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  1. Zinth Augur

    expect them to delete it, they don't allow polls etc. on the forums because they might prove a point
  2. Kroh Journeyman

    Lol, well shoot. I might as well do it for them. Man I miss the good ol' Verent/SOE days.

    Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Vicus Augur

    Also means they are actively watching the threads even as late as it was last night.
  4. Azurefrost Elder

    You all complaining about an Agnarr clone a petulant children. Why would someone want another Agnarr clone? As apposed to what clones of every other current TLP server out now? There are 3 no era locked TLPs that have voting rule set, and a few more on 12 week progression no lock era as well. The only TLP recently that was a bit different is Selo with its boosted xp rate and extreme quick expansion release schedule. But in general most TLPs are basically the same just at different points in their timeline due to being released later. Why would we need yet another progress to live server when tons are basically doing that already. Go stick to Mangler, Ragefire, Phingel, etc if you want that.
  5. Azurefrost Elder

  6. Kiaro Augur

    So, I Was really looking forward to the new servers, however if they're PoP Locked I don't even see the point in rolling there. If I was interested in a server that was locked to this era, there are alternatives to shelling out $15 a month for it, its why Agnarr is a dumpster fire graveyard.

    Don't era lock these servers, they'll be 100% D O A.
  7. Tulerezzer Fujimoto New Member

    Pretty sure most "TLP Regulars" wanted something different than Mangler, but it definitely wasn't Agnarr. Saying you don't want a PoP lock is not the same thing as saying you want a Mangler clone.
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  8. Relentless Insomnia

    These rule-sets are amazing!
  9. beefeater_dp Journeyman

    The mangler trolls are out in force today I see.
  10. sauron69 Lorekeeper

    It's Mabu, lol.
  11. Hdizzle Augur

    They can't unlock Rizlona because it would bury all their servers.
  12. Batbener Augur

    Just because it's headed that way, it doesn't mean you have to help pile it on to ensure 2020 is the worst year ever.

    Not one, but 2 more PoP locked servers...
  13. Ruination Elder

    These rules are amazing if you think about it, you can play 2 toons max so you have to play with others to accomplish goals, even if they only kick 10% of the people playing more than 2 toons that info and qq will reach the other 90% and no one plays past LDoN cause a new TLP opens up by then. Pretty much perfect imo
  14. beefeater_dp Journeyman

    I agree the 2 box thing is a very cool addition along with GM enforcement. But 90% of this good idea is mitigated by the fact that its pop locked. People simply won't roll here, we've seen how this plays out on the wasteland that is now called agnarr. Please unlock Aradune.
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  15. Whoops Augur

    It probably has a better shot at life as-is than Rizlona, but yeah, pretty much.

    A short life, but some life. Probably. Maybe.
  16. Ruination Elder

    Many people played on Agnarr until the next "new" tlp game out
  17. Eskey85 New Member

    I'll start by saying I don't care about Aradune... I've waited for so long to have an AoC Non-Truebox server, so I won't contest your point about the 2 toon limit. It won't affect me either way.

    A big part of the reason no one plays past LDoN is because of LDoN. It is a terrible expansion that is incredibly unfun in every way. By the time LDoN is finally over so many people have quit because of LDoN gates collapses on itself because you stop being able to solo anything effectively (even 2 boxing feels really bad for the most part). Every TLP I've played on has stayed popular through PoP... LDoN releases and people quit in droves. If LDoN and PoP released at the same time (which I think it did on Magnler?) a lot of people would stay (and Magnler still has a fairly good population). Almost all level increase expansions are very fun and enjoyable... No one wants 9 months at level 65(PoP/LDoN/God) so they quit... The same thing happens after Omens with DoN/DoDH/PoR, they could all be released at the same time because they all have extremely similar gear levels (and it last 4 months instead of 6) and it would make the experience way more enjoyable and keep the population engaged.

    The solution to fixing people leaving TLP servers for new servers isn't to kill the old TLP server. It should be to figure out why people don't stay engaged and fix that.

    As someone who has stayed on multiple TLP servers for the long haul (I skipped Mangler because I was on Cornav) multiple times, what kills the server are the long stretches of the game that are to similar. 6 Months of PoP/LDoN, 6 Months of DoN/DoDH/PoR, 1 week of the burried sea... They drive off players because you run out of things that feel meaningful to accomplish, not because the design of the game post-pop is bad. TSS is about to release on Cornav and if it wasn't a truebox server you couldn't pay me to leave.

    Crunching bad expansions timelines or releasing them packaged with good expansions is a way better alternative to trying to find a viable solution than designing the servers to die annually... The main reason people love classic-PoP is it all feels meaningful and not drawn out(good job verant)... Why not try to fix that about post PoP instead of just acting like post PoP doesnt exist.
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  18. Ruination Elder

    Yeah LDoN is brutal, I also wish they could fix this somehow
  19. Vahleb New Member

    Everytime a TLP drops you manchildren throw a toy isle tantrum, then spend the next 18-months nolifing it.
  20. Smallhands Elder

    Toys have been acquired.
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