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    We already have a PoP locked server, whats the point of another one let alone two? Those of us asking for a non true box server did not want this at all.
  3. enclee Augur

    He’s right though. It’s why Everquest still has an active subscription base over 400k and growing.
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  4. yerm Augur

    It's a miserable expansion. People quit in GoD partly because it's a difficult expansion that finally introduces challenging mechanics and etc, yes, but also in very large part because they enter it having already distanced themselves from eq during the pop era because it's so boring and tiered and there are not fun things to do. You get to plane of time and that's basically it - MAYBE some elementals but only for alts/apps/boxes, and ldon raids but mostly just for augs. Most of the content is ignored and the game is stale. In contrast, if you locked in Luclin or GoD (actual end expansions for their level ranges) you have a much wider field of content - VT and Tacvi do not trivialize everything before them the way Time does, and griegs/deep or vxed/qvic xp do not invalidate prior zones and group content the way elementals shuts down basically everything except a very niche deep or bot group for xp.

    The people who wanted to stop in pop+ldon already play/played on agnarr. You are going to get the same problem that coirnav had and mangler has where a larger percentage of the people joining are perpetual tlp quitters. What would possibly cause someone who bailed on agnarr to not bail on the new ones? Not duobox/falsebox code, that's pretty insignificant stuff, and especially since the servers won't even reach the expansions where group content is out of 2 characters reach and/or raids can't be mowed down by a scripted single human being raid army. Having no mass boxing for stuff like dodh missions and sof progression would be great for the people always lfg. Likewise the more mechanical raid content that starts literally right AFTER the awful lock on these is where box armies really need to either step up their game or work with others to beat the raids.

    These servers have no future.
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  5. Lateryn Augur

    Why do they care if the servers last past that? Players have shown they don't care. DBG can release new TLPs just these 2 are finishing up. They don't need them to last past that. These servers don't need a future beyond what they are built to do, provide the era the the majority want. Provide that until all those players want to quit and do it again. Which is timed perfectly for a new tlp in a year. From a business standpoint DPG wants players to bail and get on new servers, because its such a huge influx of cash every time. And players seem to want this as well because they constantly quit in same expansion every TLP and go to a new TLP to do it again.
  6. yerm Augur

    If the server is slated for death, why lock it? There were ideas about seasonal designs thrown around and apparently not picked up, which appears to be what you want. A seasonal server would be one where potions and bags are half off and illusions and ornaments can be transferred to the next round, certain achievements get you titles and/or gimmicks on the next round, etc. They could have done that, they knew how and had it on their radar, and they did not.

    I might agree with you on one of these but not rizlona. A lot of the crowd who stays around on tlps after the exoduses tend to be people who box to play self sufficient. A server that is basically ragefire but with only 3 month locks (not 6+vote absurdity) and with picks+aocs is a ruleset that COULD appeal to people who play for the long run.
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  7. Arrk Augur

    What are you thinking....

    A 2 Box server that locks at POP....

    Look at Agnarr... once it gets pop locked you need to box more then 2 cause the population died so much
  8. Runes Augur

    What is the point of playing on a server that you will never get to the full expansions we have paid for, never get Vet rewards and cant buy half the packages that are in the stores to use ever?

    I hate JChan so much ..
  9. beefeater_dp Journeyman

    Please reconsider the lock on Aradune. This is a big deal.
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  10. Anduven Journeyman

    I LOVE POP. When they first announced Agnarr, I think I literally shed a tear of happiness.

    That said, I put hundreds of hours into Agnarr. I don't think I want to play another one. I was looking forward to going a bit beyond this time--maybe to OOW since I never got to do Epic 2.0 back in the day. That would have been perfect.

    They talked a lot about not supporting FV/Free Trade because it meant that you would not be able to transfer off. Everyone was scratching their heads about that, but I wonder if they will consider spinning off a separate server from these once they hit PoP which continues along the progression. That would be an awesome way to get the best of both worlds, IMO.

    All of this said, I am still going to play on Aradune for the GM-enforced truebox and see how it goes. If I get bored, I'll quit.
  11. Rhaistlinn New Member

    DPG Change the LOCK on POP and let it progress or it will be a very Hard Pass for me Player since 2004
  12. Xeris Augur

    It would be cool to have these servers merge into Agnarr , and they kinda become seasonal.
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  13. Ruination Elder

    By the time PoP comes out another new server will come out and everyone will reroll once again, not even worth worrying about
  14. Zinth Augur

    Leave Aradune and the "we hate boxers" locked at PoP... Fix Riz instead, boxers never asked for a pop locked disaster
  15. Kroh Journeyman

    Neither should be locked in my opinion.
  16. beefeater_dp Journeyman

    Really the consensus seems to be on both servers, lets make this less about Aradune vs Rizlona wanting it removed because from the polls I've seen, literally nobody wants either server pop locked. The only ones saying they do have mains on mangler and are just looking to protect their motherland. Or are krono farmers and literally dont care - they want their recycled servers.

    I'm a member of two different discord groups of 100+ people each and literally nobody wants this lock. Dreamweaver, if you want an invite to either discord so that you can see the truth yourself, you're welcome to have an invite. All the conversation is about why this is even there to begin with.
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  17. Zinth Augur

    Funny thing is:

    Can we have Free Loot? (No, not enough asking for this)
    Can we have Free Loot? (No, it's impossible, it would require dedicated GM)

    "some later time" (said in funny voice)


    You get POP-LOCKED servers!!! (Noone asked for this, more people asked for Free Loot (some) than PoP Lock(none whatsoever))
    You get DEDICATED GM servers!!! (This was impossible before)

    So we get the impossible and we get what noone asked for
  18. Gnothappening Augur

    Hey man, Aradune is PoP locked one way or another. Either Darkpaw does it or the fact that attrition sets in will do it.
  19. Zinth Augur

    Oh really? Phinny wasn't pop-locked and to this day is still one of the most if not THE MOST successful TLP's ever, still very active in TDS expansion
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