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  1. beefeater_dp Journeyman

    Nobody wants this. The other rules are fine, but we have all seen what happened to agnarr after it reached PoP and nobody in their right mind is going to roll here. Please remove the PoP lock on these new servers. I speak for myself and my friend group. It's a deal breaker for us. Specifically for Aradune.
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  2. Minpire Augur

    yea, i think im just gonna go back to Agnarr if this is the case LOL AGNARR CLONES
  3. Relentless Insomnia

    I love the rulesets! THANK YOU DAYBREAK!
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  4. Lateryn Augur

    What does agnarr have to do with it? By the time these servers reach pop, new ones will be coming out(12 months from classic > pop with 3 month unlocks). That lines up perfectly with what history has shown players do. They quit in droves in the luclin/pop area, and wait for a new server to reroll on and do it again. So right as these 2 servers hit the end of their lifespan, new TLP servers are on the way.
  5. Vicus Augur

    You are one of the few...the entire discord is in shock right one thought they would do this. 1 server fine..both...just stupid. No one wants to buy two of the same cars....except one is stick and the other is automatic. Just dumb.
  6. beefeater_dp Journeyman

    This is what every server will do. Lose population once a new one comes out. That point is moot.

    There will be a % of players that stay on the server post pop. Those are the % that won't even start on the new server if its going to remain pop locked. And that is the % of the pop you should be catering these rulesets to. There are ALOT of agnarr exiles that *thought* they wanted PoP locked, but soon found out they did not. Those players wont touch this server, me included.

    For Aradune, I like the idea of GM enforcement and 2 box limit on a mangler shell. That is a good ruleset. Killing the server before it starts by adding a pop-lock tag to it with all of us with a sour taste in our mouths from agnarr is not a good ruleset.

    All the kronofarmers like relentless/mabbu love it because they will be done and move on by next launch regardless. But I'd love some longevity on a server for once. I mean, I guess I don't really care... if its not changed, I'm pretty sure I'm done with this game for good. Been looking for a reason to put the nail in the coffin, this game is like crack.
  7. Dilf Augur

    He's saying that because the stupid ruleset preserves the Mangler population.
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  8. Lateryn Augur

    If you want longevity on a server then play on a server for a long time. It's not hard and there are plenty of opportunities to do so both past and present. You act like this was the only chance at that or somehow its been removed as a possibility with previous TLPs, which is just wrong. Again you are part of the problem. You claim to want something but refuse to actually do it when the option is there.
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  9. omgomg Lorekeeper

    pop locked is horrible, why bother
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  10. beefeater_dp Journeyman

    Are you dense? I just told you, I played on Agnarr and then realized I DID NOT want pop locked like the rest of my friend group and most of the people on the server. POP-Lock is NOT what *most* people want. I think there are enough posts on this topic already that are in agreement.

    I'm looking for a fresh start, just like everyone else, on a server that will work for me.

    No, I'm not going to roll on a live server to get post-pop experiences because I enjoy starting from launch and progressing with the history of the server just like everyone else.
  11. Basak Augur

    I'll stay on a server that has non-truboxing, and aoc. Point me to that server and I'll ride it to the end beyond pop.
  12. Foaming I Drank Bleach IRL Once

    Locking these servers is a bad decision.
  13. Lateryn Augur

    Ok? So you had selos(which isnt for all) and mangler to do just that. Yet took neither option. Hell you could still do mangler as its exactly where you stopped and easy to catch up.
  14. Vibrato New Member

    Smartest thing they could have done. Soon as typical servers hit PoP everyone quits. At least this way Mangler will do a bit better and all you boners that constantly quit in Luclin and PoP can go onto a server where it wont matter.

    GG DBG For actually thinking this one through.
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  15. beefeater_dp Journeyman

    Like I've said two times prior to this, we have been playing on Agnarr until recently and decided to finally call it, waiting for the new server. Stop trying to force ideas on me that you think I should be doing. I'm one person, with a few friends, who is stating my opinion on a server and what I will and will not be doing. Your input is irrelevant here.
  16. Lateryn Augur

    "irrelevant" yet you keep replying. So obviously you care. Stop being a hypocrite and people wouldn't respond like I do. Like so many today, you can't handle opinions that go against your own and demand those opinions be silenced to make you comfortable. And you need to learn what "being forced" actually means, because the fact you used it here is laughable and sad on so many levels.
  17. Tulerezzer Fujimoto New Member

    PoP locking is a bad idea. Lock at DoDH if you lock at all, OoW is great and PoR is terrible.
    On the other hand maybe Pantheon will be out in 15 months so it won't matter!
  18. Tucoh Augur

    Was interested in rolling my first TLP character till I saw they were PoP locked. I guess I'll find something else to play this summer instead of resubbing my accounts.
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  19. Lateryn Augur

    Oh look finally someone else with common sense. These servers match what most players do.
  20. Lateryn Augur

    Sure you were. You see 20 of these "Threats" on these forums daily. About .01% of them are true.