Please remove the keys to HS / VP and after...

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Tyranel, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Tyranel New Member

    I know its been said lots of time but really we dont need keys anymore with instances.

    Or help with less people needed to make new instance pop in zones with key parts or make some spawns way faster.

    Do you dev really think its a fun game to sit on 10 other people to try to get a ground spawn ?

    I wish this will be eared

    Best regards
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  2. AgentofChange Augur

    It's a little fun. The only unfun thing about it is having to make a new character everytime I pick up the ground spawn. It really sucks that they made it no destroy.
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  3. Febb Augur

    You don't need a key to get in these zones on the live servers. Again, the devs want you to experience content as it was while it was in era. Isn't classic fun?
  4. oldkracow Augur

    Why even make that argument?
    TLP is not a classic server because player power = way OP
    It's a quality of life change..... nothing more

    If you want classic let's bring back the med book and some other fun features that were removed for obvious reasons.
  5. Febb Augur

    Classic as in the order of expansions.
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  6. Rhodz Augur

    Pretty sure anyone that wanted to experience being kicked in the with steel toed boots has had all they want by now.
    Which is basically what this kind of stuff is like.
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  7. Goobles Elder

    Keys should stay. Ground spawns should stay. Charm nerfed (breaks, or runs on gate, not warp). Everyone would be happy.
  8. Urshulgi Augur

    VP is a garbage zone, and is about as much fun to raid as getting a root canal. "Yay, let's everyone go spend hours doing VP so maybe one of the dragons will drop a marginal weapon upgrade for the main tank. Woohoo, sign me up!"

    Howling Stones though is a good dungeon that people should get to experience. There's no reason to lock it away in the "classic" key quest when that key quest is severely bottlenecked. People are trying to charge absurd amounts of money for the prod, when it was free back in the day.
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  9. Wayylon Augur

    Three posts about this topic on the front page, no dev response.

    Unlock HS.
  10. Nolrog Augur

    I don't see what one thing has to do with the other. If you want access to the zone, do the key quest. The fact that a zone is instanced is totally irrelevant.

    By that faulty argument, the lower plans are now instanced, so we really don't need raid flags anymore.
  11. Nolrog Augur

    Devs don't respond to everything, especially things they have responded to before and when there are mechanisms in place already. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it hasn't been addressed a long time ago.

    They aren't going to remove the keying requirements of in era content. Keys are removed when you get 2 expansions beyond that content, so HS keying is removed PoP.
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  12. snailish Augur

    I'm one of the ones that dislikes that they removed the keying requirements on live, and this is from the perspective of someone that had taken years to get one character a Sleeper's Tomb key and was only halfway done with shards in Luclin way, way past that being fresh content. Lock me out till I earn access please. [but allow me to outlevel the access quest so I can solo it vs. needing group or raid]

    I do like the old keyring, and believe everything but the norent keys should autoring (make the keys all no drop so it isn't just pass the key around to ring it is fine with me). More keys for doors is something I want. Getting ToFS master key ringed was an accomplishment. Not sure how many of the old keys that didn't go on the ring have been added, last time I checked Plane of Sky didn't --so I could be way out of date there.

    The Howling Stones situation is different. It is the quest that is messed. Player knowledge is too good, population is huge, population is heavy at the 40+ levels so there is much demand for HS. Prod dropping NPC should spawn way more often. Maybe multiple no-drop prods need to drop each kill as well? Maybe an alternate access quest needs to be patched together from a few other Kunark era quests? Maybe the prod should drop in more locations --zonewide named rare in Chardok?
  13. Reiker99 Lorekeeper

    The key quests don't need to go away entirely. Stuff like Rotting Skeleton and Pained Soul are way, way easier to obtain than they used to be and I only had to spend about 5ish hours at each camp to get my piece, which is very reasonable compared to the 20+ hour camp times of classic EQ. KSing and charm gating are still an issue that I would like DBG to address for sure, but for the most part players have surprisingly been pretty good at working together and forming lines for these pieces.

    The changes to Rotting Skeleton and Pained Soul are great, but they had unintended consequences. These were always the 2 hardest pieces of the key to obtain, but now that they've been made much easier, and there's a lot more raiding players/guilds than there used to be, it's made the other parts of the key quest a nightmare.

    The ground spawns in Swamp and Kaesora are now overloaded with players just staring at the ground, trying to click a bag before 10+ other people do. Players pull all kinds of crap here including trains, FDing over top of the spawn to block others, using skeleton illusion to totally cover the ground, etc.

    So now dozens of us are stuck playing the game of stare at the ground for 90+ minutes and try to click a bag through a dozen other people.

    This is probably the most ridiculous and frustrating thing I've ever had to do in a video game. Somehow, in trying to alleviate some of the horrible design crap from classic EQ, they made something even worse. It's not intentional design, but DBG is being slow to address it.

    I kinda prefer the old 20-40+ hours Pained Soul camps. At least you felt like you were making progress with each PH you killed. This ground spawn game is just straight up the worst.

    Ancient Jarsath should probably be looked at as well. This is another example of the devs trying to fix one problem and creating several more. Most people don't really understand how he spawns, and he seems to spawn randomly and not in a static location, which just makes the KSing / charm gating / ShowEQing an even bigger problem. At least with the old AJ system you could time his spawns, you didn't have to waste time clearing trash, players using ShowEQ didn't have a huge advantage over players not cheating, etc.

    I appreciate the devs trying to make the VP key easier, but they missed the mark. Instead of making the key easier to complete, they just shifted around where the difficulty was. And I'd prefer the difficulty to be with rare spawns instead of clicking a bag up off the ground.
  14. Synthetics New Member

    Hah, this guy. "Everything should stay the same except Enchanters." Show us on the doll where the bad Enchanter hurt you.
  15. MyShadower Newer Than Newest Member

    This sounds like a sadistic version of musical chairs, still, a game someone might enjoy. The real question is, how are you forced to play that game? Couldn't Daybreak just give it time and the line will clear out?
  16. Reiker99 Lorekeeper

    These ground spawns probably won't clear out for a long time. Every day there's more and more people at them. Even the top raid guilds still have a lot of players sub-60, and as soon as someone gets 60 the first thing they do is attempt to complete their VP key. In my own guild, there's probably over 2x the amount of people trying to complete their VP key than there are people who have it complete right now.

    Not to mention, you don't even need to be 60 or in a raid guild to be competing on these ground spawns. Some people have been trying to snatch up the medallion just to sell for .

    If you're in a raid guild, you really don't have much choice but to play this game. You need your VP key or you're not a contributing member.
  17. Ellis Elder

    I know the VP key sucks, but it's totally doable with a little effort. As for complaining about the HS key, come on, you have to win a single DPS race one time, or use charm, mem blur, just have a plan and win it one single time. It is not that bad.
  18. Reiker99 Lorekeeper

    And for the classes who don't can't charm or win a dps race? Should they just not be allowed access to HS? You don't want healers for your groups? What about shamans, who need access to HS for their cudgel quest? You really don't think this is a mechanic that should be changed?
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  19. AgentofChange Augur

    With puppet strings & instant gate pots everyone on the server can charm gate.
  20. Wayylon Augur

    Where do you bind a melee in Loio?

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