Please remove truebox limit from Aradune.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Viceversa, Jul 28, 2022.

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  1. Jalarm Jalar

    No more so that changing certain things to not be random has destroyed Mischief. Also nothing shows that relaxing boxing from 2 to 6 for example while maintaining true box would damage the server population. If anything the most recent example shows the opposite because Mangler appears to have had slightly higher population at this point in the server. If you play on Aradune, I’m happy to chat with you more about this issue in game because there may be some areas for agreement.
  2. McJumps TLP QoL Activist

    You keep saying that boxing hurts the server population, and I think this is true, but only for the first few Xpacs. I remember playing on Ragefire in the beginning and it was BAD. Maybe you were there as well and developed PTSD over all the 36 man armies running around. No one is suggesting we let it get to that level.

    Asking for the mercs to count towards the box limit might be the most asinine thing I have seen said on this thread so far, so I have to assume you are not serious about that, since you are ALREADY LIMITED TO ONE MERC PER CHARACTER. Please read your post before you post them to avoid this kind of silliness in the future.

    Can you tell me why you are aggressively against this? Please use facts and not made up statistics or things you FEEL are true, like the fact that the typical player doesn't want anything to do with boxes. Which is not even close to the truth.
  3. Rhythar Augur

    Boxers break immersion, create an unfair imbalance, and harm community. As someone who 10-boxed on WoW, I know the effect that boxers have on normal people. It's not good. And Aradune is the only server with a boxing limit. The only one. It is incredibly greedy to want to take it away when Rizlona and every other server already allow unlimited boxing.

    Mercs cause the same problem as boxes. It makes no sense to limit boxes but not mercs.

    Boxers drive away players much the same way that cheaters do. A smart company would cater to both boxers and normies so they keep the extra box income and don't lose the more casual crowd. The Rizlona/Aradune split was a good business decision, though the shady lack of enforcement was not.
  4. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    That makes no sense at all and you seem to be aiming for a server that you can't box on at all.
  5. Rhythar Augur

    It makes no sense to have a server with a 2-box limit but then allow players to control a group of 4.
  6. Gheed Augur

    Oh man I come back to Rhythar wanting to have mercs count toward the 2 box limit.

    Its hilarious that you proclaim to know what the "typical player" wants. You are so far from the typical TLP player its unreal. The fact that you don't know that yet says it all.

    I hope you get the server you want buddy, everyone else will be long gone.
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  7. Rhythar Augur

    I said typical player not typical TLP player nor typical EQ player. Typical players are mostly gone from EQ.

    Thanks for all your contributions to Aradune.
  8. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And mercs don't compare to what a player can do with a box, there is no justification at all to suggest that a merc should be treated like a boxed character. This just sounds like you are trying to push what you want on the rest of the server.
  9. Tweakfour17 Augur

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  10. Rhythar Augur

    The main benefit of a boxing limit is community. Mercs harm community in the same way that boxes do.
  11. Jalarm Jalar

    Rhythar, do you plan on moving server once mercs come out?
  12. Rhythar Augur

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  13. McJumps TLP QoL Activist

    If this is the case then you would have no reason to oppose this rule change if it went in with SoD then, correct?
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  14. Vnayin New Member

    If a boxing limit was really what the "typical Player" wants you'd think Aradune would be the most popular sever instead of having one of the lowest populations. If I was starting fresh these days, Aradune would be the last server I'd want to join right now.

    Over Two years ago when Aradune started, I joined it because I did want to play with people and have minimal interaction with boxers. But that was also a time when the server was very active and there were multiple picks filled with groups late into the night PST. When I joined Aradune I knew the server would end up like this with the boxing limit, but honestly thought I would be gone by PoP era. Nowadays the server is mostly quiet at night and luckily I can at least solo kite on my necro or else I'd have little to do on non-raid nights. Once I get all my AAs banked, I'll go back to raid logging and boxing on FV on off-nights. I'd rather be playing some other characters on Aradune, but there is little reason to these days.
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  15. Rhythar Augur

    I won't fight against changes to Aradune's boxing limit once SoD comes out. However, I do still think that any change to server rules is a bad idea because it erodes trust.
  16. Tormier New Member

    I keep seeing lots of this go to Rizlona garbage. hopefully people do realize that Rizlona is not a true box server. If it had been a normal true box server I think a lot of the people on here wanting the truebox limit to be increased would already be on that server. A non-truebox server invites a sort of toxicity that most people on TLPs don't want to deal with. I know myself personally I was looking for a fresh TLP to play and it was a choice between a toxic waste dump and a less than ideal 2 box limited TLP.

    So here we are getting into the later expansions where guilds start to crumble and have trouble filling rosters. (Just ask Beguiles and his spam ever 2 minutes for members.) Adding just 1 more allowed box could be the difference between a guild staying together and falling apart and all it's members potentially quitting. 2 box rule isn't drawing new people to this server and certainly will have 0 impact on new bodies once mercs come around in a couple expansions.

    Now couple this with the rampant afk checks in strange places like the guild lobby. Literally a place that was designed for people to afk and soak up buffs. If any GM doesn't understand that they probably aren't in the correct line of work. GMs afk checking people in a raid while they are in a raid zone? I know that feels a little off topic but, I think it's all sort of part of the same deal. I think people are being reported for everything under the sun when they are perceived to be boxing. Someone sees a bunch of people auto-following a bard for invis and/or selos. Immediately in their head they must all be boxers report them all for cheating follow them around from zone to zone report them over and over.

    Relaxing the boxing rule will help remove some of these truly toxic players from the server. I think we can all agree they are the ones that are truly hurting this server. Someone that wants to relax and watch Netflix while killing a handful of spawns in a camp aren't hurting anyone. They aren't interested in grouping with other people because they are just doing something relaxed at their own pace and adding more people to that means they now have to consider another person in what they are doing.

    All the options that have been given to people that want to box a little more have been terrible on here. Start all over? go to a server where people box entire raids on a single computer? Changing the truebox limit could happen behind the scenes from an enforcement standpoint and it would only benefit this server.
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  17. Rhythar Augur

    Aradune lost a lot of players when the GMs stopped enforcing the rules and the server was overrun with cheaters.
  18. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    People are free to group with others regardless of a boxing limit and you appear to be wanting to make rule changes for things that pretty much no one wants.
  19. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Yet you are proposing a change that almost no one would agree with once mercs get unlocked on the server.
  20. Vnayin New Member


    Every TLP losses people at the same points once people get that nostalgia hit or that fresh server comes out, but yea this one people left at the exact same time period because the rules weren't being followed. lol.

    Where did they go? They are either playing on a boxing server or not the "typical player" because they aren't playing.
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