Please change 2 true-box limit to 6 true-box limit on Aradune

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Jalarm, Aug 12, 2022.

  1. Nessirfiti Augur

    Oh dear lord no. Rizlona wants no part of the specialness that is Aradune.. If it's anything like it was at launch, I wouldn't wish that place on my worst enemy.
  2. Bigkahuna New Member

    Aradune at 7:15 EST - 1 week after a brand new xpac (With 5 levels and a TON of AAs) launched and there is 1 person LFG. This needs to happen.
  3. Captain Video Augur

    Nobody LFGs at this stage of the game. You're either in a guild or you're not playing.
  4. 3rdconix Elder

    The server has been out for over two years. Everyone has guild groups or cliques of friends they've known for multiple years. Nobody LFGs.
  5. Bigkahuna New Member

    Yea, that's my point. If you're not in an established group or they've left the game you're out in the cold since you can't box to be self sufficient.
  6. Captain Video Augur

    All guilds on Aradune are recruiting. If none of them will take you, there must be a reason for that, and whatever reason that is, it's entirely on you. Aradune was never intended to be a solo-play server, that's why the ruleset is what it is. You can pay to transfer to any Live server if all you want to do is 6-box.
  7. Ishbu Augur

    If this is true, then there is no harm in letting people box more than 2 as it wouldnt affect anyone else at all.
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  8. Curley Journeyman

    I enjoy playing on Aradune but I would play good money to play 2 characters on the same pc please!
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  9. Duder Augur

    Im a live player. I played on Aradune more than live for over 2 years. I didnt like the idea of mischief, I skipped it. I did play on Yelinak for months. All the while playing live. I met players from live on TLP, I met TLP players on live. I did not join the vaniki bandwagon for live carryovers. If the TLP has a good design that appeals to me, I am in. I wouldn't ever lump TLP vs Live players, there is an immense crosseover just like Triconix had said. Its the p99 TLP players that usually have the unrealistic gripes, the ones who have no grasp on the progress of the game over the years, the changes that affect both live and TLP, or the fact that the company is a for-profit business.
  10. Duder Augur

    Let me remind you. M-Q/KA is not condoned on Rizlona. If you think that, you have been proven wrong by their mass bannings as well. Not to mention, if people want to *cheat*, they will cheat, no matter the prevention methods. That is, until Daybreak gets serious about banwaves on the monthly basis or includes detection monitoring methods in the client for running applications on the computers (as is the norm for the rest of the serious gaming industry)
  11. 3rdconix Elder

    Keep the 2-box rule on Aradune. I'm 100% ok with that. Just give us truebox 2.0 and let me do it on a single PC. It's such a hassle needing to leverage two machines. There's no point of leaving older servers with outdated code when you have superior code available to accomplish the same thing you were trying to prevent in the first place. You're basically enforcing planned obsolescence which is on the Mt. Rushmore of anti-consumer practices.

    Want the latest code? Join on the new server now for all it's perks!... How about no?
  12. Morrigan Bowjobs

    Sod is 1 expansion away. I'm sure you can tough it out til then and get mercs.
  13. ISmellLikeInnySwamp Augur

    Will no one think of our desk space?
  14. 3rdconix Elder

    Something tells me you have never used a merc before. They are pretty awful. I can outperform them blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back.

    And what do mercs have to do with anything? 2-boxing on 1 pc with 2 mercs > 2 boxing on 2 pcs with 2 mercs. The point still stands. Get rid of the multiple PC nonsense. It does nothing but waste resources.
  15. Morrigan Bowjobs

    What are you talking about? The thread title is called, "Please change 2 true-box limit to 6 true-box limit on Aradune" Obviously they are asking for the 2-box limit to be raised to 6 box on Aradune. And mercs are pretty good up until the most recent expansions where they haven't been updated to deal with damage output of NPCs.
  16. 3rdconix Elder

    What I'm talking about is easy to understand. Just read.

    I'm fine with keeping the 2 box limit rule. Just give us the ability to do it on 1 pc.
  17. Ishbu Augur

    One of you knights against boxing on aradune is going to have to explain to me exactly how a player boxing 4 characters ruins the game but someone playing 2 characters and running 2 mercs is just fine and dandy. I would request that explanation not be filled with idiotic nonsense.
  18. 3rdconix Elder

    Who is this directed towards?
  19. McJumps TLP QoL Activist

    I thought it was pretty clear who it was directed towards:

    It says who it was directed towards right in the first eight words.

    Ishbu does bring up a valid point though. What exactly is the difference between someone boxing 4 toons and someone boxing two with mercs? From an observational standpoint, it does the same amount of theoretical "harm" to the server, if you can even call it that.

    At this point I could care less if they never increase the 2-box limit. But I am very interested in how many people who are die-hard supporters of the 2-box limit are going to quit Aradune as soon as mercs become a thing in about 9 weeks. Will that impact their gameplay as much as allowing 4-boxing on Aradune? What, if any, difference is there?

    From what I can see, it seems more likely the people who are against more boxing lack the resources and/or time to be able to box that many characters, and therefore they want to prevent others who do have the resources and/or time from doing so out of jealousy? Fear of missing out? I'm not really sure because most of the people who are vehemently against increasing the 2-box limit either refuse to divulge their reasons for being against it, or give some lame answer akin to "rules are rules and they can never change."

    My personal feelings are that we should just stop beating this dead horse of a topic and focus on one we are much more likely to achieve, such as relaxed truebox, or some other QoL improvement that would benefit everyone on the server and not just a select group of people.
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  20. Captain Video Augur

    I've quit playing on Aradune and so no longer have a personal stake in this debate, but I consider this summary of the issue to be categorically wrong. The purpose of the two-box rule was (and still is) to promote more social interactions among the player base. All tasks that required more than two would need to be done cooperatively rather than solo. Those making the false jealousy argument completely miss the point that another server was launched at the exact same time as Aradune where multi-boxing was legal. Those who wanted to six-box and had the means to do so had their very own server for that purpose. What unexpectedly happened was that there were seemingly too many six-boxers on Rizlona, and some of them overflowed onto Aradune and thumbed their collective noses at Aradune's two-box rule. Following a series of subsequent suspensions, we have the personal sniping over this popping up every so often on the forum. The counter argument was never simply a matter of "rules are rules", it was "you were given your own server with the rules you wanted, why do you need to come and take over ours as well?" The people who were too stupid to understand the rules differences at launch and who rolled on the wrong server are, IMHO, too stupid to play EQ. It has always been possible to transfer from Aradune to Rizlona in case anyone who started two-boxing now has the desire to six-box.

    Of course, mercs change the game. They represented a significant change in-era. A two-box player can solo more content with mercs, but still not solo everything. The TLP is simply replicating what happened originally on Live servers. A four-box player is not the same as a two-box player with two mercs up, since the four-box player can use mercs as well (!). Not clear thinking to even try to make that argument. In any case, these arguments are irrelevant, the two-box rule on Aradune will stay. Players who persistently violate this rule will remain at risk of suspension or outright ban. Anyone who wants to 4- or 6-box can transfer to Rizlona today.