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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Eldur, Jan 4, 2022.

  1. Eldur New Member

    In the latest expansion the experience from mobs was a lot lower than it used to be. This pushed the players to forced questing (bad) and/or even to not play the game at all by leveling using the overseer (extremely bad).

    Such systems are called "parasitic", because they do not provide anything to the game, and at the same time they prevent players from actually playing the game. See, how this has turned our beloved EQ already from a true group-oriented game into a login-/over-and-out game. Rarely I see people looking for groups anymore, instead people are obsessed with missing Overseer agents.

    I understand that some players may now stand up and say "hey, this is now the best way to level, leave that!" - but it is the best way, because DBG decided to remove the fun ways of leveling and instead forced us into playing this non-fun Overseer game.
    Dear DBG, I understand that you want to sell cashshop-coins, but I urge you to find better ways! We pay a subscription for playing EQ, not for playing Overseer!

    So, if you want to have a pay2win catchup mechanic, just add buyable levels up to MAX-5 or upgrade heroics to 115, but please do away with this Overseer system (or at least the mission that grants exp)!
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  2. Axxius Augur

    If you start ToL with 99.99% in lv 115 (as you should):
    - after doing all 4 missions for the first time you are lv 117.5;
    - after completing all Partisan and Mercenary quests in all zones you are lv 119.5.
    These results vary slightly for different classes and races, but in general that's what you get. The achievements for completing quests and missions give enormous amounts of xp.

    The old style of xp grinding has been replaced by this model 2 expansions ago (ToV). It was a design decision, and it received a very positive feedback. I totally agree with it as well: leveling by questing is FAR more enjoyable than grinding mob kills (IMO).

    Overseer has nothing to do with your problem (low xp from mob kills). It gives only a minor amount of xp compared to questing and even grinding. You can't 'pay-to-win' more than a certain amount per day in Overseer.

    If you want to complain about low xp from trash in ToL zones - sure thing, that's probably justified. But asking to remove Overseer for a wrong reason is not.
  3. Benito Sword of Truth Bombs

    OP: There’s already about 5 threads on experience feedback. Some threads have dozens of pages made by a few people with your same points. We don’t need everyone (including myself) to make a new thread.

    From past experience, complaints about experience started to taper off 2 months after ToV release because everyone got their mains to max level.
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  4. minimind The Village Idiot

    There are a few ways to get level experience after level 110:

    1. Mindlessly grind it out with kills - The Grind has been nerfed post level 110 for leveling experience.
    2. Complete quests - The leveling experience reward for quest completion has been MASSIVELY boosted since level 111.
    3. Complete collections - Prior to ToL, you could choose AA or level experience. In ToL, you get both level experience and AAs.
    4. Play Overseer

    It looks like if you actually play the game, you're leveling just fine.
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  5. Eldur New Member

    Maybe I should have added, that I am max-level, max-aa, all quests done, all hunters done, since christmas.
    My problem is not the bad exp of mobs, but the too good exp of Overseer (and quests, too, but that is another topic), as that further reduces the group play. And no, it will not get better in a few months, it will get worse, because everyone is leveling alts now exclusively on Overseer.
  6. sieger Augur

    OP is another dishonest post that starts off with false information in their very first sentence. Mob XP has not been reduced from previous expansions. Overseer quests represent many hours of timers to complete, comparing them to grind XP is meaningless and dumb. Also the regular XP gain from Overseer is mostly an irrelevancy a couple months into an expansion (many people won't even take the experience rewards after that as they are mostly useless), Overseer doesn't give AA XP (nor should it.) Basically this is a bad post by someone who starts off dishonestly, it should be disregarded / deleted.
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  7. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    So what exactly is your beef?
    You've completed all there is to complete in the group game for ToL and you are against others maxing out levels and AA anyway they choose?
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  8. Loratex The Ridiculous Necro

    I didn’t do ToV part/mercs or CoV part/mercs/missions. With launch of TOL I’ve completed tov t1 CoV t1(no missions), ToL missions and UP I’m sitting at 119. Mostly all effortlessly. New collection add regular exp and AA. You can buy them in baz for much more than Overseer has to offer.
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  9. minimind The Village Idiot

    I get ya. So the problem is that I may be content getting my level experience via Overseer at ~3-7% per day depending on how frequently I can get to my computer. And if I feel like that's sufficient and easier/better than grouping, I am removed from the pool of available groupmates.

    I recognize that as a problem, but I'm not entirely sold that it's a significant one simply because I haven't experienced it. All my regular EQ buddies are still showing up and playing. I also know my experience isn't generalizable, so I rely on others to give their own experiences.
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  10. Loratex The Ridiculous Necro

    Why are you so concerned with how others choose to play?

