Please keep true box on the November TLP.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Rotlust, Oct 23, 2019.

  1. Rotlust Augur

    This would be the ONE server where it actually makes sense to prevent boxing. With everyone around the same level, getting and creating groups will be a breeze. There will be no point to boxing except to make EQ the disastrously solo experience that it is on live today.

    You will already have mercs to boot if you need to fill a role in some group. I know it's the popular position on these forums to hate on truebox, but I still feel that it is the vocal minority. Truebox is FAR from perfect, but it is just enough to prevent the game from being a "solo unless your raiding" experience like literally every other MMO on the market. It would be VERY nice to experience the late game the way the developers intended it to be played instead of what it has become on live.
  2. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The way developers intended?

    News flash the devs at this point in eq knew the game was box- centric. You're talking about a point in which Everquest was over 10 years old and EQ2 already flopped. Boxing probably is all that kept EQ alive by this point.
  3. Rayvorn Elder

    No thanks please. Fully would love a working truebox but it doesnt work. Just because it prevents a few people that cant google search doesnt mean we should allow the other 80% just bypass the measure. Release a server with a working anti box program that is maintained or just allow it to be a non truebox server. First xpac or two will be ok for grouping with truebox but after 6 months will be slim pickings like normal.
  4. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Not really bothered either way on this, this is the first TLP server to launch with mercs, so at least I can do something when I'm playing in the middle of the night.

    Being able to box would be nice, but having a frog to heal me will be just as good if not better as I won't have to play 2 at once. :)
  5. Draconum Elder

    Hmm I always mix them up, is true box where I actually have to use my 3 desktops and 3 laptops instead of multiple clients running on the laptop?
  6. Rayvorn Elder

    Yes, Truebox = command center unless you are good at google.
  7. Spayce Augur

    Logic: the period of EQ where the devs added mercs specifically to allow folks to replace other players is where the devs intended players to always play with others?

    I have 6 PCs ready to go and will be boxing no mater what, so I have no horse in this race, but the logic being applied in the OP is....spotty.
  8. Siirx Journeyman

    The way they have handled truebox has been terrible as is. It is honestly my least favorite feature about the current TLP's. I'm all for truebox during the periods of original EQ - PoP, but after PoP server populations tend to take a very large hit and the people who want to push through into later content of the game are inconvenienced.

    Even back on live I remember a lot of botting going on during Omens. The fact they keep truebox in place on Phinny - the current TLP's during/past Omens and that they announce new servers nowadays like every 6 months is why these servers die or turn into ghost towns.

    I can pretty much guarantee you if they make Miragul a Truebox server it will be the least popular progression server to date, if not it will be competing with the Mayong server for that.
  9. ntellect Augur

    You do understand this is not a 'normal' TLP server as it doesnt start in classic. So that entire classic through PoP is already gone.

    People still play live, it's just top heavy. Making catch up inconvenient. This server starts at 85 with a cap of 90, meaning even those who rush to max level will still be able to level with brand new 85s. Unlike Classic TLPs that have 50 levels and max level cant group with new users. So this server will be far less than a ghost town

    I guarentee if the server or truebox or not wont affect the population greatly the same way it didnt stop people from playing on Coirnav mangler and Selo. Given how this game is starting (heroics, level 85, HoT, more structured progression, and small level cap) it will he very popular
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  10. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Using Coirnav as a standard of success is reeeeeally setting the bar in an interesting spot.
  11. Siirx Journeyman

    Where in my message did I ever imply that Miragul started in classic - PoP? I am talking to the OP who wants Miragul a server starting in House of Thule to have truebox code applied and I am saying that Truebox is horrible for any server that is past PoP, Omens at the very latest. To my knowledge Coirnav took a huge hit on population after PoP like all EQ servers ever and Selo's current population is also pretty grim, I would know since I actually play there!

    Also if you actually read my post or could comprehend it, you would have seen that I said I think truebox is good for classic - pop content. Which Coirnav, Mangler and Selo all had starting points in those era's.
  12. Riggles Journeyman

    Good God! The best way to destroy this server before it launches is to make it Truebox. But that is exactly, IMO, the Op's intention. I plan on playing it, unless it's Truebox. This is my last adventure with EQ,and I check in everyday, just as I did now, to see a FAQ and insure this server is not Truebox. If it is, NO THANKS!
  13. Accipiter Old Timer

    I can Google search just fine. I don't like cheating. That's why I play by the server rules. I'm sure that makes me old fashioned but I'm not the only one.
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  14. Sythrak20 Elder

    You no boxing purists are probably the biggest hypocrites I’ve seen playing this game. I guarantee 99% of you have been in raiding guilds or groups propped up by said boxers. Give it a rest with white knighting about the games integrity.
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  15. Montag Augur

    I think it's gonna be the exact opposite. A huge hit UNLESS it's infested with box armies.
  16. Montag Augur

    I think the majority of people don't mind a moderate amount of boxing, they just don't want to see a server of mostly all boxers and especially not tons of automated box armies everywhere, included entire groups and even raid forces of boxxed and scripted characters.

    There's no denying that truebox has been very successful at dramatically reducing the numbers of automated box armies and that's why we'll likely see truebox on all TLP servers forever.

    If the vocal minority asking for a non-truebox server ever does get one, it's gonna be a hard fail.
  17. Ootax Augur

    I agree, it's usually the 4-6+ boxers that usually upset people which is what ragefire was full of. I'm guilty of it myself and the only reason I did it was because it was easy to do and everyone else was doing it.
  18. VandilIzer Augur

    No one wants automation period, except those doing it. However I have no issue with those boxing legit, I prefer to fill groups full of people, I box a healer (cleric atm) which I have put outside the group to fill in a 6th spot with a DPS, another tank or whatever and been more than happy to do it.

    I like playing with other people, I box to help accommodate that.
  19. That0neguy Augur

    Can I join your group?
  20. code-zero Augur

    Why do people go on about box armies like Miragul is starting in original. HoT isn’t original, there’s not much to be gained by trying to monopolize some camp or another. Back when HoT was current and a zone like The Grounds would be packed people regularly /ooc that some piece of loot might be rotting so come get it. Much more social than the original game
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