Please do NOT change the release date of Selo

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by yerm, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. yerm Augur

    In short, the Selo server as announced is such an excellent ruleset that many of us have optimistically scheduled our time around the stated release date. Moving this date hurts plans considerably.

    The saturday launch is one of the many great aspects of this server. By NOT releasing on a work night, this will make the launch experience so much more convenient. Being very serious, I would rather have a "rough" launch (eg ragefire) on a saturday at noon pst than a smoother one but on a tuesday.

    When I say selo is awesome and you folks did great coming up with it... 3/16 launch day is included in that praise.

    Thanks in advance <3
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  2. Renshu Augur

    Yeah, I hope they don't change it. I've taken off the following Mon + Tues, as have a ton of my friends.
  3. ThisWaitingSucks New Member

    The more you complain about XYZ the longer it's going to take for us to hear anything at all.
  4. yerm Augur

    Go back on these forums (maybe several pages, things got spammed) and you will see that the FIRST gripe thrown around was people asking them to just commit to a date so we could schedule time in advance. When we were told 3/16 we planned around it. When we were told 3/16 AND an amazing ruleset we jumped for joy. I literally included a "we love roxxlyy" in that dr dre garbage I trolled last night.

    Not giving us a date would have resulted in even more unhappiness than any bickering over server rules. Giving a date and then moving it would be EVEN WORSE.

    Very seriously daybreak, you have done an AWESOME job so far. Please keep it up. Look at my past post history and probably massive account warnings; I am not a typical suckup. I really am excited AND also I am really really serious about how awful changing a proposed date would be. I think I posted more vitriol about the planned change to GoD on phinny than even the worst trolls for fv loot recently. Don't change dates, don't change dates, and please don't change dates.

    If the problem is having to work a saturday, let me know what bribe you need from sandwich island and I'll get it delivered to your office.
  5. Elskidor Augur

    Actually make it more hardcore and ninja launch the server without notice and weeks early.
  6. Zithax Elder

    Bumping thread for attention @devs, please maintain consideration for the players and fans who are looking forward to the new servers and at the very least keep the launch date consistent even if you don't have a clue regarding the final rulesets. Do y'all need help? Player roundtable or something? HELP ME HELP YOU!
  7. yerm Augur

    I have offered to buy lunch. I am sure we could gofundme your bartab afterwards too. Sorry about maybe working a saturday but sometimes true love hurts.
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  8. Master Kahleem Augur

    They haven't said anything whatsoever about changing the release date of any planned TLP. Why are you making this post?
  9. Roxxlyy Augur

    We won't be changing the release dates on anything - 3/16, through and through.
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  10. SuinegFoH Lorekeeper

    Thanks boo
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  11. Trox2010 Augur

    People have spotted on the in game calendar the date 3-12 so are figuring they are launching the server then. You know typical have to panic before the sky actually falls.
  12. yerm Augur

    The calendar was shown as 3/12 and the response to its discovery was no comment on the date. Also I hate my job and would rather post here.

    You rock, thank you!
  13. Tachyon Augur

    They usually bring the server up a few days before launch so that may be the calendar discrepancy.
  14. Zithax Elder

    I, Zithax, TLP Legend, hereby bless you and offer thanks on behalf of the forumquestboys for this little morsel of information. PAPA BLESS
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