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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by HanktheTank, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. HanktheTank Journeyman

    I don't know if it's allowed, but this is something that I would donate money for. I would even take up a collection on a go fund me account to get whatever money would be necessary for a dev to change auto follow.

    I want to not get stuck in the wall. I want to not use a 3rd party program. I want to be able up auto follow up right ramps and stairs. I want to not move and interrupt my bots spell if casting(casting a spell should temporarily turn off auto follow)

    It would be awesome if it worked like merc auto follow ensuring that you end up at the right place. Like if you got stuck it would auto unstick you and go to the player.

    Now I know that some people like the old auto follow. They have learned over the years how to move with strife to make their mellee characters hit the mob. Put this new auto follow under a new command.

    So if a dev could post or pm me the cost required to do this that'd be great. Also I would love to hear other ideas from the players on this and if they too would donate money for this cause.
  2. enclee Augur

    I think everyone would like upgraded pathing but that’ll never happen. I’m sure someone there has attempted to modify it, but it seems like a monumental task that has far reaching ramifications.
  3. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    I would love for this to happen. Sadly, it's not in the cards for EverQuest. Ever.
  4. HanktheTank Journeyman

    I understand that it's a big task. Which is why I'm willing to start a collection(real life cash) for it. The collection would pay money to Dark Paw to make it work.

    I'm sure that there are other people in this community that would pay real life cash for this feature to be in game. Not to mention it just being a large quality of life piece for boxers. Yes I box toons, but it would also be a quality of life thing for new people. Many times I lead people around zones.
  5. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    I don't think you could collect enough money to pay for an additional coder to work for DPG. I am not sure what their salary is, but I am sure it isn't peanuts.
  6. Zamiam Augur

    do you box a mage ? if you dont your missing out on CoTH .. between a druid/wizz for ports and mage for group call is never have to rely on AF for very much ..
  7. Tucoh Augur

    Would love an improved auto follow.

    That being said, the current system can work quite well except in the tightest of areas. The secret is ensuring your boxes have high fps, and getting good at using predictive forward/back movement and non predictive left/right movement.
  8. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Unless you are talking 7 figure minimum, don't bother. This isn't some 4 figure project you are talking about.

    Because you are not talking about making /autofollow work better … you are talking about creating a whole new system. Having toons not follow while casting ... understanding what stuck is … these are behaviors do not exist currently in the game. Basically … you want EQ to incorporate parts of 3rd party software so you don't have to do much.

    Oh yeah, and it cannot put more load on the servers...

    No thank you. /autofollow works fine for what it is. A helpful method to drag toons generally along with you.
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  9. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    What's entertaining to me is that a certain 3rd party software that shall not be named now auto-follows your toons better than a built in game function provides. Watching the obvious users of said software freely be able to have toons in tow, following the path the controlled toon walked absolutely flawlessly just makes me smh. Maybe it's just time to build this software into the game simply so the game functions properly.
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  10. shiftie Augur

    The forum archives being gone I can’t find my original post regarding this probably 7 years ago...

    We have spell mechanics in game that will bind an npc to a pc or a pc to an npc. Paladin divine call or chanter lurch while active will drag an npc wherever you take it.

    If the devs so desired they could allow for group members to cast a group spell that broadcasts a dialogue box like a tl allowing players to consent for the spell to land on them. Once the spell is active it would then be a permanent buff until otherwise blocked or clicked off.

    Viola auto follow revamped!
  11. Ghubuk Augur

    This is so true.
  12. Whulfgar Augur

    I don't understand why they can not make a "better autofollow" via AA lines or what not?
  13. Whulfgar Augur

    Berserker's have the ability to go blind .. an be dragged around via a mob ..

    So I know they could improve Auto follow via AA's .. If they truly wanted to.
  14. Tucoh Augur

    They could dramatically improve the /follow experience and also simplify it by removing the distance component of the directional correction calculation. As in, right now you rotate more per frame if you're close to your autofollow target vs further away.

    This feature was probably designed to help move around corners, but it's way too unreliable to fulfill that design intent. Better to have the autofollow character be locked onto their lead instead.
  15. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    It's not a big task to make autofollow not suck. If a 3rd party program can do it, DPG can do it.
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  16. Nolrog Augur

    Autofollow could definitely use some attention. I have had times when I click autofollow on my boxes, one runs towards me and follows, the other turns around and runs the opposite way and completely away from me.

    These days, someone is always getting stuck. Drives me nuts.
  17. Dhurgan Augur

    If you’re boxing on the same computer, setting the background FPS helps a lot.

    Alt+O -> Display Tab -> Advanced button -> Max background FPS. Set that to unlimited. Once I did that, my box was nut to butt even at bard speed.
  18. HanktheTank Journeyman

    Yeah. That's simply not good enough.

    Can't follow up stairs. Tight corners.

    I used to main a cleric. Then mercs came out. I play the tank now, but just about ready to drop the boxed cleric. Auto follow is stupidly annoying with how it works, and with mercs I simply don't have to worry about it.
  19. Zamiam Augur

    main a mage and never have to worry about AF again :p
  20. Warpeace Augur

    Very sad a 3rd party software can make it work, yet Darkpaw still refuses to fix it in their own game.

    Makes me wonder if they have ever considered contacting the people that developed those different software and tried to acquire them.

    Then again this is the same company that said they were not all that interested in attracting new players and basically milking the existing player base. Eventually that revenue stream dries up.