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  1. yerm Augur

    In honor of Everquest's anniversary, let us celebrate by taking more time to carefully enjoy the classic portion of the game. Rather than adding a 70% bonus (170% xp rather than current 100%) please instead do the reverse and add a negative 70% bonus (30% xp rather than current 100%) so that we are better able to enjoy our time leveling up together.

    So that nobody is forced to miss out on the enjoyment this will bring, please also revert everyone over level 50 back down to an empty bar 51, and then take those levels of kunark-era xp gain and apply them at a 30% rate - hopefully not punishing anyone to have to be over level 54 and therefore allowing all Phini players a chance to level up again. As an example: if you are currently just barely 52, you would be 1/3 through 51 after the change. If you are 60, you would be at most 54 - possibly less if higher 50s levels take more xp than the lower ones! Nobody would be stuck missing out on the benefits of this negative xp bonus.

    In order to foster a more classic sense of community and interactive enjoyment, please return raid mobs to their original spawn timers rather than currently very hurried 1 day respawn pace. Please disable raid instances for the 17 day duration of the event. Please disable pick spawning for the 17 days as well. We want to play together, as a community, not segregated with instancing barriers!

    Please extend the lockout on Kunark by 17 extra days. Velious can wait. We want to spend more time in the here and now of the Kunark expansion. In order to not upset the balance of the Phini ruleset, please compensate by decreasing the Velious lockout by a corresponding 17 days, which should bring us to Luclin at the same time we normally would. More Kunark + Less Velious please!

    Finally, in order to support exploration and varied interaction, please disable all chat channels, maps, and the lfg and raid tools. Allow players the enjoyment of going to places and discovering what is there. Give us the privilege of finding group openings through honest effort. Allow us to discover places through trial and error not staring at a popup from hitting backspace. Make DPS racing for the now-rare raid mobs a real treat with 6 person group caps.
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  2. c313 Elder

    Quite a lot of things you want.
  3. Rhiyannon Augur

    and taken....
  4. Dizdemona Journeyman

    Fail troll. Next time you want us to laugh just show us what's in your pants.
  5. yerm Augur

    Ok Rubio.
  6. Rhiyannon Augur

    such a shame, no swift fans.

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