Not A Bug Please make group go to same pick zones.

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Windance, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. Windance Augur

    When you drop out of an instance and half the group is in different pick zones its really annoying.
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  2. Yinla Augur


    Had this happen again to the rogue in our group all apart from him were in the real zone, East waste had around 49 players and he got dumped in a pick with 9 players.
  3. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    Has been happening to me regularly running the group missions in tov.
  4. Cloud the Third Augur

    The leader of the group needs to check the box for all the members to go to the same pick,
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  5. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    On a non-player initiated pick, all players should go to the same zone. But I'll try that as a workaround.
  6. Yinla Augur

    What box ?
  7. Moege Augur

    Doesn't matter, doesn't work cloud apparently fails at reading comprehension, box that pops up when you do /pick
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  8. Yinla Augur

    Thanks thought I was missing a trick. :)
  9. Cloud the Third Augur

    How is that reading comprehension? I figured everyone knew that when you /pick it came up with a window that has a checkbox for keeping the group together in a pick. If that box is checked I have never seen a member be able to pick to a different instance without the group going together. Same when zoning in it always puts people into the same instance if the leader has it picked.
  10. Moege Augur

    Where did the OP say the are picking over. Reading comprehension ftw get gud at it.

    Let me quote it so that it is right in front of your eyes.
    Understand it now ... and no it does not always obey that checkbox when dropped from an instance.
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  11. Cloud the Third Augur

    I can't confirm it maybe a dev can.. but if that box is checked when someone zones into a static zone with picks they always get put in the same pick. I know for a fact I have never been not put with others in my group if the box is checked but have been split up if it was unchecked by the leader.
  12. Moege Augur

    Im done with you. ,OP, me, Sinfae and Yinal all experience it. But hey according to you it never happens. And hey what box there is no box presented get that though your skull
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  13. GoneFission Augur

    It’s happened to me leaving GMM Darkness Howls. I left the mission and wound up in different picks. You only get the checkbox if you choose /pick. If you return to a zone that has multiple picks, the group can be scattered with no option to keep the group together.

    I’ve had it happen to me not only from dropping the task and letting the game zone me out, I’ve even had it happen taking a campfire port that took characters to different picks. I didn’t realize it until I had killed the campfire and tried to refresh it without enough fellowship members in the zone.
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  14. Cloud the Third Augur

    Can you confirm that the leader had it checked? It saves the setting from the last time they opened the /pick window. When the expansion first came out i spent a while leveling in GMM howler and i found that if the leader did not have the box checked we would exit into different picks but every time I was leader we always got put in the same pick during an exit.

    This may have just been all luck I guess I only leveled 1 entire level from howler missions when the expansion first came out and only time out of dozens of runs we exited into different picks was when I was not leader and the leader did not have it checked.

    I also know when we were in EW there was always picks up and we had multi times when a leader didn't have it checked they would zone in without being in our pick and have to pick over manually. I never saw this happen when the leader had it checked.

    I have not seen the code so like I said we would need a DEV to confirm it but I would assume that when you zone in it looks at the leader and if they have the box checked it always picks the pick with your leader in it during the zoning process. This still doesn't mean it can't mess up if multi party members are zoning at the same time or if that is taken into account and I have just never had it happen to me.
  15. Angahran Augur

    Cloud the Third, what you appear to be missing, and others have tried to explain, is the OP is NOT doing /pick.

    The issue is when leaving an instanced zone the group members are not all being dropped to the 'base' zone and are not being dropped into the same pick zone.
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  16. Jondalar Augur

    Can confirm that leaving an instanced zone(mission) while group leader has pick as group checked still ends up with people in different picks.
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  17. Cloud the Third Augur

    Not missing it just never seen it happen like that, learn to read my post.
  18. Angahran Augur

    So you are posting to say that you have not seen the problem the OP is posting about ?

    If everyone who had never seen any of these bugs posted that they have never seen them then every one of these posts would have hundreds of pointless posts.
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  19. Cloud the Third Augur

    Please go back and reread the entire start to end of the post. The original post said nothing about having the leader check the group pick checkbox. I suggested trying it with that box checked because I have never seen the group not exit to the same pick when it was checked.

    As a software engineering who deals with this type of thing on a daily basis I see it happen all the time when there is a fix for an issue and people just aren't using it.

    If someone then says they can confirm having the box checked and it still happening then it is an issue. Likely i would say it is from the box causing everyone to go to the same pick but when multi people zone at the same time I could see it not waiting for the first person to get in a pick and others ending up in different ones.
  20. Angahran Augur

    Why would the OP mention a check box that has nothing to do with the problem they are reporting ?

    They simply stated that LEAVING an instanced zone did not drop all members of the group into the same zone.

    They never said they were in a pick zone, or were trying to enter a pick zone.

    Group is in base zone.
    They get a task and enter an instance.

    The base zone gets overpopulated and a pick is created.

    The group completes their task and leaves the instance.
    Half the group ends up in the base zone and half the group ends up in the pick zone.

    It's not really complicated.
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