PLEASE : Nerf guards killing

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  1. Templeton Augur

    Now, I haven't been a newbie recently on this server, but... On P99, in MT, what I used to do was strike up a relationship with the guard killers and offer to run to town to sell for them and whatever. I made EXCELLENT plat doing this, far more than I would have if they weren't there. Plus, I made high level friends in the game that lasted from there on in.

    In short, look at the situation and make it work for you.
  2. Drexll Augur

    Yep. When killing guards in Felwithe, since I obviously couldnt vendor there, I would always find a noob in the zone and ask him to vendor for me, paying handsomely. Generally, once I found someone, I would stick with that same person for as long as they were logged in, msging them (as they'd be out in gfay leveling) every time I was full and asking if they'd like to do it again.

    It was actually fun for me, most of them were SO appreciative. It was nice feeling like I was helping out a noob whilst making good money for myself at the same time. Got several new recruits into the guild that way, too.
  3. Templeton Augur


    What's even better is those newbs didn't feel like they were being given charity. They felt that they were earning that coin by filling a need. getting that spell cash didn't feel like a cheat.

    Win win for all involved.
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