ boxers.
  7. Ronluwen Elder

    Please explain to me the difference between someone who 2 boxes, and someone who 3 boxes. What is so terrible about a 3 boxer that OMG I CANT BE AROUND THEM. This is about server stability, and those of us who would like to make it to live would like the server to have a player pool outside of the 15 vocal players who love only playing one character all the time, no matter the situation.
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  8. Rhythar Augur

    You don't get to destroy what makes Aradune Aradune just because you're not happy with the rules anymore. If you want to continue playing through the same expansions but with more boxes, you can transfer to Rizlona.
  9. Viceversa Elder

    It's really hard to tell if you even play on Aradune and judging off your past messages in other threads you are just anti boxer/anti krono person, you might spend more time on the forums crying about them then actually playing the game.

    Please give me the last time a boxer effected your play on Aradune, I cant recall one for myself.
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  10. Viceversa Elder

    It would be nice if the 50 year old trolls with the names like leetkronolord would let the grown ups talk and discuss what is best for the server amongst each other. 2 box from classic - pop makes perfect since imo the big problem was daybreak never enforced this and is more strict about it now when it doesn't really matter then during the classic - pop era.
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  11. Jugg New Member

    Early on truebox has a purpose and detracts some toxic behavior. There becomes a point in the server where boxing actually helps the server and does the exact opposite of your argument. I would argue leaving the rule set alone has a far greater chance of "destroying" the server.

    I could be mistaken, but I wasn't aware you could transfer between Rizlona and Aradune. People have investment in their characters and their guilds. Telling them to start over isn't really an answer. We just want to see the server remain healthy and avoid a point in which the population is so low, you can't progress. Quite a few guilds have collapsed recently, and that trend is only going to continue.
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  12. Rhythar Augur

    Transfering is not starting over. You can keep all your progress. You can transfer with your friends. You don't have to transfer at all, but then you have to play by the rules that you agreed to.

    More boxing is bad for any server's health but is especially bad for a server whose whole point is a boxing restriction.
  13. Ronluwen Elder

    I would wager all the Kronos i have that your opinion is in the minority on this. All tlp things go away eventually. Deciding which things go away at which point can actually help a server survive. Compromising and catering to the MAJORITY to only relax box rules changes nothing about how you choose to play.
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  14. Rhythar Augur

    In general, boxers harm community, break immersion, and create unfair imbalances between players that cannot be equalized with skill or time. For me specifically though, it's very disappointing when I see a bunch of people enjoying the game together, and then it turns out it's just 1 guy. I hate seeing it. I want to see real people running around, not ghosts.

    I used to 10-box in WoW. People treated me way differently. My 10-boxing made the game worse for other people. I don't want to do that to anyone again. I don't want anyone to do that to me.
  15. Captain Video Augur

    Changing the ruleset as you go along to suit the whims of the complainers isn't an answer either. I play on Aradune, and I'm one of those who have stuck to the 2-box limit from the beginning. Aradune was chock full of players who thumbed their noses at that 2-box rule and who have been busily 3-boxing or 6-boxing since the launch, and yet their guilds have still collapsed. The notion that eliminating the 2-box rule will magically bring those people back is a fallacy.

    Every TLP takes a big population hit post-PoP. Some of the earlier TLPs have dropped even more than Aradune, and yet they still have a few guilds that are progressing. Only time will tell what will happen on Aradune, but it will happen in accordance with its advertised ruleset. Save the I-told-you-so's until the endpoint is reached. Don't like the ruleset? Pay for a transfer or else roll on a different server. Other players have made that choice already; you're not that special.
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  16. Rhythar Augur

    Yeah, this whole game is overrun by boxers. They're the majority. Well, you can't have Aradune. Us minority need at least one server to get away from boxers.
  17. Viceversa Elder

    Again proving my point you don't even play on this server, you are trolling a thread that has nothing to do with you, Go make a thread for a new server that does not allow anyone to box and try to get them to enforce it for you forever or make a thread to remove boxes on all servers if you want, I don't care.

    Most people don't agree with you, and I'm guessing you have a hard time making it past classic, because if you did you would understand what you just said you don't like is really only a problem during the classic era.
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  18. Rhythar Augur

    I've been 1-2 boxing on Aradune since the beginning. I've never had trouble playing or making progress. Everquest is a game where there's always something you can do regardless of how many people/characters you have. Sometimes a particular challenge is beyond your reach, but in time you get stronger. There's no reason to have extra boxes unless you are impatient and greedy.

    As for as "most people don't agree with me", maybe that's true. Aradune lost most of the people who cared about the 2-box rule because it wasn't enforced. That doesn't mean it's now ok to break it or change it.
  19. Captain Video Augur

    Wrong. Go back and re-read the EULA. The ruleset announced at server launch lasts for the lifetime of the server. Players do not get to "vote" on changes to the ruleset mid-stream. Not to mention, your personal definition of what constitutes a server's survival is irrelevant. Only the company gets to decide that. DBG's policy for many years has been that TLP server rulesets do not change.
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  20. Viceversa Elder

    No one said it would magically bring people back, and you are right Aradune is FULL of 3-6 boxers, people saw from day 1 daybreak not enforcing this rule and over time gave in and started boxing. Not saying this makes it right but it is what it is.

    The only time they have enforced this is when a guild is petty enough to mass report people for it while they are boxing too.
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