    Boxing is far more detrimental to getting groups than overseer.
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  11. Balthen Lorekeeper

    The OP is right in a regard, Overseer has become a huge crutch to people like me. I can't do the missions without begging for help and mob experience stinks. So I grind Overseer xp on my mains and play an alt that can still actually function in the game, however EQ got me with an ever bigger second crutch. I will not even leave the guild lobby without that 8k point damage shield, it's not worth it anymore. Now my alt will set afk in the lobby all day while I'm at work, if I don't have the damage shield when I get home, I just hit the overseer on my main and log for the night. Both things are making grouping a thing of the past.
  12. Benito Sword of Truth Bombs

    As others have mentioned, Overseer only grants level xp (not AA xp). Players will still grind for AA xp.

    Overseers helps to address the following problems and criticisms of the game on leveling up:

    • Low server population. (The game is 23 years old).
    • Enclosed groups or social circles.
    • Time management.
    • Demographic changes (age, work and family obligations).
    • Previous complaints about grind.
    • Lack of catch up mechanisms.
    Overseer is now widely seen a supportive tool for the game.
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  13. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Well put. And why shouldn't there be multiple ways to level? The OP, whether intentionally or not, seems to be a bit elitist. He wrote, "Maybe I should have added, that I am max-level, max-aa, all quests done, all hunters done, since christmas". Most players are nowhere near that. Just to guess, this is another raider wanting to try and force the poor unwashed groupers into a predetermined path.

    So, keep Overseer. Get the bugs fixed in it and enjoy whatever income it brings into the game. And drop the purist approach to EQ.
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  14. Marton Augur

    If you feel you need to start a crusade against something, you could maybe choose automated bazaar traders, AFK crews in many old/new zones or script flipping missions, you know, something worthwhile.
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  15. Iven Augur

    You are so right. There were other parasitic addons long before Overseer that destroyed the group game even more and one was the mercenary feature from 2008 Seeds of Destruction (nomen est omen !) which just also got copied from WoW or another game if I remember right. City of Heroes maybe which got closed in 2012. Maybe EG7 just wants to put EQ into maintenance mode as the state of the game is pretty close to it. Nudging the players into progressions quest content with good experience rewards will not really bring the group game back.

    Btw I made a long suggestion on how to fix Overseer which will also keep the parasitic part small. It is somewhere in the veterans forum and the thread is called "Suggestions".
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  16. Rinrigok Journeyman

    In my case Overseer has not changed how I play EQ except that before I log for the night I will spend 15 mins minutes completing/starting missions. I occasionally login/out just to cycle through Overseer missions but I would not have logged in to group/exp in EQ.

    You also have to look at the positive side. Overseer has saved me a lot of time/plat in getting hold of collectibles / TS materials
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  17. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    I like that I can use overseer to get xp back after a rough raidnight with many wipes, it beats the weekly lesson grind tbh.

    Regarding the experience model/quest they use in the newest expansions, Im not really that fond of it. I don't think quests should reward that much xp, I miss the old days where quests gave more interesting rewards like items.
    It seems like only missions and nameds give item-rewards nowadays, why not let mercenary and partisans give augs and currency or something? Nameds and missions shouldn't be the only source of gear-upgrades imo.
    The last time I quested an aug(that wasn't related to anniversary) was in tds...I miss that....still working on artisan's prize though. :)

    Most of the old quests I can remember, gave item rewards in some form, bring that back!
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  18. Marton Augur

    It would be helpful to have another sources for group currency. People who don't box or are members of a decent guild have no option to upgrade their T5 augments.
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  19. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    I have only used Overseer for the collect items. To me, its boring and tedious to pay attention to it, set it up, do the rewards etc.

    But I am not one to care much about how fast I gain experience. In fact the week before the expansion released I realized I was at 99.99% experience and could not gain any more unless I bought the expansion coming out. Still not sure how I got all that experience so fast, was just doing quests, tasks and some other stuff. Have not used a exp potion or that Vet AA in years.

    Still have not bought it...just too much other stuff to do in the game. Just moved my exp all to AA cause I did hate to waste that.

    I feel many players in this game are like the gluttonous, greedy child who stuffs the cupcake in their mouth an never gives a thought or a care about the tasted of that cupcake. And now that its gone someone should create something else to feed him.
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  20. KarmaKitty Augur

    No No No. /over is how I get from 117.5 to 120 and max XP. Probably maxing out merc AA as well.
    I don't think being able to kill one off week DB "weak" mobs will get me past all the quests where XP now resides.

    Yes, it is a group game. No, I don't give...
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