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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Arraden, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. Arraden Augur

    On two occasions, I have accidentally or mistakenly keyed in something that has amounted to /safelock being applied and locking down the whole EQ interface.

    Because log doesn't pick up what has been typed in to start /safelock, I can't work out what the password is to unlock and have to use task manager to quit the game.

    Let's just get rid of it..., please.
  2. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Well you get a warning when you type in /safelock so you would have to do it a couple times to have even set up a password to begin with.

    The fact that your NOT typing in /safelock the command but it is coming up makes me wonder if it was hot keyed or short cut keyed in? Check your options/keys/commands or all.

    Did you try just <password>:rolleyes:
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  3. Jaylin Augur

    Not entirely true. yes you do get a warning. The warning just in your chat box and it doesnt need multiple attempts. Its just /safelock password/phrase. But if you accidently triggered it, you very likely either didnt see it. or have no idea what you set as the password.

    Its actually alot easier than you might think if you type fast. /saf is enough of a command to trigger it. My fingers have been ahead of myself and i went to talk in say and have triggered it before. Unless you know the phrase you type, you have to just relog to get rid of it.
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  4. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Well then I am out of suggestions if its not a short cut key or mistake and the actual word "password" wasn't used.

    Oh, since it locks the EQ interface then I wonder if reloading your UI would clear it out? Of course save a copy first.

    Other than that I have no more ideas so maybe someone else has this issue and can comment?
  5. Drewie Augur

    This happened to a guildmate too. A simple solution would be for EQ to only recognize /safelock and not any abbreviation of it. There are probably a few other commands that could benefit of this, too.
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  6. Arraden Augur

    I've been fast typing and must have types something like /saf with a "password" that is then whatever the remaining sentence was. (Which could be anything).

    Just really inconvenient, you can't even use the X button to close the window.
  7. Qbert Gallifreyan

    I haven't and don't plan to use that feature, but can you still scroll chat whilst in this mode? In other words, click in the chat window you use, then shift+up until you see the line that caused the problem?
  8. Jaylin Augur

    It does not. It locks all chat and UI functions for the game. You cant click anything, or type or use any command other than the /safelock command again. It's purpose was to lock the screen. I believe it was created so you could lock the screen so if you walked away no one else, like a child, could mess up anything in the game. Ive used it before on purpose when ive had small kids who like to push buttons when you step away. but usally something simple like /safelock brb

    You have to type the exact same /safelock command you used to lock it. So for example if you mistyped say as /saf Hey what are you doing, do you want to go hunt some named?

    The screen is locked to the exact command to /saf or "/safelock Hey what are you doing, do you want to go hunt some named?" Even if you knew exactly what you typed, if you put an extra space or had mispelled a word. its locked to that phrase only unless you force a crash. You cant open any options or type in other commands, so you cant reload the ui. You either have to unlock it, or close the client and start over.
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  9. Narlee Scholar

    Arraden, thank you for the feedback.

    I think the better solution is to do as Drewie suggested as there are people out there that use this feature; self included.

    I wrote up a ticket internally to make a "full word command flag" so if we come across similar commands in the future it will be a easier to add a flag to the command to require the full word. No promises, but it should go in on the next major update, barring any weird QA rejections etc.
  10. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I didn't even know this command existed!
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  11. Arraden Augur

    Thank you !! and merci Drewie for the suggestion. :)
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  12. Drewie Augur

    I just stumbled by accident on the /sy command while intending to type /say :

  13. Arraden Augur

    That's an interesting command !!

    I still have issues with /safelock
    super grateful for the change, however, I am still unintentionally locking myself. There is either a bug, or something is not working with /safelock.

    I've just locked myself typing /gs just ! in chat, mistyping something at the start. I believe I syped /sy /gs just ! Can't replicate at the moment though

    it might be /sy that it is doing it.... not sure.
    I cannot check logs because of course, /safelock password doesn't go to logs.

    Devs, please can you investigate why /safelock is still locking when not using full command? is it /sy ?
  14. Arraden Augur

    when typing in /gs
  15. Zanarnar Augur

    go through your logs and see what your typing thats triggering it... then let them know. Its got to be an oversight and by just saying "its still not working fix it fix it" your not really helping them find out what short command is still triggering it. (especially when its right there in your logs!)
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  16. Arraden Augur

    read previous statement : SAFELOCK COMMAND DOES NOT GO TO LOG
    HAve already been through logs, on numerous occasions
  17. Zanarnar Augur

    Missed that, sorry... anyways its not /sy as thats for running commands locally (like launching programs on your local pc from within EQ)
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  18. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Can't you use shift and up key to see the last thing you typed ?
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  19. Arraden Augur

    It makes me really unhappy :-( :-( :-(
  20. yerm Augur

    There needs to be an option to disable this "feature" from being able to be triggered at all. Go into options, uncheck allow safelock (or require it be checked on, ideally, this is an AWFUL experience to have triggered by accident). Just make it so /safelock or /swhatever does absolutely nothing at all, period, full stop.

    There is absolutely no good resolution when triggered by accident. None. It is an absolutely AWFUL command when not intended; literally one of the most terrible eq experiences.
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